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Weekend drinking thread 19 - 21 Feb 21

Well it’s certainly not bone dry, there’s a hint of sweetness there. Something around a 1.5 on the TWS scale. Fragrant, lychees and melon, and seriously acidic but no bitterness or sharpness at all. It’s got a long life ahead of it… I just need to leave it alone for a few years.


Enjoyed a delivery from a Leeds French restaurant tonight. Fairly straightforward yet absolutely tip-top fare - smooth parfait, duck leg, panna cotta, cheeseboard. Feeling rather fat!

Enjoyed this from the 2021 FWL:

Hard to say anything that isn’t already part of the drinking notes, but there’s a notable extra complexity when compared with (for example) the Society Blaufränkisch - both elegant and very quaffable.


Great to hear your notes on the Schloss Gobelsburg Riesling, Ried Heiligenstein 1ÖTW 2019, @js_uk. I’ve got six of these in the cabinet, and ordered a further six in this year’s EP offer. Looking forward to the right moment to open a bottle! :yum:


A fishy Friday for us, last night, so out came the favourite go-to unoaked chardonnay.

Happy weekend, everyone!


Recent reviews on the website have not been very favourable. How would you say this vintage compares with previous years?

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We opened a bottle of this on Friday and I really enjoyed it. lt reminded me of a really juicy peach or nectarine (who am I to pick fuzzy or smooth) and then right at the end pistachio. My wife says I could be on my own with that last bit but for me there was a creamy nuttiness :rofl:


A tale of two Blind Spot reds this weekend. We joined the TWS online tasting on Thursday and will be carrying on with those bottles this weekend.

Last night we finished off the Blind Spot Touriga Nacional. We had enjoyed it at the tasting and it was still in its prime yesterday. Actually I think it is pretty well indestructible, being made from a grape traditionally used in the making of Port and in an Aussie climate to boot. Not a refined wine but an enjoyable and interesting experience.

This evening with some trepidation we shall turn our attention to the Blind Spot Pinot Noir. It is from the Strathbogie Range in Victoria, part of the Great Dividing Range. And divide it did at the tasting. Made in a very light European style, even to the extent of having a cork (Diam) closure. The notes on the TWS website say “The palate is lifted with grippy tannins and ample freshness… very stylish”

Ample freshness = searing levels of acidity. So unless you like chewing on a stick off freshly harvested rhubarb or sucking on a lemon, not a wine to drink on its own. Some people do, I’m not judging!

Early in the day I know but shortly I shall decant it and leave oxygen to work it’s magic for the rest of the day. I suspect that for us it is just a style of wine we do not enjoy (we have had some cheap and not so cheap red Burgundies of a similar ilk) but I also suspect it is just way too young at the moment. We will revisit this evening and report back.


I must admit that I haven’t noticed a considerable difference between the 2019 and previous vintages. I’ve certainly not found it to be disappointing, as some members have stated in reviews, and although it’s not what you would find in the Burgundy EP offers, it’s perfect for everyday white fish dishes. :yum:


For those of you attending the FT Weekend Digital Festival, Jancis Robinson’s Eastern European case for the wine tasting session is available from Tanners (https://www.tanners-wines.co.uk/ft).


So Rhone 2019 EP is done except, of course, for the inevitable post mortem on the allocation process. I really don’t think I can take another hundred posts on that topic! But I’m very pleased with what I’ve got, even if I now feel the need to avoid EP wines with too long a wait time! So, along with others, I decided to celebrate this weekend with a recent acquisition and, at £55, one of the most expensive wines I’ve bought:

Thank goodness it didn’t disappoint at that price! This was just lovely and I’d have said it was still good for another few years. I only discovered Cote Rotie a couple of years ago and it was love at first taste and this one seems to embody everything that attracted me and is my first truly mature Cote Rotie. It is rich and concentrated with some fruit still very much there but also lots of savoury notes and a nice touch of vanilla. The tannins are really just exactly what all tannin should aspire to be; they don’t pucker the mouth like an over-brewed cup of tea but rather caress it with a velvety smoothness. Just beautiful!

First bbq of the year. Photo taken when all sausages and pizza were gone :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
One slice of lamb left plus the bavette resting.
This is excellent everyday and bbq wine. All in check and very pleasant!


Tonight - Pissaladière. Because I love black olives & anchovy. Plenty of onions, no tomato, and a thicker crust than your usual pizza (unlike the picture…) In fact, it will be mostly bread.

Question is… which wine? (Ch. Lapin’s cellars regretfully do not have any white Rhone or Provence white/ rose).


Well done we’re eyeing Wednesday based on current forecast :crossed_fingers:

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Wild and wet here so a seafood cocktail and some of this , vintage 2019…adds some sunshine to a wet day…for lunch

More later


It’s our anniversary so having steak night with a choice of wines with meaningful vintages!


Steak is this:

(I do have some Thalabert ‘10 and’ 16 available but wanted to branch out…)


Local derby with Alsace Pinot v Burgundy. Notes to come later

I think guidoD was interested in the Trimbach?


Paradis… je croix

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Last night a red Friuli with a frozen pizza (Waitrose No 1 veg and pesto, quite nice)

Marco Sara Schioppettino 2018 morning after photo

Needed a good hour in the glass to open up, but it remained light and very fresh. Overwhelming fruit and acid of blood oranges, with a touch of sweet black cherry. Hint of smoke on the finish. Very little bit not entirely devoid of tannins. My sort of wine and just what was needed to bring me back from on the mend

@robertd stunning plate
@Brentw1 let me get my diary, what dates again?
@Martyn I had that wine a couple weeks ago and loved it, and you might notice in the photo one of the others is lined up for this evening…


Happy anniversary Tom. I hope you both have a great evening.


Gave blood yesterday so nothing last night.
We’re doing a family surprise menu tonight and my 7yo daughter has made Grinch green primula cheese crackers (adulterated with food colouring) and decorated with olives and peppers. To match this, and my wife’s cauliflower pakoras, we are having the Jaspi Blanc 2019, which has lovely, edge of the tongue acidity and pear, melon fruit. Nice stuff, good food wine but more than drinkable by itself.
With my son’s chicken burritos I’m going to open a Solarce Rioja from my most recent mystery case. I really liked the last bottle I had but I see the vintage has moved on to 2018. I will report back.