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Weekend drinking thread [20-22 March 2020]

Needed something to guarantee a smile today and wow does this hit the spot.

Simply gorgeous. Was planning on drinking over two nights but will be surprised if this sees out the next couple of hours!

Expecting to see some special wines opened this weekend to cheer us all up. Looking forward to hearing all about them here!


currently drinking a lovely Sancerre, similarly the iron will of drinking over 2 nights has been shattered


First bottle from my half case of esoteric sherries

Incredibly intense fino (somewhere between fino and amontillado in character) - soy, nuts dark curry spice and with that savoury umami character on the finish. Apparently made from Pedro Ximenez from Montilla, possibly that’s partly responsible for the richness on the palate.


When married and being paid £5 per week (54 years ago) we used to have this dish, Farmhouse Bacon Bake and now drink chardonnay (we can now afford wine :slight_smile: ) with it so, a favourite.


I nearly got one of those out for the weekend. Went for St Veran instead. My red stocks aware good but white significantly less so. Delivery on Monday! It might be hard hanging on to the Riesling for TWS Taste…

This’ll do for tonight.


Thought I’d give this a go, left over from Christmas

Very smooth and fresh…


Hard to believe this comes from the same stable as the excellent 2015. Not awful but just uninspiring.

The more I drink 2013 Rhônes the less I like them. Is it just me or is anyone else forming the same opinion?


Enjoyed this Sauvignon Semillon from Duras, perfect blend in balance, drinking perfectly with a grilled pork chop, cauliflower purée, sauté potatoes and vedge. Perfect after a long drive home wondering what comes next week :thinking:


Very happily drinking some 2013 Ravenswood Lodi Old Vine Zin after deciding it was time to finish the remaining bottles. Well, no worries on that score as it seems to show no signs of passing its best. I think I’ll go with the label - “bursting with luscious flavours of blackberry and black cherry, aromas of chocolate and spice, and balanced acidity”. Got to say they know their wine! All I would add to that is a bit of dark toffee too. This is very, very nice wine - delicious!


First of my 2016 Beaumont halves surprisingly open for business.


Making the most of produce from the market while I still can. There was local asparagus (mild winter), Jersey Royals and John Dory, so…

Pan fried the John Dory, and made a blood orange maltaise sauce. And another Bruno Sorg wine - Muscat Grand Cru Pfersigberg 2015. A ripe vintage, but very well balanced and fresh. Lavender and jasmine nose, mouth filling, very minty, good length. The bottle disappeared all too quickly.


Nice label!

With Chinese. Lovely rich golden colour. Little bit of residual sweetness, with lively acidity. Honeysuckle and lychees. Just lovely. One of those wines you just wished the bottle would never empty.


We finished last night’s claret and moved swiftly on to this:

Lovely. With a bit of air, like fruit crumble with a mint garnish. Ace.

Oh, and I may have made a little start on this as well:

More floral than its antipodean cousin, but also with riper-tasting fruit. Yum.


No wine tonight. Glass of Bunnahabhain 12 year old…first dram of the last bottle of the winter…got it in an independent shop in our town, which has a very decent range at very keen prices. Although it’s a newsagents as well, the owner said that the whisky was flying off the shelves, and the two customers in front of me were also buying some! He put it down to people not wanting engage in supermarket bunfights - his range and prices are actually better!

Fishmonger and butcher said they were very busy too. Happy to support my regular local shops. Still managing to scavenge some veg at the allotment…down to kale, leeks and purple broccoli now though…


I do love bunna, did a fantastic range tasting a few years back when we were at deanston


Was a bit full on but a great experience


For me Tonight it’s Castel Serranova. A really lovely wine that never fails to provide enjoyment (for me at least) and one that I’m always keen to recommend.


Agreed. I’ve found them largely underwhelming. Case in point, Chave Mon Couer CDR from WS. Loved every Chave wine previously, but for me 2 bottles of 13 didn’t live up to the enthusiastic write up.

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As I’m 7 hours behind you in the UK this was last nights wine ! A gorgeous Sonoma pinot, very fruit forward and new world in style ! Lots of red fruit and crunchy freshness followed by a silky smooth finish !


I’ve also just squeezed a bottle of ABC in my snowboard boot for the journey home … :rofl: