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Weekend Drinking Thread [1st June 2018]



I find myself on a Friday morning with literally Wine on my mind!

This weekend I am helping my friend move house as he is moving in for the first time with a lady! So he promised me (in his words) ‘some posh booze’ however, I am bringing to the inevitable fish and chip dinner…

(From the Society)

This blend nearly showed up the Puligny Montrachet at TWS’s summer tasting last year - It was powerful, creamy, buttery, smoky, complex…an absolute steal for the £20 a bottle tag. If you see anymore of this, immediately buy it!

Then for after

No idea what this is like - I’ll pop it in a jug an hour or so before and take my chances!

I’m expecting big whites and possibly some rose from you all…!


Off to Torquay for a week by the coast with our mad mutts tomorrow. Not carting any wine down, with us so might have to visit the local Waitrose.

This was lovely last night, had a similar mineral quality to Mosel Riesling, with some nice red fruit and good length:


Hosting a barbecue so the Thivin cote de brouilly, Maby Tavel and Feifanes Albarino await.


Will be sampling this later, hope I can make it to 5pm !! Enjoy your weekend all. G


Update:- Although smooth as silk, and reasonable amount of dark fruit, thought it was a bit thin. Would anyone like to offer a view on whether or not I should put the other 5 bottles away for a time? It is a 2015. G


Had a couple of glasses of this in front of the telly last night, will no doubt finish it this eve.

It’s my last bottle of the 2015. Has anyone tried the 2016 yet?


This was beautiful and such, such, such good value. Definitely one of the best buys of last year for me.


We are planning a lamb and spinach curry (dry, plenty of spices but no chilli heat). Any suggestions for a wine? Mr jaykay doesn’t like Gewürztraminer.


A Pinot Gris or a Beaujolais would be my suggestions.


At risk of getting the wrath of those that missed out, this is on my menu tonight. I’m doing a pork mince and sausagemeat lasagne, no tomatoes, with a middle layer of asparagus, fresh peas and Parmesan.


How does Mr Jaykay feel about rose? I’d have thought a slightly fuller flavoured rose would work, something like

I opened a bottle of the Grosset Alea 2015 last night and it was lovely, will finish it tonight.

To me it seemed dry, and on tws it is described as ‘1: bone dry’, but others on cellartracker etc note the sweetness. Maybe I just have a sweet tooth and didn’t notice?


Affirmative. It’s a bit lighter, fresher and funkier than the 15, but have to say I prefer it.



Hope the wine is good, mine arrives next week.


Yes a full bodied rose might do the trick. Or the Beaujolais suggested by @DrEm. I shall ponder the contents of the wine room in the light of these suggestions. Thanks!


@hugofount and I will be pouring wine at Tom Cannavan’s Festival of Wine in Glasgow tomorrow. Looking forward to it. We’ll be showing:


Back on Terra Firma - at least where wine is concerned! I realised I knew virtually nothing about Israeli wine during our short visit. Things certainly moved on since 1995… (not on all fronts, of course- but that’s for another forum altogether!).

Tonight, we shall be comparing two Cab Francs. This old favourite:

Which I notice is no longer available, and this one from Anjou:

Also not in stock anymore!..

Will be interesting to see how the cooler Loire will fare against the hotter Languedoc.
Before the excitement begins I shall try this Palo Cortado from M&S, which I’m rather curious about:

Weekend, here we come (and Luton, we shall never come again!!! :grimacing:)…
Good weekend, one and all :wink:


A quick look at Cellartracker reveals that I have single bottles of the following wines stored at home…

1989 Guasti Clemente Barolo
1993 Stephan Ehlen Erdener Treppchen Riesling Auslese trocken

For one of these this weekend will be the end of the road (if I can find the bottle). At the moment leaning towards the Nebbiolo. A friend is coming over for dinner so will probably open that and a 2011 Fattoi Brunello.


Inspired by @Inbar I am drinking Israeli wine this weekend:

A Chardonnay from a winemaker who only makes white wines (very unusual in Israel - not normally considered a good idea business-wise given the local market):

and a local wine from an acquaintance:


Groovy label


3 hours sleep last night
Baby won’t stop crying
Wife at wit’s end
A decidedly bad week at work, with another hectic and stressful one ahead

What am I drinking? EVERYTHING!

Although I’ll probably start with my first drop of the 2016 vintage of this old friend:


If it stays in stock, I’ll make sure I get my grubby mitts on a few of them next time I’m buying. It’s been quite a find for me!

I call them George Clinton wines :guitar:

I’d love to sit down with you one day and sort the world out over a few glasses! :earth_americas::earth_africa::earth_asia:


Ah, @Herbster! Have you got a month? Don’t know if a day would be sufficient! :grimacing:
But yes, when sticking to wine the world seems a much nicer place.