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Weekend Drinking Thread [1st Dec]



Hi All

I thought i’d kick this off :slight_smile:

I cracked open this last night and finishing it tonight. I left it a good 2 hours in decanter as it was pretty tight when opened up but became wonderfully lush and juicy with spicy richness. Top value!


This bad boy. Was in my wish list for months, then when i went to purchase, they’d knock £2 off. Destiny.


I got this from the producer and just withdrew six bottles from storage. Time to crack one open, expecting great things.


Started with this this evening.

Pleasant enough. Bit of apple on nose. Slight creaminess mixed with a touch of saltiness on the palate. I’m searching for features though really. Doesn’t blow me away. Maybe the fish will bring it to life a little later.


This lovely aged Gigondas tonight.


A little change of plans and the Kistler lives to see another week. Opened this instead:

What a fantastic wine. Avgoustiatis and Mavrotragano from the island of Tinos in the Cyclades. Cheers


Finishing off this absolutely GORGEOUS wine tonight (I think it came as a recommendation from this place), with a (note of bruised apple then a) fresh stone fruit (hint of peach?) mouth at first, then the tart-attack with a nutty, dry and citrusy finish


Oooooo this was just winetabulous!!


Most Cordier wines are quite classy I find, and although a bit dearer than average for their appellation are usually well worth it…


Trimbach Gewurztraminer 2014 went very well with chicken, squash, lentil and spinach curry dressed with some lime juice. Some left for some Munster cheese, or so I thought until I went back for the last glass to find that my wife had snaffled it before me…


My weekend white is this one, got to say I ventured into the unknown for this. Not even sure how it got on my wish list.

I opened yesterday and was in the fridge overnight. I have to say it is a pleasant surprise, will easily rival wines twice the price to accompany seafood (I am thinking albariño or assyrtiko). #discovery


Rioja… again :+1: I shall have a glass whilst putting together my pre-christmas order.


Off to an Uncle in Laws for dinner tonight ! Not sure what they’ve cooked so taking these along :grimacing:


Oh the Wolftrap, it was a nicw one.


And after giving him the wine for dinner, he gave me this to take home!! I think I’m the winner here :wink:


Which vintage?


I’m not sure , I think it may be either a 2000 or 2002 !
I need to check the lot number :wine_glass:


This was one of your selections from the Press Tasting some months ago :slight_smile:

(not that I’m keeping an eye on that list)