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Weekend drinking thread [1st -3rd Feb 2019]



Seeing as there wasn’t a weekday drinking thread this week I thought I would kick off the weekend one slightly early :wink:!
I am counting down til the kids bedtime. A friend is popping over so I’ve opened this . This is a lovely PN from Patagonia and such good VFM I always have at least a couple bottles to hand . What’s everyone else doing ? Drinking??


I had a glass of the same last week with lunch last week. Pretty good.


I’ve been virtually bed-bound since Monday, with a terrible cold. Felt quite doolally just staring out into the garden for the past three days. There’s only so many great tits one can enjoy (!)…

Anyway, the only drink that managed to penetrate the sense-less universe I’ve been inhabiting was a small glass of Fino sherry, which I had yesterday. Hoping to consume something a bit more substantial tomorrow, as we’re taking the girl to Jamie’s Italian.

Thinking of ordering this from his wine ‘list’:

But it’s all in the realm of fantasy at the moment…! :sneezing_face:


Oh noo @inbar, nothing worse than a hard hitting lurgy especially in this weather ! Some good books/ box series and rest will hopefully see you feeling better by Sunday ! Enjoy Jamie’s :+1:


Sampling this I think this will be right up @Inbar’s street. The book was written by my wifes friends father.


Thanks, @Leah :slight_smile: reading this Forum has been helping enormously too!

Must get back to normal for the BYOB on Monday… Don’t want to sneeze all over the lovely Chris, Dan et al… :grimacing:


Really looking forward to this as I’ve been doing Dry Jan.

Off out to a nice independent restaurant tomorrow so will get a bottle of hearty red. They used to have an incredible Bobal but sadly it became unavailable.

I have a bottle of Ksara’s Clos St Alphonse at home with my name on it for Saturday.

There’s a few everyday drinking bottles from the society left over from December too, then a new mixed case coming early Feb!


I too was searching for the non existent weekday thread (has everyone suddenly gone teetotal on us?)

Anyway I have opened this tonight:

which I picked up at the local Super U for £9.70 (after conversion). It’s really rather good especially at that price, if a little young (typical supermarket buy). Dark cherry and a touch of smoky spice and maybe licorice. Tannins still very much up front but not too harsh. It maybe has the structure to last a few years. Smooth hot medium finish. Has some good write ups though with some rather optimistic drinking windows. However another that might be worth bringing a few home.


I take it you mean the wine, rather than the book? If so, spot on! I love a bit of Nero Oro :wink::+1::+1:


Yes the wine, the wine is the Riserva, have you had that one?


Trying this picpoul for the first time, though from 2016.

I usually drink the Tesco version at home and enjoy it. This seems a bit fuller and a bit richer, or perhaps I mean a bit less acidic; slightly more herbal and a bit less salty. Will be with some prawns in a minute but makes a good aperitif on its own.


Opened this for the first half of the weekend. Drinking nicely straight away.


Will be opening one of these over the weekend

Apparently beyond it’s drinking window- we shall see, or rather, taste.

We are going to make a Greek dish called afelia on Saturday. We don’t have any Greek wine - red or white - in the house. I was thinking maybe a Sangiovese might do.


I am sure the La Rosine will still go strong. Having googled afelia, Sangiovese sounds right, I would chance a Barbera if I had any…


This has a terrible review online, but we love it. Really concentrated and salty, reminds me a little of some Santorini whites. I do also get why the reviewer hated it! Certainly something to try before you buy,


I opened this two nights ago and it has been spectacular:

Really very accessible already, northern Rhone complexity but with a bit of southern weight and fruit. Incredibly aromatic. Got the remaining half to sample tonight to see how it’s got on.


I might go Ferraton again this EP… looking at the Grand Courtil white.


I think they offer pretty good vfm although that Cornas has jumped in price on this year’s EP.


No, I haven’t, actually - though got two in the wine fridge! We really like the regular Nero Oro - how do they compare?


Not tasted the regular one, so can’t compare. The Riserva is silky smooth, some black fruit but not as much as I had expected, and the finish is not very long. I ordered 6 at 10.30 on Wednesday and the delivery guy was knocking on my door at 12.30. can’t beat that for service. Was not going to drink a bottle until Saturday but the case was sitting looking at me and I couldn’t; resist. I actually emailed the producer as I had no idea what the drinking window was, they confirmed now to 2022. Hope you enjoy :smiley::+1: