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Weekend Drinking Thread [19 to 21 July 2019]



We’re out to see some friends this evening, for what was going to be an ourdoors ‘summer fest’, if only the weather was a little kinder. The husband is bringing his latest home-brew Saison, and I’ll be bringing a bottle of sparkling Grillo we’ve grown to like very much:


As well as two bottles of Bordeaux Blanc – which my friend likes:

And this 2016 Chateau Graville-Lacoste:


It’s always nice to be reminded just how lovely, fresh and summery white Bordeaux can be!

If we’re lucky, we might get a tan from standing in the English rain :sun_behind_rain_cloud:

What are you drinking this weekend…? :clinking_glasses:


A crunchy berry explosion. Very fruity Zweigelt, lots of fun, not cheap but nice concentration of fruit despite its lightness.


Start of a weekend break in a Yurt somewhere in Welsh border country.

Rain has meant an earlier start than anticipated opening the wine but hardly a chore! Super happy with these two stalwarts.

Forecast looking better for tomorrow so fingers crossed for some pleasant walking.


Fairly simple dinner of squid with cayenne and garlic, accompanied by Dirler-Cadé Pinot Gris Schimberg 2015.

All of the ripe characteristics of the vintage, which make it distinctly off-dry, but very food-friendly, with a good balance. Yellow plums and mandarin oranges, and some smoky spiciness on the finish to complement the heat of the food. A happy start to the weekend.


Woweeee! Smoky nose, waves of blackcurrant on the palate with leather and oak. Powerful but not onerous to drink; quaffable despite the complexity. Big Cab blends not normally my thing but this is such a brilliantly made wine on any terms, it’s impossible not to like. Where are those burgers…


Enjoying this tonight

Beautiful nose, flavours of red fruits and soft tannins.


Started with a ‘dodgy’ bottle of Lidl Rasteau, which is now going in to the Lasagne for tomorrow after a couple of sips. So, after that disappointment I went all out and had Domaine Colombier Hermitage 2009 - it was so rich, but although relatively young drinking well.
It was the only bottle of it that I have owned sadly, but would consider buying more. Unfortunately, finances won’t allow at the moment. Particularly as I am now obsessed with buying some Mont Redon 2016, sadly without any success. Can anyone help please? :pray:


This last night:

Fairly fruit forward with definite cherry flavours, although a little short on the finish, but very enjoyable


Lovely bottle of Dönnhoff Reisling yesterday evening:

Extremely pale straw colour, light to medium body, dry side of sweet, petrolic “shaved tennis ball” nose, apples, apricots and a touch of lemon acidity. Very nice. Only 8% abv making it extremely easy to drink… unfortunately only had the one bottle to hand.

Carry on.


Decided to go easy on the Pinot Gris VT and make another wine the star of the weekend. Gorgeous on the nose, will require serious pacing.

I just had another of his 16 Spätlese midweek, also gorgeous. I really love their less sweet than you expect style. It is still sweet enough, mind you…


Lidl Rioja very good value for money. I don’t like the heavily oaked Riojas, this one is nice and fruity, graciano grape is very good to accompany various foods in my opinion.


Weirdly changeable weather meant I couldn’t decide on white or red so it’s this rosato from Etna recommended by our local Italian specialist importer (a source of a host of interesting slightly off the beaten track wines). It’s on the red wine edge of the rose spectrum and needed to warm up from fridge temp a bit to show fully. Bone dry, fresh acid and enough red fruit to balance everything- very moreish.


We started our evening with this lovely 2016 Muga Cava:

I tasted it at a recent Three Wine Men event, and it really impressed me. Lovely nose of lemon biscuit, sourdough as well as apple and white flowers, followed by a complex palate of yeasty/bready notes, with some citrus and apple/pear thrown in, and a floral note in the background. Long finish and a rich texture. This is a winner!

Next is the Moric red from the Thursday #twstaste:

Decanted for an hour, and it’s starting to slowly reveal itself. Medium ruby colour, and a bit hazy (perhaps not filtered?). We got wild strawberries, Bakewell tart, clove and pot-pourri on the nose; the palate is a complex mixture of sour-cherries, marzipan, tart berries but also some parma violets and a kick of spice (white pepper for me, baking spices for the OH). Quite a long finish, with bright acidity and very mellow, chalky tannins. This is our kind of red, though I can see it won’t be everyone’s cup of tea. A great find, and - like many Austrian wines we enjoy- seems to be really well-made, with passion and care.

More of the same, please! :+1: :wine_glass:


Love the Dourthe Sauvignon Blanc with a Chorizo, Black Pudding and Goats Cheese Salad. Amazing!


Also trying a Stellenbosch this evening, with fillet steak. Got given this from a friend. This one is a 2018 Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot blend.

I’m not wise in the ways of South African Reds. Can anyone enlighten me on the ones to look out for?


If you’re a Pinot Noir fan, I can seriously recommend Crystallum (I’m frighteningly addicted to them after the mixed case last year). The Society currently has the 2017 Cuvee Cinema available, not cheap at £34 a bottle but (IMHO) at least as good as a (good) Premier Cru Burgundy…though I haven’t yet had the 2017.


There are so many to choose from, but one that has struck me as both extremely good value and incredibly tasty is the shiraz from Lynx


Meerlust Rubicon:

An absolutely gorgeous Bordeaux blend!

And Adi Badenhorst’s Secateurs red blend:


A ripe and well-structured blend - which seems to be slightly different every vintage. Delicious! :+1:


I’d have to recommend the Chakalaka. On 2013 at home but I daresay the 2015 is good too.

Would also recommend any Rustenberg wine, though I haven’t tried them all. The ones I have tried were all good, or very good.


Had this lovely Rainer Wess Alte Reben Grüner Veltliner, Kremstal 2017 with pork fillet and apple this evening.

Bags of white pepper and hints of cantaloupe melon on the nose. Quite restrained acidity - honey and wonderful ginger spice finish. Delicious stuff.