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Weekend drinking thread [1st-3rd November 2019]


Yeah, I’ve drunk plenty of wine in restaurants in Spain at not much over cost price. I don’t think I’ve ever paid more than double, so your price on the Villarei seems pretty standard.


They had AN/2 on the list at around 30 euros a bottle, which was good value as it was on a deal at about 15 euros in the supermarkets. Airport duty free was wanting the same as the restaurant for it! AN itself was a comparative bargain at 45 Euros.


I do sometimes find that these “cult” wines that are famous locally but not so much on a wider scale are actually cheaper here than at origin. Not sure whether the Anima Negra is available over here, though. I tried a few wines when i was in Mallorca (few years ago now), but wasn’t too impressed - they often seemed overmade, too much of everything! Hopefully things are improving a bit.


You can get An and AN/2 over here, but certainly not cheaper here.

I would say that in general the wines are better than 10 years ago. Ferrer, the biggest producer is selling a wider range of reds. I tried two of them, and even the cheaper was quite good, less overextraction and over oaking than I remember. A couple of the Negre wines we had were very decent, quite lifted and pure fruit character. Fresher and less alcoholic.

One rose stood out too, shame I can’t remember the name, but it was several cuts above the dull/oversweet/oxidated* stuff which used to prevail, and still does too.

One nice white from Premsal grape. The ones which we liked were all in the 9-15 Euros range. We didn’t buy above that price range retail. None of the decent ones will be cheaper as price of good wine growing land will be quite high I think.

  • delete as applicable - didn’t have any that ticked all three of these thank god.


It wasn’t that the other wines were exactly shabby, either. We finished the Rolly Gassmann by itself last night, and it was sooo good - fantastic intensity and layers of citrus, minerals and botrytis. To come out top in that company emphasised just how good the Weinbach was. I imagine you could say the same about the Glasgow dinner.

We’re now plotting a revisit to the domaine :slight_smile:


Glasgow dinner was all Weinbach wines, with the winemaker sat next to me for much of the meal…Muscat, 2 PG, 2 Riesling, a PN and a Gewurz. The older PG was voted the wine of the night . Rieslings maybe a little young still. Gewurz came second from memory. Muscat was good too, as was PN though not memorable.

My wife keeps asking when are we going to Alsace?


My husband will tell you that my version is “When are we moving to Alsace?”… :grinning:


It’s the only place I’ve been to on holiday where I actually felt the need to look at property prices !


God, I do that absolutely everywhere ::roll_eyes:


I had it today, also liked it very much. I think this might be a matter of expectations. More Chablis than Puligny. Plenty of fresh, yummy acidity. A long lingering sweet confectionary aftertaste. Almost like a cross between a cool climate Riesling and a moderate climate Chardonnay. Should have posted this in the new weekday thread… not yet one.


@NickFoster @Brocklehurstj

" > Also drank our last bottle of this wonderful oaked white:

Excellent, got a bottle of this eyeing me up from the rack. Its days are numbered"



The 2018 is now in stock


Nice spot thanks.

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