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Weekend drinking thread [20-22 March 2020]

no time like the present!!


First bottle of this from a case of 6:

A bit of oak coming to the fore at first, but mellowing with some air and then some of the fruit coming through with some tertiary notes.

Yesterday this with chicken and ham pie:

Maybe not a classic match, but had plenty of fruit and body to cut through. Really impressed with it, and again reminded I should seek out more German Pinot.


Wonderful concentrated, red fruited gamay. Very exuberantly fruity, great length, so easy to like! More fun than most Cru Beaujolais on the market.


Bordeaux, toujours Bordeaux! still in the groove tonight with the remnants of the lamb and some vegetables. Brilliant VFM which TWS sells almost every year.

First bottle of my 2014 with this to follow - just finished the 2012s.


Thank you Nick.
You have reminded me that I bought a couple of bottles of this one, and also saw a Vinous recomendation later on. The Advocate gives a drinking window of 2017 - 2030!!
Given that the GF is AWOL with her Mum, methinks this one will bite the dust ce soir as I am currently unsupervised.
That’ll teach her. LOL

Your L’ancien 2018 scores 92 Vinous and 92+ Advocate.


Probably because it has lots of little raised tubercules on it…makes it very tricky to cook properly.

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Tonight with steak and potato wedges, sprouting broccoli and mushrooms it was

This is probably the best vintage of this I have drunk, and there were others that were very good. The 2015 was a disappointment for me, very full on, heavy and alcoholic. This is excellent, dark, dark colour, great fruits on the nose and palate, even raspberry, and that bit of acidity and tannin to balance it all off. I got a case at the reduced price last week, I see it’s all gone now…


A nice piece of roast sirloin tonight, with a salt and pepper crust, gratin dauphinois and cauliflower.

Drinking Weinert Cabernet Sauvignon, 2008.

The TWS notes are right - lovely evolved flavours of cigar box and tobacco - but still lots of cassis and dark stewed fruit too. Smooth tannins made for really good drinking with the beef. A bargain at £13.95, I reckon.


You know what bugger it the apocalypse might be here so I’m having sausage, beans and chips with Domain de la Jamasse Cote du Rhone. Black and blue fruits, alcohol and tannin, lovingly balanced and complimentary to the food.


We had a whole brill tonight too! Roasted for 15 minutes at 200C wrapped in foil with butter and herbs - yummy.


I am HOME!! Can’t tell you the relief ! The sadness of seeing 90% of BA flights out of Heathrow cancelled was heartbreaking ! Isolation now for a few weeks , Mr. Leah is going to have to don a mask and gloves and get to the shops tomorrow as we have no food :see_no_evil:… just glad we have some fab wines to get through ! This is EPIC! Strawberries and cream with a beautiful richness ! I’ve been hanging onto this one for a little while and tonight felt the perfect opportunity to open it ! I’m sure @Ghost-of-Mr-Tallis would approve :wink:!


Welcome Home

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The “Kids” called to wish their Ma happy mothers day and expressed sorrow that they could not be with us. Although one of them (who has been married eighteen years) wondered if he could return to the nest for a few months. So it was agreed on this mothers day of isolation that I would have to stand in for them. Not a problem, I find acting like a child easy. We sat in the sun and drank a bottle of TWS Celebration Crème de Loire. We enjoyed it, oscillating between saying we missed them all to how beautifully peaceful and serene it was. The Crement had a slight woody flavour although that might have been due to the chain sawing that I had been doing. We both agreed that it is an excellent sparkling wine, fresh, fizzy and dryish.


Thank you , it’s never felt so good to come home ! I’m glad you’ve had a peaceful Mother’s Day enjoying the food stuff ! Stay safe x


He certainly does. Glad to hear it’s a good one!

Welcome home, @Leah and best wishes for the quarantine period.

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It’s amazing how normal this greeting sounds all of a sudden! :open_mouth:

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Indeed - Just emerged from one myself, @Inbar :anguished: - but this is the weekend drinking thread, so maybe on another thread?

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Oh, sorry to hear that! Hope you’re well…? :crossed_fingers:

There is the Lockdown thread, I guess - for tales of the unexpected :grimacing:

Fine thanks! Will head over there…

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I’m probably not the only person here who has seen their alcohol consumption rise in the last week. I was a bit naughty yesterday and opened two wines…

…the Goldtropfchen Auslese 2006 seems to be showing some bottle variation. This was fresher and more nuanced than the last bottle I tried and was absolutely on song yesterday. If you’re lucky enough to have a bottle, allow it to stand for a day and be careful when pouring, otherwise you’ll have a glass swimming in tartrate crystals !

The Chianti Classico 2012 was an excellent pairing with my first attempt at aubergine parmigiana. Violets, red cherry, leather, and a herbal note on the nose. Medium to full body, sour red cherries, powdery tannins and brisk acidity on tasting. Some balsamic lift on the finish really helped cut through the rich flavours in the dish.

Best wishes to all in these difficult times.