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Weekend drinking thread [1st -3rd Feb 2019]



Yes, It punches above its weight Mike.

I have had Chasse Spleen from about seven or eight vintages back to the 80s and it has never disappointed even in so called average years. Definitely not a ‘Parker’ wine though, and I hope it never will be!!


Enjoying a bottle this primitivo tonight. Heavy with black fruit, cherry, chocolate and vanilla.


This has opened up and turned much more fruity by the third evening. Went well with 7 hour BBQ short ribs


Opened this last night…

Got that sinking feeling when I smelt odour from the cork as I was taking the cork off the corkscrew. Sadly confirmed when drinking…TCA was the dominant feature. Gave it a bit longer but same result. Previous bottles all fine…


Friday night was excellent! 2017 Les Boucauds Sancerre from Claude Riffault was all you’d ever want from a Sancerre, ripe fruit balanced by linear flint and saltiness.

2015 Cuvee Prestige from Clos Cibonne was the star of the night. Heady herby aromas, grip, tension and lentght.

2017 Chateau Thivin Sept Vignes was great as they always are. My less geeky friends found it too straight and acid laid. I loved it, but maybe it needs another year in bottle.

Not pictured there was a Filipa Pato Blanc de Blancs sparkling which many thought of appely, on the fresher side of things. Still pretty nice though!


was first meet-up with some friends since Xmas so a couple of bottles on Friday and over the weekend including:

a lovely Patrick Soutiran Rose Grand Cru Brut NV (purchased a couple of years ago so the acidity has softened - lovely)

Olivier Leflaive “les setilles” '13 - House white wine :slight_smile:

and then another Chardonnay

Lethbridge 'Allegra" '09 - Fantastic…amazing depth and length. Citrus moving to soft stone fruit with a beeswax note. Serious Burgundy beater !


How was it ? you are only just out of “window”


It was wonderful. Deep golden colour, incredible peaches and cream flavours that went on and on. Happy to have a couple of bottles left. We also have the 2015 which when last tasted (Christmas 2017) was not in the same league.


Condolences to you on your sad loss :frowning:


have you ever tried the clingfilm trick ?


Can’t say I have…think I’ve seen something about it but can’t recall…

I decided that getting a credit from WS was probably easier… :slight_smile:


I read that was ‘getting a credit card from WS’ which I think would be a fabulous idea, I’d rack up wine miles in no time :smiley:


Jeez, that would be dangerous…


basically get a lot of clingfilm that you scrunch into a loose ball - place in a bowl and poor the wine over.

all to do with electrons and protons and charges and molecules and other black magic…seems to works on a little TCA


Fiona Beckett has the 2015 recommended this week. It would interesting to taste them side by side.


Ha! What a coincidence! I wonder if I’ve got any more…

It would appear that I do…!



Last weekend was the following:

The Barolo was fairly classic, although probably should have decanted and still has a long life ahead. Will probably leave the second bottle for a few years.

The Rosso was the first of six, and was very young, with lots of primary fruit to the fore when opened and a bit out of balance, but two nights later had calmed down significantly and really showing very nicely indeed, with everything moving into balance. Will probably need to give the other bottles some time or a rather vigorous decant!

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