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Weekend drinking thread [1st-3rd November 2019]


I had a bottle of this earlier in the year. Absolutely loved it. Completely agree about the balance


2015 Foundry Grenache Blanc. About £8 in bond. Bloody lovely and amazing QPR.


Funny thing is, she’s got a really good nose and can taste the difference in some detail whenever I buy her something a bit nicer, and she understands that you can get a lot more wine for just a bit more money … but then she just goes back to buying the usual!


Wow! What happened on a Sunday night? Had some friends over for a family supper and I now need to empty the recycling bin unexpectedly.

Given the pleasure involved in filling it, this is not an onerous task.

Tasty German Spatlese Trocken to kick things off. Never drunk a Riesling with this descriptor and I’m still not sure I entirely understand it, but I enjoyed it very much. Grapes harvested late (hence the Spatlese) and ripe, full of sugar, but vinified dry (hence the Trocken), turning all the sugar to alcohol, giving a higher than usual alcohol percentage (13.5% in this case). Wonderful depth and richness, but (here’s where my palate disconnected with my brain) actually dry, with a pleasing racy acidity as counterpoint to the ripe fruit. Yum!

The SA Chardonnay and Chilean Pinot noir were nice expressions of their type. Very well-made, no big surprises, but both a little more complex than they had excuse to be, something to contemplate and savour with roast chicken.

Really enjoyed the Sauternes as well. Pretty sweet, candied pineapple and marmalade for me, but there was enough acidity to back it up. Great with lemon and treacle tarts.

Oh, we also finished off the remains of this, that I opened last night. Bought in a small independent wine shop in The Netherlands (same place as the SA chardonnay above), but TWS also stock:

Medium body, length, tannins and acidity. A hint of spice and lush red fruit. Super smooth, easy drinking Spanish blend - 60% Garnacha, 40% Syrah


Ribeye, dauphinoise potato, and kale accompanied by one of the Briosos I snagged yesterday from the Cellar Showroom:

This is very nice indeed, and I don’t think the other two will last very long…


Bit of a party here last night just finished clearing up…

Kicked off with some fizz Some Ridgeview Marksman Blanc de Blancs 2014 which was decent creamy chardonnay, attractive and well made.

This was blown away by this though:

Really rich and toasty Champagne, up to the standard of many much more expensive and famous Champagnes.

Also drank our last bottle of this wonderful oaked white:

The red from this stable is high up on my wishlist.


Excellent, got a bottle of this eyeing me up from the rack. Its days are numbered.


Three of my favourite things in a single dish !


It’s a really lovely recipe by James Martin (he actually uses haricot, but we prefer butter beans), and it worked a treat with the Chardonnay :smiley:


Thanks for the link. Great stuff, I think I can manage that. Using butter beans would be my preference too, good call !


This weekends wine was subtitled…“How to get your wife excited (and then fail miserably)”…mind out of gutters please

After a difficult few weeks it was back to normality and a Sunday roast - it had to be “beef and all the trimmings” I was told and “a good Bordeaux to go with it”

I was in the cellar shouting various chateau and vintages up as my wife gave the gladiatorial :+1: or :-1: (please @Herbster don’t tell me they mean something rude!) when I shouted up “have a Ch Bel Air 09 I got from TWS” followed by a “oh, don’t know that one, let me have a look”…some quick keyboard action later and a “Are you sure? Will it be drinking ok now?” replied with a “of course - and have 2 more if it is a bit young” an “ok then” came back

The bottle in question was Bel Air Perponcher 2009 - purchased as part of 2009 Affordable Claret case. Has been sat in the cellar since 2012. Considering its outside of the TWS drinking window - I can’t recommend this bottle highly enough for vfm (was about £10 in my mucky mitts) - still deep in colour with a thin brick rim and Deep ripe (predominantly) black fruits (cassis, cherry and blackberry), small menthol note with an edge of those tertiary notes (leather, tobacco) coming in. Supple, well integrated tannins and a Good length.

My wife commented it was a really nice bottle but not quite the big hitter she thought it might be… the bottle she thought I meant… when I said “Ch bel air 09”

TWS drinking window was 2014 to 2018…im glad I didn’t touch it until now. I will drink the remaining 2 bottles over the next 2 to 3 years (might even go to 5 if I forget that cellar bin)


fantastic producer ! their 2004 Condrieu is one of my favourite wines of all time (drunk 2015 to 2017)





No, please accept my sincere apologies for bringing that into your mind in the first place !


With a variant of cottage pie, made with turkey mince. Gobbler’s pie seems like a fitting name to give it…

… didn’t know whether to pair it with a white or a red so decided to try one of each to see what worked best.

The Kadarka from Heimann, one of the wines in the first guerrilla tasting, won out easily. Light and satisfying with surprising depth of flavour and a complex, pinot like, leafy forest floor character. Great value at £10.95, if stocked again I’d buy more.

The vanilla character in the Bulgarian white didn’t pair well so will finish the bottle tonight with something more suitable. All the same, it still offers some astonishing flavours for a sub £10 wine. And a bit of a chameleon in the way it evolves and changes in flavour and aroma after opening.


These two over the weekend . Didn’t find the Roero as satisfying as last years vintage but it hit the spot all the same . Devils corner was lovely, bright and fresh with red berry fruit and cranberries , shame it’s out of stock now :see_no_evil:.


Maybe I can, but at 25 Euros in a decent restaurant it was a very good wine fairly priced. Not a region I know very well, but this one was significantly better than others I’ve tried, albeit haven’t had any for a couple of years at least. I’m sure there are better but this one was remarked on favourably by all of us.


Not surprised you thought that. It’s a glorious wine, just right for quite robust autumnal food. Had it at the WS Alsace Dinner in Glasgow a year ago, and it was wine of the night.


Try the Zárate that has just appeared on the list:smiley:


Thanks for the tip. Seems to have been a couple of new ones added recently.

I note that the WS Exhibition one gets a one star rating (from the only review, so no sample size!) on grounds of acidity. The one we had certainly couldn’t be criticised on these grounds. I will probably put a couple in the next order to see how they compare. The Zarate is priced at equivalent of around 21 Euros retail here, so I would expect it to be comparing favourably with one which was probably priced about 10-12 Euros retail in Mallorca (good that the average restaurant mark ups are much more restrained there than here!) .