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Weekend drinking thread [1st -3rd Feb 2019]



The second half of this - decanted straight from a 3/4 bottle that was absolutely singing into a half bottle and then vacuum closed - was absolutely dead. An 09 cote rotie handled the same way only hit it’s stride after 48 hours in the HB. The Cornas is brilliant but like a lot of 2012 Rhone I’m not sure it’s going to make old bones.


Just taken delivery of some Biferno Rosso and some Rapasani - what should I try first?


A bottle of this Bricco Rosso 2012 is easing me into the weekend…

and rather lovely it is too. Continuing my search for good value Nebbiolo (or similar) wines this one is great VFM, and I think I have @Bargainbob to thank for the rec. :+1: It has something of the cherry bakewell about it, but sufficient acidity to cut through. All in all a very pleasant start to the weekend.


I like the look of that, ill put a few bottles in my budget buy next week. Cheers :+1:

Just about to have the last glass of this

Which I’ve really enjoyed. A little harsh on opening, but within half an hour it had softened. Enough tannin for some structure, dark fruits, long finish for a budget buy. Great value.

Next up either…


Given my house is full of paint fumes I doubt I’ll be able to tell the difference!


As a reward for sticking religiously to the dry January regime I opened this:

Not a very highly rated year but a lovely perfume with spice notes and red fruit notes. Light weight on the palate but not thin. Remarkable tannin level but not dominating and a medium length finish.

Given the abstinence I suspect anything would taste good but this is a fine way to re-engage.


I had my first bottle of this a couple of months ago and was very impressed with it’s value for money. One of my comments was “dangerously gluggable” and it’s certainly entered my reorder list.


I’m opening this when the little ones are asleep.
A red wine only drinking friend was due to pop in so I decanted this:

A lovely rustic tobacco and fresh fruit fuelled wine… but I’m really not in the mood for red so will keep now under vacuum for any other visitors and or me tomorrow as she’s cancelled :smile:


Ribera del Duero for a cold wintry night. Big, ripe fruit. A tad too much oak IMO nevertheless good to drink.


Lots of snow here in Bristol, came home from work to Moroccan chick pea tagine (with lots of rose harissa) and a bottle of this, which had the fruit and acidity to cope with all the spice, whereas anything more subtle may have been lost:


We love the Talmard, one of our favourite whites :yum:


Weekend away with siblings and families and this year we’re in a village a little way north of Norwich. Very lovely it is too. Apart from the dessert wines we’ve gone 100% Italian for the wines. The Gavi and Sicilian reserve red have gone already. Next, Chianti!


Off the sauce tonight, as still nursing a sore head from a leaving bash I went to yesterday evening at Mark’s Bar Hixter, during which multiple bottles were consumed:

First up:

Followed by:

Massaya Le Colombier, Bekaa Valley 2013


Waterford Estate, Cabernet Sauvignon, Stellenbosch 2015

And lastly:

Kit’s Coty Blanc de Blancs 2013, Chapel Down


Be interested to know about the Chianti.


That is such an Irish :shamrock:️ thing to say :rofl:!
Good line-up :wink:!


You are right @JayKay , wonderful wine :+1:


So, felt well enough to go out to Jamie’s this evening, and treat the girl - as she’s done fabulously in her GCSE mocks. We did order the Montepulciano, which was actually really lovely, with dark cherries, plum and some spice, and just the right amount of acidity. Even the girl liked it (though she did point out that “the only other wine she got for comparison is Echo Falls” - fair enough!).

I also ordered a Recioto to go with the chocolate dessert. Nothing to swoon over, but worked well with the dish, and had a pleasant figgy aftertaste.

Nice to feel normal again! :blush:


Echo Falls - that’s a tough upbringing!


Nothing to do with me! I blame the kiddies in the park! :grimacing:


The coup de grâce was a sneaky and most unwelcome caballito of George Clooney’s Casamigos Tequila.… I haven’t been myself all day.


Oh yes ! :rofl::see_no_evil:! I own George’s finest but have stayed clear for now … Good tequila is good but as I’ve not yet tasted casamigos I can’t comment ! “Rushes out to the garage to get some” :rofl:! You’ll feel better tomorrow :wink:, just in time for the Rugby :rugby_football::blush:!