Weekend Drinking Thread [2 December to 4 December 2022]

I’ve bought the Blue label from Decantalo. They have the 2020 in stock.


That was serious stuff. First Condrieu I’ve had in years, and (for once) totally worth it.


Something to go with a Sunday roast on a grey Sunday… Ch Montus Prestige 2002. Cork in perfect condition, though was very slightly pushing out of the bottle. Lots of thick sediment. Still opaque, but definitely bricking on the rim. Really funky nose, barnyard, rubber, leather, stewed plums. With some air the rubber dissipates and you get liquorice and coffee. The 15.5% alcohol is prominent at first but again with air this integrates well with the fullness of this wine. Liquorice and smokey coffee, cigar box most prominent… Still loads of tannin, very drying in the mouth, but good acidity to balance. Finish goes on and on. Superb, quite a serious wine Surely another 20 years left in this?


Just two half bottles of TWS White Burgundy Macon last night to go with sea bass fillets and a vegetable melange. Quite acceptable but no more than that in my opinion. Mrs K would have preferred a decent CdR red!


A meatball/pasta supper on our laps watching Strictly (I couldn’t possibly comment) on catch-up!
First one of these out of the box for a new wine to me. Obviously too early but plenty to chew over!


These two have kept me going this weekend; twixt supping during divers footie on telly and accompanying another pot roast pheasant.

The Dirler-Cade gewurtz was the first escapee from the latest TWS mixed Alsace 6 which is a nicely spec’d collection https://www.thewinesociety.com/product/alsace-whites-case?utm_source=list&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=alsace_20221201&utm_content=hero-alsace_20221201&LogValue=https://content.email.thewinesociety.com/?I6eaKkOVe9XcsHARslERb0gLYpWEpiatI&

I was reflecting on the recent Spatlese threadhttps://community.thewinesociety.com/t/when-do-you-drink-spatlese/13424/6 and my confession therein that I’d gone off it of late, and how this seemily sweet and floral wine floats my boat much more ably - there’s the glorious tropical fruit & turkish delight elements yet it’s completely dry. Love it.

The Henschke Euphonium is a reliable stand - by favourite and is retstrained for a Barossa and in keeping with the understated Eden based house style, and I get either from Majestic Henschke 'Keyneton Euphonium' 2015, Barossa or Wine Direct, whenever it’s on offer (fairly frequently)


@Embee that looks er, substantial; bravo. But please tell me there’s not actually 6 fish fingers as a side… (surf and turf ??)… makes Masterchef seem positively conservative…


These are from the last few days
Donnhoff 2016: no comments needed, tons of flavours, excellent acidity and a beautiful nose. Great with sushi. Drink it now or in 10 years.

Niepoort Bairrada 2018: I doubt anyone would guess this Baga. Textbook red burgundy, an entry level example from a good producer. Holds up very well after been opened for 2 days. Definitely worth it and I’m glad I got it from reserves this week.

Produttori Montefico 2009: superb. Loads of live left, 10 to 15 years easily. Tremendous evolution over 3h, the trademark of a great wine.
Savoury, fruity, Smokey. A joy and a reminder that I should continue buying Produttori by the pallet.


Where is the restaurant looks lovely?

The same thought crossed my mind too !

in my defence, as I’d only had some Greek yogurt for breakfast and a banana during a three hour workout at the leisure centre gym during the day, I was extremely hungry by dinnertime.

Aldi are culpable too. Although the nominal weight on their pre-packaged steaks is 227g some are substantially heavier. I always weigh them prior to cooking just to see what I’m getting for my money. In this instance, it came in at 312g :astonished:

As for the fish fingers, they’re actually cheesy polenta chips :laughing:


Really enjoyed this over the past couple of days. Believe it to be my first Swiss offering. Not usually a fan of a light bodied red. However, this was very nice. Smooth and fruity with a most pleasant after taste. An Aldi purchase - which will be repeated in the very near future.


Absolutely, it’s a fantastic wine and well worth the price premium over ‘lesser’ viogniers.

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The Valais Pinot Noir from the same label is very enjoyable too (but might not be stocked in every Aldi shop).

I managed to acquire a bottle of that as well😉

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Fab! :clap: let us know what you think once you open it :grinning:

Thought I’d try the school tombola prize tonight. Check the vintage…

And the inside of the lid

It isnt really horrible. Not sherry or vinegar. Still some vaguely discernable fruit and vaguely chenin character. Good enough to cook with so it’s gone into the freezer for that purpose.


Wow a 3 hour workout is impressive and a major blow out both deserved and needed.
Mind you most folks I’ve known to boast of such a mamoth workout have spent at least half of it in the sauna and under the shower!!!
At the moment with the extra physio for a back and hip issue I’ve averaged 1.5 hours a day for the last 3 weeks. It’s caught up with me now and today for the first time I gave up after an hour. Just totally knackered. Looking buff though with arse of a 10 year old boy.


Lol, I’m popping into Aldi then :rofl:


TWS Exhibition 2018 Langhe. Is it me or does the Nebbiolo grape produce the tastiest of tannins? Double decanted over two hours them paired with roast leg of lamb. Not unpleasant crunch on opening, well integrated after a couple of hours. First Langhe and not disappointed, light colour, light fruit nose, loads of interest on palate, red currant, cherry, warm woods and getting better with time. This is splendid stuff with a great deal of interest in the glass for a decent price.