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Weekend drinking thread [20-22 March 2020]

Depending on what you’re serving it with, an aromatic white with enough acidity to cut the fat could work well, too. Something like a riesling spätlese. A good, dry pinot gris could also do the job.


Beautiful Fino. What a bargain. Widely available for £10, or less. The Society’s Fino is made by the same maker.


Thanks for the suggestions everyone, although it has brought home to me that I need better-stocked wine racks. I think I shall go down the lighter, more acidic red road, and I’m intrigued by the Marcillac - I may have had one at a tasting before but I don’t think I’ve ever bought a bottle. It sounds tasty and the WS offering is a good price, I shall give it a try soon. Given what I have available, I think I will go with a Cabernet Franc from Saumur. :wine_glass:


We opened a Crémant d’Alsace to start our evening – nothing fancy, but a reliable one from Arthur Metz via Aldi. A bit like Aldi’s Crémant du Jura, this is excellent value for money uncomplicated fizz for sipping on its own.

The main event is a lamb stew with dumplings which the husband is making. I’ve been waiting for a long time for the right moment to open my 2015 Raspail-Ay Gigondas, and decided that this weekend would be it:

Incredibly approachable already, the nose is… wow! Deep, brooding and seductive: dark berries, stewed plums, cassis, liquorice, a bit of clove and some sandalwood incense. The palate is much more restrained than the nose would suggest; there’s still good amount of acidity to balance the ripe and generous fruit; tannins are ripe and smooth and the spicy finish is wonderful.

I was a bit worried about the 15% ABV(!) - much higher than my usual red wine suspects- but actually there is nothing out of kilter here. In fact, the husband tasted this blind, and thought the ABV was no more then 13.5%! The structure, balance and length of this wine are fantastic. A real treat in otherwise odd week.

Hope everyone is managing to enjoy themselves despite the uncertainty. Chin chin! :clinking_glasses: :grinning:


I reckon that’s a very good alternative to PN! But then, we’re Cabernet Franc maniacs in this house :wink:

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The Marcillac on WS, Lo Sang del Pais if I recall rightly, is fabulous.


I adore the Raspail-Ay Gigondas 2015.
I think that many experts say that the 2016 is better, the overall scores for the wines from that vintage suggest so, but being brutally honest I do wonder how many of us can differentiate one or two points either way??!
And truthfully, when I tasted the 1990 Gigondas Raspail-Ay a few years post vintage, it was at least twice as good as the 2015 is today. Difficult to believe, certainly but the legs on many Rhone wines that year bordered on cascades of glycerol!! :wink: :grinning:


Chapel Down seem to be doing some promo offers recently. This is really excellent and just what you’d expect from a decent Chablis, actually I enjoyed it more than most Chablis. Started last night, just finished. Unfortunately we haven’t started dinner yet so I’ll have to get back into the cellar…


This is an odd one:

Blind I think I’d have been in NZ - I guess 2009 was warm in Burgundy. Nonetheless a very nice drop with ripe raspberries on the nose and palate and just enough acidity to deal with the slightly grippy tannin. I do hope though that they have moved away from such ridiculously heavy bottles, not something I’ve come across much with Burgundy.


No wine tonight, or at least only tangentially. A bottle of Crémant flavoured beer; quite light tasting, but the Crémant brings it up to 7%


That’s barley wine territory that on the alcohol front…

Wonderful blend from Jumilla. The little brother of El Nido which I would love to try. Plenty of oak here, lots of power but beautiful balance with black fruit and gentle tannin. Very much my kind of wine.

This 2014 came from Hedonism wines a few years ago.


Has anyone tasted the Domaine Les Alexandrins Crozes Hermitage “Seduction” 2015 yet?
The odd thing about this wine was that it sold out incredibly quickly, it was almost like the “trade” snaffled it up!!

The really dangerous thing is that it just doesn’t taste it. Quite the opposite, in fact.


We will know why if you don’t post for a week then…


Last time I stopped posting, it was down to a nasty respiratory tract infection :fearful:

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Hopefully not to be repeated!!!

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No notes tonight. Have not seen much of the wife this week as we have been helping UK nationals leave the region. Just a nice glass of Argentine red and white!


Tonight it was this

With turbot in saffron chive and cream sauce, purple broccoli and spuds.

Intensely deep yellow in colour, bone dry, some grapefruit at first then quite complex, textured wine with notes of other fruit and even honey. It’s still pretty taut even though I decanted it for half an hour. Probably better in a year or so.


Today i feel like malt.

I am a big fan of Cragganmore which is one of the malts in this blend. There’s Caol Ila and Talisker too. The result is brilliant. And very moreish. I bought this ages ago when discounted in Asda.