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Weekend Drinking Thread [2 Feb]



We’ve made it (again)! The end of the week and the opportunity to spend time exploring the darker recesses of the wine rack.

What are you planning on drinking, or what have you discovered?


Opening a bottle of this tonight, its near the end of its drink date it would seem - used the cellar tracker app to work out what to drink next :smiley:


I am being treated to slow cooked lamb tomorrow night so I shall be having this…

At £11.50 for a Bordeaux Sup, this has high expectations…

then far lower expectations from the WWF order I received - This is literally ‘White wine’. Gotta get through it though and I don’t fancy making a Carbonara with it…


The 6 Nations may be kicking off this weekend, but for me it’s all about the other egg-chasing event, the Super Bowl on Sunday night. My brother’s coming down for it, and I’m cooking roast pork belly to accompany this:

Not tried it before, and haven’t drunk much pinot blanc, so I’m stepping into the unknown a bit.
I’ve also decided to finally open this, that I’ve been saving for a while. Here’s hoping it’s not already past its best…


I am trying this to keep in the Rhone mindset…

I also opened this white yesterday, my wife had a sip and to my great surprise declared it was good…


The Altitude 420 is a great wine!


Working through the St Chinian case which has been a pleasure so far. The Mas Champart Cote D’Arbo will accompany some home made meatballs in a tomato and aubergine sauce with focaccia.

For the rugby, I’ve a few beers from the Hadrian Border Brewery.


I have the same wine I bought EP, will open a bottle soon I think, although its still got a fairly long drink date!


Me too, but in magnums, so I’ll let them sleep for longer.


We are going for this to accompany pork in cream and mushroom sauce


I ordered a btl of the Chateau Barbanau, unfortunately it was corked so would be interested to see what you think :+1:


This is the 2nd of two bottles. There’s nothing necessarily wrong with it from a wine making point of view, it’s just not especially interesting: primary fruit flavours, highish acid, little to no process so it’s a simple white wine. Which is fair enough, but it probably belings in the everyday drinking case rather than the french classics. Or served at a hen do.

I’ll stop being grumpy now :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


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What time do people start their weekend drinking? Cocktail first or straight into the wine? I feel a gin martini neutralises the palate nicely, before delving.


I like your style prenoof! We also like to dabble in matters spiritual before getting down to the main event.


I would start now, but i’m still at work.


Wow @prenoof ! Cocktails before wine always sounds good !! I like your style :wink:


I’m starting with this tonight …, I’m becoming quite the fan of Columbia valley Rieslings and Pinot Gris. :+1:


Me too… A cocktail when first home on Friday is a nice way to start this weekend. Tonight however I’m off into Soho to meet friends at the London Gin Club at the Star.


Had one of these last weekend. I loved it and consider it to be something of a bargain considering the depth, complexity and sheer pleasure it gave me. I normally like my riojas old but this was a joy.