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Weekend drinking thread [20-22 July 2018]



It’s that time of the week again!

Probably just a beer for me tonight, but looking forward to a good red with lamb tagine tomorrow. Most likely a bottle of La Rioja Alta.

What are you drinking this weekend?


Ooh, lamb and Rioja - a classic match! :heart_eyes:

We’re going Sicilian tonight! No idea what yet, but we’re off to a friend’s house who has promised Sicilian wine, food and Cinema Paradiso. :slight_smile: Will report back…!


That sounds ace!


Ahh one of my very favourite films!


Oh, I love this film! Watched it to death in my late teens… Beautiful!
We’re dry tonight; the daughter got back from a school trip to Salamanca last night, so just having a quiet family dinner peppered by lots of exciting Spanish tales, no doubt.
Tomorrow we’re also going Sicilian, and planning to slightly chill then open this wine:

Haven’t tried this one before, but I love a good and light Frappato - such a joyous wine, so looking forward to it!
Sunday is a mystery yet to be written…
Happy weekend, all! :clinking_glasses:


We are visiting friends on Saturday evening. They lived in California for a while and got a taste for soft non tannic wines. Will be taking this which I hope they will like

And this white which I hope they will find interesting

Tonight we will finish off this, opened on Wednesday


Given these just arrived today… the Spatlese might feature this weekend… as a treat after meals… the Red needs to get out of sight for a few years, while the Condrieu will be let to settle for a few weeks.


The other half finishes her first year as a qualified teacher today so I’m treating her to some of the good stuff:

And a bottle of Exhibition Gran Reserva Rioja 2001 from CVNE which I’ve had stored for a while. Tried it the other day alongside 30 other Rioja’s and it was the shining light.

Also off to a friend and brand new Society Member’s house for dinner tomorrow night so taking:

He used to live in Spain and apparently ‘no longer likes Rioja’, so the Contino should be a nice curve ball. So yeh… Quite a good weekend ahead.


Great choices!! And congratulations to your other half! :+1:


Current thinking is one of the two on the left with a chicken and seafood paella tonight. Head says the Albarino, heart says I probably fancy a red and past experience says the Wallace might just be forgiving enough to get away with it. What the heck, we’ll probably end up opening both anyway… The other option from the cellar would be a Gigondas but I think the Wallace would suit better

Tomorrow I’m following community advice and we finally get to try the Musar I’ve heard so much about. Slow cooked lamb recipe to follow!!


I really enjoyed that Riesling a few months back


We are away in the Cotswolds for 5 days and have some friends coming up to stay for the weekend, and brought up these (not necessarily planning to drink it all, but wanted to make sure there were plenty of options)


There’s a challenge if I ever saw one.

Nice selection!


Done the maths, you’ll drink them.


that is one formidable line up


The 2009 Saint Aubin is nice :slight_smile:


Cracking selection. By the right hand side of the picture I suspect you made a recent trip to Waitrose?? I’m a big fan of that Rustenberg Chardonnay - very refined for the price point

I’m sure you’ll enjoy working your way through those!!


@NickP yes, we did indeed. Big fan of the Rustenberg and always like to stock up when it’s on offer!

@M1tch managed to grab a few of the St Aubin and have very much enjoyed it thus far.

@tom and @danchaq I’m sure it’ll be close, and I must admit that whilst leaving I did have the ‘should I just grab one more bottle…’ thought!


Gatecrashers welcome? A fine selection, sounds like a great party!


I’m currently en route to Reims so there will definitely be some Champagne drunk this weekend :wink: