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Weekend drinking thread [20-22 March 2020]

So I was going to treat myself last night and open up a £40 bottle of Clusel-Roch Cote Rotie. I needed a lift with all this chaos and… well… why not! Except that I still have a bit of a head cold so decided to go with something a little cheaper:

I got this for around £13.50 last year in a French supermarket and boy do I wish I’d managed to find some more this year, but to no avail. I shall have to have a scout around the UK to see if anyone sells it. It’s Chateau Tayac’s second wine and it’s in a fantastic place right now. Dark fruits, earthy notes of tobacco, cigar box and gorgeous velvety tannins, both complex and approachable. I said last year that I didn’t think it had the structure for much aging but I loved it then and it’s way better now.


My bottle of Brun Grille Midi 2013 was a total disappointment.
The fruit appeared to have left the building!!
I monitored the wine during a 6 hour period, not a scintilla of pleasure to be seen.
I have another bottle which I may keep for 3+ years, to confirm.
Advice anyone??

Slightly disappointing wine yesterday. 1993 Leoville Barton. Maybe a bit too old. Cedary and rather austere. Colour was OK. Only one bottle left so will drink it up over the next couple of days.



Hope that THIS helps.

First weekend out of quarantine, so something a bit special -

The Cote Rotie was in a very good place, with lovely aromatics that only come with age. This one has always had a rather high level of acidity. I used to worry that it was about to fall over, but it has stayed the same. My last bottle.

The Trousseau is very distinctive, with a delicious, “inky” sort of taste. That’s ink as in the smell of old fountain pen inks. The colour is actually quite light red, and relatively low tannins makes it a delicious drop at this early stage. (Edited to add - apologies if you’ve not come across Tissot wines before - it’s a Jura)


Enjoyed this lovely Chardonnay with roast chook and all the trimmings…a well priced burgundy with a medium finish and the richness to work with the meal.


Borderline corked? Sounds like it could be…

1993 was a very poor red wine vintage in Bordeaux. :frowning:

Not universally. I had a half case of Ch Chasse Spleen which certainly bucked the trend. A few years since the last bottle was drunk, but I recall being very pleasantly surprised at it. Very traditional ‘correct’ claret from memory.


I have bought Settiles and Oncle from a number of good vintages.
I left them for a while and when I shipped them was not overly impressed.
So I started to give some to friends and some medical acquaintances with the caveat of “don’t expect too much!!”
To my horror, I began to get positive and even effusive feedback that the bottles had been enjoyed.
On retasting, it would appear that I was unfortunate with the 1st bottle and should have persevered.
This was driven home when I tasted a 6 bottle case of the Leflaive Meursault 2014 which was quite delicious at a miserly £130ib. You cannot believe how many times that I have remonstrated with myself for NOT ordering more. DOH!! :cry:


I had the 2015 last weekend and loved it. Perfect value!

There are always a few exceptions to any rule but it doesn’t affect the overall.

Glad to report the second bottle of 1993 Leoville Barton was much better. Brighter colour. Similar nose, more fruit and just a bit of the richness that seem to inhabit closed growths. Maybe try the 1994 later in the week.

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Classed growths of course

We have had similar disappointments with white Burgundy and stayed away for many years, helped by living in Perth WA so had the fall back luxury of WA Chardonnay. So coming back to UK dipped our toes in here and are well pleased.

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I got refused a taste at Leeuwen on my first visit to WA.
I never forgave them, never bought their wine on subsequent visits and never went back.
Moss Wood, Cullen, Vasse Felix and some others were brilliant and super hospitable.:grinning:


The 1994 was lovely - my case of 12 all finished some time ago.

Did you drop in on Pierro…small winery but fabulous has since become very popular = expensive?

Yes some fabulous Chardonnay in WA…lets hope the value of GBP improves more so we can afford WAs finest in the coming years. TWS offering from Lenton Brae and McHenry Hohen brings back some :sunny:


I don’t blame you ! Isn’t it funny how sales people or wineries perceive individuals! A common statement among my friends with young children of similiar age to mine always comment that you can’t walk through a department store with a child and be offered a spray of perfume, but if you are childless and dressed a certain way they fall over you … ! It’s the same I duty free. Mr. Leah travels tons for work and is always targeted in then”whisky” isle at airports … he enjoys it as he collects it ! However, anytime he travels with myself and the kids he’s ignored ! Similarly if I go to a winery mainly in France , I’m ignored (because I’ve got kids with me), and not taken seriously . Companies and people who don’t appreciate that the way we look having nothing to do with our buying power are just downright daft ! Literally m, I’m annoyed for you ! Thank goodness there’s lots more great WA wine :grin::wink::wink::wink:


The upside of the story was at Moss Wood, which at that time was not much more than a shack, the guy that I met was utterly delighted to welcome me.
I think that my enthusiasm was contagious (LOL, sorry!!) and it was only the boredom of my mother-in-law who was waiting in the car(Grrhhh!, always good to have a mother-in-law story), that got me out of there.
I have to say that even 30+ years ago, the Leeuwen operation was terrific and so much money had been spent there.
It does however amuse me, that the unkind reaction by that lady to me is being recounted so many years later, and the miniscule damage that my story and subsequent refusal to buy their product lives on.
I suppose that the age old adage that “actions can have consequences!” lives on, and that lady by her unkind rejection of me would be mortified that the tale is still being recounted.
An object lesson for all of us, perhaps!!