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Weekend drinking thread [1st-3rd November 2019]


Cod and prawn Thai green curry for us tonight. I thought long and hard about whether to drink beer or wine, but in the end my desire for wine won out.

Rolly Gassmann Gewurtztraminer Oberer Weingarten 2016. Wine and spicy food is always a bit of a conundrum - sure, the heat means that you perhaps don’t get as much out of the wine; on the other hand, this wine actually made a great accompaniment to the food, which is surely what matters in the end. And then, we still have half the bottle left to enjoy in front of the telly. Characteristic Rolly Gassmann sweetness and fruitiness to withstand the spices; lychees, passion fruit, pineapple and a seasoning of rose petals; Oberer Weingarten always has the acidity to bring it back to balance; and a lightly peppered long finish. Mmmm :yum:


Fancied a white tonight to go with some Asian food, and South African felt appropriate.

2016 Alheit Vineyards Hemelrand Vine Garden - South Africa, Western Cape (11/1/2019)
Quite exotic on the nose, with apple and citrus supplemented with flashes of lychee and rose. The palate flits between the various underlying grape influences, at times being quite tangy and Chenin-focused, at times becoming broad and creamy under the influence of the Roussanne. There are points when it flirts with being a bit like a Sauvignon and others when there are hints of Riesling Kabinett.

Lots to like then, but felt slightly too tart and tight to merit a higher score. Benefits from a couple of hours of air, and not being fridge-cold, but would likely benefit even more from another year or two in bottle.

Glad to have more of these and looking forward to trying another in a year or two…


The Uvaggio seemed fairly good when I had it a couple of years back but I didn’t think it seemed built to age too long. Perhaps I caught it before it faded.


Had this last night, the first of the mixed case of 11’s, 12’s & 17’s

I enjoyed it but my wife less so.
Intense tropical, stone fruit with a bit of citrus along with vanilla from the oak. Quite high acid and showed a bit of warmth from the 14% abv.
Had it with cod. On this showing, good but not great. We’ll see what the others have to offer.


Asian food here too last night, Thai red curry, so took the opportunity to open this

I’ve never really taken to dry Gewurtztraminer and on its own, I’m still unconvinced. However, with our dinner my opinion was utterly reversed. As @robertd and @Bluebeard mention, spicy food can limit your choice of wine. For me, this was a great match. I can’t put it better than the TWS tasting notes (and the great review).

Clearly a quality wine, though we only needed a half bottle. I don’t think it’s something I’d turn to the following day or sip slowly on the sofa (without a load of cheese :wink: )

Having said that, we love Thai food, so maybe a few more half bottles of this style are in order.

Thanks for the recommendation @szaki1974


Perfect with some Cantabrian anchovies on tomato toast.



Drinking the 2011 also (my second bottle). Its probably the weakest vintage of the three. Still a very good wine though. Half a bottle left for tonight or tomorrow night


Just back from a fortnight in Mallorca. Managed to get through a fair bit of wine between 4 of us in week 1 and just the 2 of us in week 2.

Of the local wines, remain more impressed by the reds than the whites, though the Premsal varietal is nice. Enjoyed AN/2 again, and also a couple of other Anima Negre wines including Ses Nines from Celler Tianna . Couple of serious, decent roses too, but not cheap, even in supermarket. Didn’t take photos of them.

One mainland Spanish white which we really enjoyed when eating out, and had 3 bottles of was this.

Best Rias Baixas I’ve had I think. A gloriously scented fruity nose, initial sweet fruit then refreshing dry finish. Wonderful with fish as one might expect.


I don’t often drink Madeira. My wife’s family, who are Portuguese, have a cellar full of it dating back to the early 1800’s, I was offered an 1808 which was exquisite, far and away the best sweet wine I’ve ever tasted. On another occasion an 1810 was opened and proved undrinkable, the whole bottle was poured away.



Something my mother brought over, many moons ago. I thought it might add some sweetness to a coq au vin - and for a Saturday night treat, I saved myself a glass.

The 2018 exhibits aromas of cola bottles, Pritt Stick fingers and the floor of the local MOT centre. On the palate, the sugar and the vinegar are at war, and I’m on nobody’s side; at the same time there is something in the taste resembling hangover mouth and a sense of regret. The finish is short and similar to that of Vladivar vodka during Freshers’ Week.

Perhaps I’m over-thinking it.

I might open something else now :+1:


So you liked it then! :wink:


I popped this open last night, and will finish this evening:

Dark, inky, brambly, earthy, jammy, leggy, loganberry…

I know it would have kept for another decade or two, but I wanted it now!


Decadent and why not!


Tonight a glass of this with some mussels

Then this with a chicken tray bake


By Jove, what a dreadful day today has been! Gale force winds all day, and our shed was definitely testing Newtonian physics. Thankfully the husband managed to secure it to the fence, though by doing so he, too, was challenging the laws of gravity.

Time to open something comforting, in the shape of Cab Franc, bought recently from TWS:

This is a lovely, lush, warm and fruity Cab Franc; pencil shavings, cedar and chilli pepper on the nose, mingling with ripe red berries, damson and violets. On the palate it is juicy, ripe and delicious, with some dark fruit (cherries, blackberries), velvety texture and mellow tannins. The shed can fly in the air now for all I care!

Whilst sipping this lovely wine, the difference between a Cab Franc from the Languedoc, as opposed to one from the Loire, reminded me a bit of the differences between a Mediterranean and a Northern European personality. Both can be generous, good company and fun to get to know, but one does so whilst gesticulating wildly, in a warm and in-your-face sort of way, whilst the other reveals itself slowly, reservedly and with time.

Right. Enough cheap philosophising!

Happy weekend, all! :grin: :clinking_glasses:


The funniest and most accurate review I’ve literally EVER read :sweat_smile:,


@Herbster: congratulations on your forthcoming promotion to Yellow Tail Head of Sales & Marketing. If the weather were better I’d rush out and buy a bottle just to try …


Tropical fruit salad! Mango, lime, white peach and passion fruit. Very ripe, balanced Kabinett. One of the best from 2017 I’ve tried so far.


More 2013 n Rhône:

Herbs and olives on the nose: the palate is fine, tight, puckish, floral top notes and a ferrous, bloody finish framed by grainy tannins. This is a very serious northern Rhône from steep slopes near Condrieu masquerading as a good value negoce St Jo.

£12/bottle IB en primeur from TWS so call it £20 on the table


After a hard day of decanting diesel, I’m expanding my sherry repertoire (normally I’m Manzanilla all the way) with Palo Cortado and Strictly https://www.thewinesociety.com/shop/ProductDetail.aspx?pd=SH671
It’s pretty intense and the caramel ice cream and apricots wasn’t the best match - I’ll go fit salted almonds next time