Weekend drinking thread [19 to 21 October 2018]

And so it beginneth…

It’s a beautiful day here in Sussex - golden sunshine, and barely any wind. The other half has gone to Wales for the weekend with some mates, so I got a couple girlfriends coming over for pizza tonight. I don’t usually drink on a Friday, but it’ll be rude not to with friends around, so will be opening this to start with:


It’s a light and delicious sparkling Marsanne/Roussane blend. A favourite in our house.

With the pizza, will probably be opening the bottle that never lets one down:

Though it’s the 2015 I got. Wonder what the new vintage is like…?

Over to you for your weekend delights… :clinking_glasses::sunglasses:


This may feature with some roast pork on Sunday…


We will see the rest.


Glorious day in the East too. Been gathering walnuts and trying not to get too stained by their tannin.
I’m going to make a Porcini risotto with bacon and Dolcelatte with a truffle sauce stirred through it.


I’m off down the local for a few drinks with some other reception class parents this evening. Did the same about a year ago when the boy started school and I was the Token Man; I suspect it’ll be the same this time, but it’s all good.

I always find that the best way for us frosty northern Europeans to break the ice is to sink a few and take it from there.

And if the night ends early, there’s always leftover godello :clinking_glasses:


It took me 3 years to work this out when I arrived in the UK… there should be a manual or something! :thinking:

On the plus side, ended up befriending lots of international students like me, who had no English friends to call their own. Most of us are still very good friends… No pain no gain, I guess! :wink:


I picked up a couple of Ridge Zins during the week on a quick trip stateside, although I’m probably going to squirrel those away for a little while:

I have this open and breathing for tonight:

And Sunday lunch will likely be:
(continuing my meandering exploration of English fizz)

Followed by:
(choice might change depending on what goes in the oven)


It’s on the back of the beer mat :wink:


Ah! I was looking in the wrong places…! :grin:

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Nobody likes to admit it, but we’re all a little bit Maybot when sober…


That took me no time to work out…! :wink:

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It’s a fair cop!

Back on topic, just had a schlückchen of last night’s godello and it’s still lovely, maybe a bit more honeysuckle now after a day open in the fridge.

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Well done @Inbar for getting this one going. Hectic week ahead with both grandsons staying (7 and 5) without parents. Not sure what my drink regime will be, but we have lots of things to do…despite it not being half term here and worthwhile attractions are shut!!
So tonight, with the portions of @laura Cod and Chorizo we froze after the last cook session this is around…
The Wine Society | Free UK Delivery


This sounds promising!
I promised the other half I won’t touch the rest of the Godello, so we can enjoy it on Sunday evening, when he’s back from Wales. I hope it remains fresh and floral until then… :crossed_fingers:

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Really enjoyed this tonight:

Close to a lighter-end Gamay, but with something a bit more earthy, maybe even gamey. Not an ideal match with pizza though.


A fish supper from my local chippie.
No idea what to drink but maybe a can of Stella followed by a half bottle of the Society’s Chablis!!
Veering towards the Philistinic Pleb ce soir!! :grinning:


Enjoying this currently


Full of dark fruits & dark chocolate.
Probably would’ve gone better with the chicken fajitas when it was a couple of years younger but damn nice all the same.


Have some 2013 of this laying in wait.

Look forward to reading your thoughts…

Saw this comment on a totally unrelated blog,

“Oh thank god, oh sweet nectar, my wine has finally arrived.”

could it be TWS…


This tonight, with pizza:

Not the right food match, but I don’t care - I wanted a pizza, and I wanted this. And both were delicious :yum:


Have you ever read any fiction that influences your wine consumption? A glass, or experience, well captured by an author that stays with you? I am always impressed by Ian Flemming’s James Bond conducting his best work after two bottle of champagne and scaling the nearest wall, or George Simneon being “too busy” to eat both the sandwiches and the beer, and electing to consume just the beer instead! I read “on the road” many years ago, which painted the positive picture of large drug / alcohol consumption. I’m just finishing up “big sur”, which is completely the opposite. crikey! Having watched some of the somm films and other related films in the industry, I’m wondering how all the professionals keep their health in check!! I am not judging here, just looking for tips to keep to the straight and narrow!