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Weekend drinking thread 19 - 21 Feb 21

In Majestic its £22.99.

Cloudy Bay doesn’t have the price-premium fame in the antipodes that it has here, and you’re remembering a golden time more than 20 years ago; I expect if you compare bar prices in Oz now with your current pay , or your pay then with the price then of the fizz you won’t see that much difference.

In UK fizz has an even higher wine tax then 20% VAT is applied…

All the same, Pelorus is a very classy fizz. I hate to use the ‘C’ word comparison, but it’s on a level with higher priced ‘C’.


Villa Maria SB 2020 £9.99 at Majestic.
But you probably know that!

Thanks for thinking of Mrs M.
But the devil is in the detail.

Villa Maria make a range of SBs; the one we are currently drinking is the Private Bin which cost a mere £5.25 when discounted during Sainsbury’s generous 25% off.

The £9.99 Majestic offer is on the Cellar Selection, next range up of 5 SBs. Villa Maria currently sell 7 different SBs in total. Confusing…


I hadn’t realised that about Villa Maria, who I think are pretty good as big producers go. They used to make a decent Riesling too although I haven’t had it for a few years.

Harking back to another thread, Klein Constantia also used to produce an excellent SB and also a Riesling. We drank the SB at our wedding. But I tried it again a few years ago and thought it had gone downhill. Perhaps I should try it again.


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Well, there are good years and not so good year, and our tastes change. Also, one tends to hype up an enjoyed wine in one’s mind and expect great things of future bottles only to be disappointed whereas it may have been identical.*

There are many great South African SBs, by which I mean in the style of NZ. My favourite is Springfield Estate 'Life from Stone’ which I much prefer most years to their other SB, ‘Special Cuvee’ and also Fairview, Delheim, Durbanville Hills, Diemersdal, Steenberg, Spier 21 Gables — oh so many…

*the use of ‘one’ here refers to me, not you @Jimmybob


I think that’s absolutely right and have certainly experienced it myself.


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