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Weekend drinking thread [20-22 March 2020]

All this talk of Rioja on this other thread

has got me in the mood. So this is tonight’s lineup


Do you have one of those Le Saucier’s for all the delicious sauces you make Robert or just amazing amounts of skill and patience?


The Society’s Gruner Veltliner and Corbiers accompanied my online gig watching and zoom “virtual pub”.

This mornings drinking was alka-seltza, berocca and espresso. A fair reminder that even in such interesting times moderation is needed! (although spending the last day of my 30s with a hangover seems apt).


No, no Le Saucier. My secret weapon is a thick walled, stainless steel lined, copper saucepan that we bought from A. Simon in Paris 25 years ago, and is still going strong. It’s indestructible, and doesn’t mind a metal ballon whisk at all. That, and a cast iron hotplate give a really even heat. And I quite enjoy a bit of effort in the kitchen at the weekend.


That’s a very impressive line up. I’m also a massive Bunnahabhain fan. Not been lucky enough to try the 25yr yet. What’s the one in the middle please?

Today we were to have our annual wedding anniversary dinner at Winteringham Fields, only to learn yesterday that now all restaurants are closed. We always have the 8 course tasting menu with the accompanying wine tasting menu. So now we have to improvise with the following line up of wines and cook at home…


Looking at that line up my advice would be to get as much cooking done in advance as possible!


A very happy wedding anniversary to you and Mrs Jos!


Happy birthday old sport. We’ll all raise a glass.

@robertd sterling effort as always, plate looks nice and I’ve saved a blood orange for that very sauce once I (Corvid-19 permitting) get my hands on some asparagus from the farmers market. Can we also get a pic of that saucepan and hotplate?? :heart_eyes:

Tonight is fish for us as well, will have a go at pan fried brill and I’ve got a white Rhone that wants tasting.

Last night I was supporting my local with a pre-lockdown growler of APA. They’re starting delivery service on Tuesday.


Tonight a bottle of Paul Jaboulet Aine Crozes Hermitage Domaine de Thalabert 2012, with what - I haven’t a clue?
Picked up from the website in a 2012 mixed case, last December for the princely sum of £120.
It has turned out to be a tidy purchase.


Bought some confit duck legs for dinner tomorrow. Not something I’ve had in years. Any wine suggestions please? I was thinking Pinot Noir but I’d like to hear some other ideas, thanks.

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I had a bottle of the 2014 last night. Very nice.


It is a French tin of Duck Leg Cassoulet that might bite the dust with the Thalabert 2012.:grinning:


Here you go.

There are a couple of gas burners under the hotplate. It took a bit of practice to work out how much heat to use, and where to put the pans relative to the burner, but it gives really good control once you’ve got it. Great for sauces, for getting stock on a very slow simmer, and for avoiding hot-spots when making gravy :slight_smile:


It took me many years for me to get back on board with Jaboulet, after the head of the family sadly died. The family had an internecine war, couldn’t make good wine with immense overcropping in the vineyard, bad reviews followed and eventually the firm was sold to the Frey family.
Caroline Frey, through her Billionaire father has spent many millions in the vineyard and on the chais, getting the quality back to the quality that Gerard had it at, before he passed away.
I have been buying Thalabert in dribs and drabs since 2012, but when the 2015 Thalabert got universal acclaim along with La Chapelle, Jaboulet were cooking with gas - once again.
The one factor that I do think is important with Thalabert is to give it plenty of time/air to show it’s terrific quality.
I use the following device to help things along.

But any similar device will do.


I would recommend a (good) Rioja Crianza or a (light) Malbec.


One of the nicest combos I’ve ever had with a Confit duck was a Marcillac. Like a Pinot Noir, the bright red fruit suit the duck well, and the acidity cuts through the fat nicely.

A red Bergerac would work well too, following the ‘what grows together goes together’ principle - though I must confess, I haven’t had a red Bergerac in years :slight_smile:


That is a serious looking setup :heart_eyes::man_cook:

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Tonight lasagne with this lovely big monster:

Great W/S tasting note, this is lovely with everything turned up to 11. Alcohol, fruit, acidity and tannin all pronounced, but they do balance each other nicely. Think it is still a bit young, but a cracking wine for £19!

Bitter chocolate, Turkish coffee, blueberries and mulberries. Would be amazing with mushrooms, games and red meat,


When we had the kitchen redone, we spent the bulk of the money on two things - a Westahl range, and a Corian work surface. The units came from Ikea, cost a lot less than a specialist kitchen supplier would have charged, and have been just fine. We’ve been very happy with how we prioritised!