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Weekend drinking thread [1st -3rd Feb 2019]



Absolutely sublime. Quite light bodied but full of flavour. A bit gamey as well as herby. We’re now enjoying the Barbera a lot, and the Sauternes was lovely but the chianti is by far the best wine of the night.


I have a few bottles of the good stuff myself, the better half being Mexican.

I gave the rascal who was leaving (and responsible for George’s elixir…) a bottle of Kah Blanco as his parting gift.

My personal favourite has to be Jose Cuervo Reserva de La Familia (although not necessarily 2017 - mine are a few years older). Very smooth.


How’s the Rizzi Barbaresco? I managed to grab one before it sold out but haven’t opened it yet.


Dom. Mazilly Pommard Poutures PC 2005 is hitting the spot tonight.
Plenty of silky fruit and medium acidity with just a touch of savoury development. No rusticity and a refined, medium weighted delight. Shocking current price though. Glad I didn’t pay it.


Which did you choose?


Went with a bottle of the Rapasani last night. My first experience of Greek wine. Absolutely delicious!


That is quite typically dolcetto. I love those aromas in my wine.


Just decanted this for tonight:-

Last night had a Cono Sur Pinot Noir, nothing to write home about, and a cheap Vinho Verde which was ok but not outstanding.



Did you get it in the recent price reduction at PWW? Did you get any of the monthelie 1er cru by potinet Ampeau? Also very good and reduced.

Not sure how much they can sell at the full price.


@Russ, I did. Regretting that I didn’t clean them out now. I also picked up three of the Monthelie and looking forward to it with enthusiasm.


That’s the next bottle from my recent order to try.
Generally I’m not a fan of Carignan, but am hoping that being a “Musar” it won’t be typical of that grape.
Do post an update on your impressions. :+1:

Had the Finca Munoz last night. A regular buy for me, and my favourite TWS Tempranillo offering under a tenner. Perfect for mellowing my mood whilst watching a bit of the cricket :triumph::persevere:


It is a very good wine. I wonder how it ages. I’m doubtful I can hang on to mine to find out!


Me too, on cleaning them out. Thought it too good to be true, pricewise.I tried both and returned for more. All the Monthelie had gone but they did their Auxey at the same price, and I got a the last couple of Pommard.


Yesterday, one of these -

Delicious with some rabbit ravioli. Pity it was the last bottle. Then for Saturday and Sunday -

Having seen the forthcoming TWSTaste on "quirky South Africa, I thought we might try the “Nothing to Declare” - one of Pieter Walser’s wackier “Blankbottle” South African blends, possibly stranger than anything on the Society’s current list! Basically a S. Rhone white plus some chardonnay.


Just a half bottle to share with some baked feta with lemon, olives and balsamic tomatoes. Rather than the obvious red this worked fairly well. Good linear sauvignon, green and yellow fruit and wet pebbles.


Tonight we decided to open our first Château de Beaulieu, from the Château de Beaulieu exploration case.

Decided to start with the 2011 and work our way backwards to the 2005 vintage, in the coming weeks.

This one is a slow burner - and I mean it as a compliment! There’s nothing shouty about it - it seduces quietly. The Syrah definitely gives the nose a touch of Rhone-ness, with its smokiness and cured meat note; the fruit is not as obvious - perhaps plum, perhaps blackcurrant. Cedar too. On the palate it evolves slowly, and the bramble/hedgerow fruit is followed by some delicate spice, a touch of smoke and fine tannins. The acidity leaves a moerish taste, and suggests this would be a great food wine. Nothing out of kilter - it’s a savoury, elegant and thoughtful wine. And all for £11.50 (the case was £65). A real find!

Having some roasted aubergine in rose harrisa with it.

Happy Saturday all! :smiley::wine_glass:

Whats in your basket? [February 2019]

Trisatheum Chardonnay 2016 from Oregon tonight. Not complex but attractive and with just a hint of new oak on the palate. Half way through a case of it that was purchased to stop me drinking my White Burgundy too young.



Here is the review I left:- Herbal, tar, another smell I can’t identify, initially blackcurrant then prunes, silky texture with a bit spice on the finish. Finish not particularly long. I only decanted for about n hour and the wine was definitely getting better, Mr Francis’ suggestion of 2 to 3 hour decant is probably spot on. Very enjoyable and would definitely buy again.


Started a WSET 2 course today and was a bit surprised by the amount of tasting involved, 15 or 16 wines I think, all from either TWS or Majestic. I would say the best 2 of the day were both from TWS, A Manfredi Nebbiolo 2016, and a Montbazillac, not sure what year. The Montbazillac was the most popular overall.
I’ve returned home with half bottles of Lopez De Haro Rioja Blanco, and the Nebbiolo. Just wondering what food I have in the house to go with either, or both! Not that I want to drink them of course but it is my homework!


Drowning my Irish :shamrock: sorrows as the chariot ran over the leprechaun :sob:! Opened this lovely Marsannay Rosé … & in other news my 6 year old came down in chicken pox for the SECOND time ! Fabulous day :see_no_evil::rofl:!