Weekend Drinking Thread 1st - 3rd July 2022

Just opened this and straightaway you can tell the quality and refinement.
Notes to follow
Edit: notes - it shows the vintage from the first sip. Round and plush, no green or hard edges. Nose of red and black fruit, cinnamon stick, wet leaves, red pepper and perfumed soap. On the palate is fresh but no crunchy fruit, riper and more mature mix of sweet red and black fruit.
Another hour has passed and now there’s leather and smoky flavours. Beautiful!
Happy weekend!


The advantage of being 1 hour ahead is that the weekend starts sooner.

Bought as part of the growers champagne mixed case a year or two back.

100% chardonnay and very light and delicious.


Just back from a wonderful long walk around the perimeter of Stowe Park Gardens, the NT pile outside Buckingham. Longing for our 3 years in arrears holiday to France later this month. Thought we’d get into the groove. Can’t wait to see DJ again on the way down in Vouvray


I won’t be drinking wine this evening.


A sunny, if very blowy, day on Brighton beach, but a glass of (non-descript) Rosé in the sun with a couple of friends was still very much enjoyed. Watching the seagulls terrorising tourists and locals alike was the main entertainment!

Back home, opened (and decanted) this to accompany dinner:

Philippe Alliet, Chinon Rouge 2018

This is Alliet’s entry level Chinon – but my, what a gorgeous entry! The purity of fruit, and depth of the aroma are evident in every sniff and sip. The nose offers a melange of violets, old school pencil box, plums and bramble and a wonderful scent of damp forest floor.

The palate is vivacious with ripe, but fresh, fruit (mulberries, blueberries, bramble, cherries) and the lively acidity is matched by a pleasant tannic grip. There’s parma violets in the background too and an earthy note I really like. The finish is rather long, with a delicious savoury edge to it. Looking forward to sipping it alongside the food (venison ragù).

For aperitif, a glass of this Crémant de Die:

Crémant de Die Brut, Cave Poulet

Someone on the community tasted it recently and felt it was a bit lacklustre - but I’m really enjoying it!

It’s not complex, and the finish is perhaps a little short, but it has lovely zesty fruitiness to it, married to a sort of lemon puff and a grapey note with a faint spring blossom in the background. It complemented our fig, goat’s cheese and prosciutto salad beautifully too.

Happy weekend, all! :clinking_glasses:


Quail’s Gate 2017, from Stone, Vine & Sun, who are a nice merchant if you’re straying away from The Society. Was interested to try a Canadian Chardonnay and it is as I might have thought: cool climate, without too much New World fatness, sensitive oak, I like it. But can’t help thinking the Mâcon can do this for ten quid less.


Delightful, #1 of 6, and of course a ToT favourite.


Kelowna / Okanagan is not really a cool climate region; it’s much warmer than Macon. The latter’s warmest month is July, average temperature is around 21, Kelowna clocks in at 28 for both July and August, they can easily ripen syrah and cabernet there. Kelowna’s average monthly rainfall for the summer months rarely exceeds 30mm, whereas it’s double that in Macon.

If you go there you’ll believe it. It’s almost semi-desert like, particularly at the Southern end of Okanagan. Wildfires are a big problem. The vineyards are clustered around the shores of lake Okanagan for the moderating influence of the water.

A large proportion of Canadian wine prices is down to the tax / duty imposed by the State. It’s really expensive at the cellar door for that reason. But I think the wines are fabulous and I’d like to see more over here in the UK.


Off my beaten track. A lovely red Vinho verde. Light but lots of fruit. At £10 a bottle it is a very good drink.


Have been exploring wines around the TWS list and was keen to try some of the Furmints from Hungary. The Nagy-Somloi Furmint is off dry although the acidity cuts through the sweetness to give the impression of a dry finish.

Medium plus gold. Medium plus nose. Baked apple, cinnamon, orange and lemon peel. Medium plus palate. Fresh acidity. Residual sugar that is cut through by the acidity giving an impression of a dry finish. More baked apples. Peach. Pear tart with cream. Honey. Medium finish. Developed nicely after being open an hour with more creamy notes.


Does wine belong in a bottle?

Lubanzi GSM

Before today I would have said yes but not anymore. I’m loving this, all bretty, sweaty saddle, leather, smoky sage and olive, a dry gripping tannic texture and a great long finish. This is either great stuff or an over enthusiastic review after a long bad day at work. Either way at less than a fiver I can only recommend. Love to know anyone else’s thoughts.

Good weekend to all!!!


Nice 7.5% Clairette de Die to start with - somewhat sweet, but slips down very easily after a tough couple of weeks work (low alcohol a key criterion in opting for this tonight).

The red has thrown a huge amount of sediment- very subdued when first opened, starting to open up…. should be wonderful with duck confit and mustardy lentils. Aroma somewhat reminiscent of a French cheese that we cannot quite pin down (and much better than that description makes it sound).


The fishmonger had wild sea trout, which just had to be bought. I cooked it by lightly curing, searing on the skin side, and then turning for a few seconds. Served with courgette tagliatelle, and a mandarin and shrimp butter sauce. We drank Mittnacht Frères Muehlforst Riesling, 2016.

Absolutely hitting its stride - citrus fruit, wet stone minerality, a touch of petrol and good salinity on the finish. Every wine that we’ve drunk from this vineyard, no matter the producer, always shows the same mineral character. Pretty characteristic of the vintage, too - dry, and well balanced between fruit and acidity.

Hope everyone has a good weekend. We’re BBQing for 14 wine lovers tomorrow, and hoping that the weather stays on the better end of the forecast :crossed_fingers: But the food and drink should be good, whatever.


14 lucky people!


Enjoyed this tonight - perfect with some delicious Megrim aka Cornish Sole. Delicious on all counts. Fruit and depth with perfect balance of sharpness.


One of the best VFM wines in the list, that, I’d say.

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Red ended up down the sink

Not corked, not oxidised, but absolutely not right. Somewhat thin with a strong hint of balsamic vinegar. Last bottle was very fine indeed, so cannot believe it is simply a case of leaving it too long.

Emergency alternative was none too shabby though….


First knock at the 2015 Belgrave. Quite respectable if a little shy. Well balanced but some way for the fruit to go yet.


Happy Saturday all. Let’s see how this develops


Finally opened a 2019 Bourgogne rouge. Lovely balance. But like many red Burgundies I have recently drunk from 2017 onwards, they do have hints of spice.
Are stems in more use these days?