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Weekend Drinking Thread [19 to 21 June 2020]

It’s Mid-summer eve, which is a big deal in Sweden - so kicking off the weekend with the local aquavit, as is the tradition. Wine to follow.



Just for a second I read that as a big deal in Swindon and I thought “Really?”


Helan går
Sjung hopp faderallan lallan lej
Helan går
Sjung hopp faderallan lej
Och den som inte helan tar
Han heller inte halvan får
Helan går
Sjung hopp faderallan lej

Happy Midsommar, @Alchemist! :tada::sun_with_face:
Best party I’ve ever been to was at Midsommar 3 years ago at our friends in Hammarö… Far too much Aquavit :crazy_face: but crazy dancing around the Midsummer pole and playing skittles at 1am were certainly the highlights!

Have a fabulous time… (Not jealous at all!) :smile:
Ps- Have you discovered your favourite Aquavit yet?


These little old beauties arrived today from Seckford with 5 mates each.
BBQ weather later and tomorrow so they’ll both get outings.
The Laughing Magpie has 10% Viognier.
The Coppermine Road cuvée only started in 1995.


Well done!!
I still have a 6 bottle case of the 2001 D’Arenberg Dead Arm ex TWS.
Just added an aide memoire for Crimbo shipping!! :+1: :wink: :dragon:


2013 Hattingley Valley BdB for me :heart_eyes:


Ordered a takeaway from Wagamamas on Deliveroo. This is a great partner to East Asian food might buy a couple to try with a bit of bottle age. Surprisingly similar to the Badacsonyi Kéknyelű, well worth a try if you don’t mind fairly high acidity. Great value.


Having another go at a

It’s a while since I’ve had this and I can’t remember if it was the same year, though I think I bought a few from Majestic. But it seems better this time. Creamy and rounded, with more fruit and less oak.; maybe just the extra age. I like it a lot and think it’s 10 pounds well spent. And it’s certainly getting my appetite going!

Edit; in fact I see I’m pretty much repeating myself from last year, but it was 2016 vintage last time. Seems to be fairly consistent though.


Kicking off the weekend with a beer:-

So glad we made a last minute trip to the Suffolk coast in February half term - who knows when we will get back again. For now the closest I can get are Adnams ales. A perfect, refreshing aperitif while working out which wines to broach this weekend. Thankfully I have a good stock of the Crystal Rye IPA And Broadside too.

Already decanted a bottle of Fonseca ‘77 - it feels more like autumn here in Lincolnshire than summer! I sense a warming bottle of the 2016 CdR Reserve Wine Society may also be in order.


Firstly tonight

Lime and lemon curd nose, quite tight and focused. Typically full bodied Rheingau palate with lip smacking acidity. Citrus fruit balances nicely with coconut fullness and a drop of honey.

Secondly this bought en primeur:

Solid black Syrah colour. Tar, olive, blackberry and some lifted raspberry on the nose. Tannins are still a bit edgy but very accessible palate, full of warm black and forest fruit, finishing with good leather and treacle complexity. Fantastic VFM northern Rhône


AR Lenoble Blanc de Blancs Choulli Grand Cru NV

So good. Concentrated but fresh. Quite lively. Saline finish. Amazing with the crispy duck and hoisin sauce, really likes the sweetness. Only 5 g/l dosage.


In the bath with some barolo, watching Mad Max. No pics.

It’s 2014 Baudana Ceretta, if anyone’s interested, and even in 2014 it’s a thing of beauty and approachable early. I envy anyone who got some of the 2016 of this; the wait will be worth it.


I like your style.


New world PN taste off tonight.

The 2016 Mac Forbes is very light - 12% abv. Strawberries and raspberries - not very complex but an easy red wine for summer nights / BBQ.

The 2016 Crystallum Peter Max is more complex . Cherries followed by a hint of blueberries and oak. Reminds me of a good Cote de Nuits. It’s the entry wine of the Crystallum red wine series - can’t wait to try the Cuvee Cinema and Mabalel on the basis of this wine.

Both wines need to be chilled. I prefer the Crystallum, but if I’m honest I would buy the Rapsani Terra Petra over both of them.


Getting ready for (hopefully) better weather over the weekend and into next week, with crab, shrimp and prawns, sourdough crumpets, steamed fennel, shellfish sauce and tarragon oil. We drank an excellent Crémant d’Alsace from Frédéric Mochel.

This has rapidly become one of our favourite crémants; Guillaume Mochel uses only chardonnay and pinot noir to make something distinctly champenois in style. Lots of lovely toasty, yeasty, lees-y flavours; all the autumnal, bruised fruit aromas of an apple orchard in October. Very classy. I’m currently finding my Bruno Sorg Marc de Muscat digestif is going down extremely well, too. Happy Midsummer Weekend!


Hattingley do seem to really get Chardonnay. I’ve had a couple of bottles of their 2011 kings cuvee which have quite knocked my blocks off


Decent Aussie Pinot, some complexity, not much typicity.

2014 Ten Minutes By Tractor.


I think it’s been over a year since we had proper crispy duck; I miss it very much. Genius to have the sparkles with it. Even just imagining them both, you can tell it would work.

It’s on the to-do list.


I love Mornington PN and have looked at this several times but am yet to see a single note or review that loved this wine.

I have a bottle of Kings Cuvee which is on the special occasion list. If a step up from the BdB I will be pleased. When 2019 comes out in a few years I suspect that will be a stunner.

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