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Weekend Drinking Thread [19th - 21st March 2021]

No thread at 550pm on a Friday?

Starting the evening off with a glass of this whilst I decide on food for tonight…burger and chips for some comfort food I think.

This CdR does the job to kick start a lockdown weekend with the family.


I’m currently drinking the year after, be interested to hear where you think.

You beat me to it! Just quaffing a Guy Breton vv Morgon. 80 year old bush vines. Beautiful perfumed nose, fab red fruit on palate. Drinking at cellar temperature. Delicious.


Bin 008# pour moi


Looking for simple pleasures this evening and hit a bullseye with this 2018 Frederic Mabileau St-Nicolas-De-Bourgueil.

Far fuller than I expected and a wonderfully silky texture. TWS now sadly out of stock. Will keep an eye out for the next vintage.

A great start to the weekend and I’m now off work for the rest of March :smiley:


Trying to make my mind up. At 8.95 it’s really good value for money, I bought 12 at £7 each during the supporting our growers last year, I think it’s a steal.

Dark red, black cherry and tannins are well balanced.

I’ve only taken 3 out of reserves, may leave the rest for a bit and try another 3 next year.


Having an old favourite tonight with Bolognese - Society’s Sicilian Reserve. Never lets me down.

It’s all about tomorrow really. We’re having a zoom wine tasting with my siblings, having a go at 3 bottles I’m excited about:

2019 Nomos Assyrtiko
2011 Exhibition Pauillac
2020 Blind Spot Touriga Nacional

I know we’re onto a good thing with the Pauillac but haven’t tried the others yet. Can’t wait!


Not very adventurous today. Giving this Mendoza Malbec a try. Will probably need a good airing before joining us for pizza and movies



A large one of these with tonic to get started this evening


A couple of treats for tonight - the latter in honour of the Burgundy EP thread …

Looking forward to this box which arrived in a taxi (such things do not happen in West Yorkshire villages) earlier today :smiley:


I’ve fished out a bottle of my default house white; this is the brand I repeat buy the most often for “everyday” drinking. Tonight to go with a sort of roast root vegetables-from-the-garden savoury cheesy crumble. (Which may or may not prove more appetising than it sounds) But at least I know the wine will be good. The lemony - thymey torrontes riojana blends so well with the minerally uplifting riesling, it’s a 50/50 blend from high altitude vineyards in Salta. Truly delicious and one of the few whites I know which is no worse for wear a day after opening. And it goes with anything strong flavoured non-red meat dish really; the zenith would be something like tarragon & cream chicken.


Very fond of all things Sipsmith.


Something from our favourite vineyard this evening as a little celebration as the husband had his first jab today (even though we are the same age…… :roll_eyes: Actually hang on I am a month older!!! I am not bitter really!!! :smile: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Decided we will open the 1992 vintage hidden away in cellar when we have both had both our jabs! (Frantically checks my mobile for a text from the NHS… nope… nothing yet!)

Alas this one really should not be opened for a few more years but after a good long decant - boy it is still so silky and smooth even this young!

Note to self: Food pairing is a complete FAIL this evening with this wine choice- Duck with orange glazed carrots & herb potatoes! O well!!! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Cheers everyone!


Sorry Martyn, couldn’t resist this, here’s TOH posing outside Hin Areni in 2019 and their tasting line up that day. Oof I feel my shins being kicked…

Not the best Armenian producer we visited I will none the less say.


How great is this! Taking me back to a wine bar in Rome a couple of years ago. Full of fruit and herbs, and a really well balance palate - not shy at all in terms of body and a reasonable tannic bite too.


Felt like spring today…

with prawn/lemon/pasta


Just about to try this . With Spanish tapas , cook yourself from delivered packages (Sabor).


Brilliant - thanks for sharing!

Nice bottle actually. Slightly Rieslingly, good length, touch green. Unfortunately it’s going to be seen as the warm-up act for the Burgundy …


Starting the weekend with a cold one…wine later.


With the opening of the Barolo offer, I decided to go for the 2013 offering from Cabot Berton, which is a regular on the TWS EP offer.

Mid red centre, brick red rim. Medium minus nose. Soft red fruit, black cherry and gentle vanilla. Notes of rose, liquorice and chocolate. Rich palate. Fresh acidity. Warm ripe fruit. Grippy tannins. Cherry, fig, bramble and strawberry. Vanilla and chocolate. Medium plus finish. Lovely wine - both refined and robust.