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Weekend drinking thread 19 - 21 Feb 21

Hi @Prufrock. Really sad that you have not had a great experience so far. I bought nine of these in total and have drunk one so far (none from M&S btw).

My bottle was stunning and most of the CellarTracker reviews are pretty solid so I’m wondering if yours got poor storage before you got hold of them. PR is one of my go to’s in both NV and Vintage and I can’t remember a bad bottle.

Fingers crossed for the other bottles.



Opened a bottle of the Dönnhoff Norheimer Kirschheck Riesling Spätlese 2016, which in line with the others in the mixed 2016 case is delicious, just a hint of development with a hint of marzipan overlaying the intense citrus fruit, only the slight viscosity marks this out as a Spätlese, the dry fresh mineral finish is quite intense and concentrated.

Tonight a bottle of Santa Tresa Grillo Spumante from Sicily, quite peachy fruit, a bit like a superior Prosecco , good enough not to receive a drop of Aperol!


Hi all. A bumper weekend here. Yesterday we finished off this WS Rioja - the second of six I got out of reserves before Christmas. It was opened by my wife, who’s a major Rioja fan, on Wednesday, with a couple of glasses on Thurs, and still going strong last night. It still has lots of red fruit, but also tobacco, a lick of varnish and acid that was almost over-powering straight from the bottle. Lovely long finish. I’ll try to leave the others a couple of years but it’s delicious now.

Tonight this Alsace riesling, which is working well after a busy day - zesty and vigorous, but not at all hard, and lots of lime and maybe pineapple. And next the Pardusco with chicken pie, a new wine for me - lovely, savoury and fresh, I would have guessed cabernet franc or gamay but it’s a red vinho verde. An absolute steal for £8.95.

Happy weekends!



I took delivery of the 2018 Donnhoff mixed case at the same time as the Riojas in my previous post. I really feel I should hang onto both a few more years. But it will take major willpower!



For me the white foil is a go to wine, but vintage Pol has been less than reliable, a bit all over the place and overworked to my taste. This was not terrible but neither did it have the presence of a proper vintage wine. It may be poor storage, I think it is just the wine. But thank you for giving me that most priceless thing, hope.


Probably wrong thread but…

Goulash with the wine

And I agree completely… Over the course of two hours this wine changed several times. From red fruit to black fruit to no fruit at all – blood and minerals and menthol – finally settling into a kind of bloody plum vibe but still with at spritzy energy on the tongue. Really fantastic interesting stuff!! Apologies to @szaki1974 for any bastardisation of the pork goulash with rice and soured cream.


That in itself is sacrilege. (in goulash only of course)


Do tell! I have no idea!

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Love goulash, @szaki1974. Any chance of a genuine Hungarian recipe, preferably your mother’s? :grinning:


Goulash - Gulyás means cattle herder…


Lol brilliant. It’s not a subtle difference is it :joy:


Paradis it was. Steak was sensational.


Bastards, blood, bloody plums and menthol all in the one note! Certainly not bland…


To make up for yet another cancelled trip to France this Easter, earlier in the week we watched Rick Stein’s secret France (which, incidentally seems not to have discovered the South Western 1/3rd of the country) and so based on one of the recipes, today we headed to the market.

Sadly (perhaps not for the Scottish fisherman so much) they were no longer seeking cases of Scottish Langoustines for a tenner like a couple of weeks ago, but with a few substitutions, we cobbled together this…

And using the straightforward rule of simple food:complex wine or complex food:simple wine, I picked out this…

(To really add to the general gluttony, we also had fondue for starter, which meant a full bottle of Muscadet Sevre et Maine, initially intended for the table, bit the dust between the two recipes :smiley:)


A very classic claret from Leoville Barton tonight. The 2008 remain firm but is lovely with food.

Opaque centre, dark red rim. Little sign of age. Medium nose - classic claret character. Black fruit and pencil shavings. Black currant. Hints of mint and eucalyptus. Rich palate. Firm tannins. Medium acidity. Black currant, blackberry and charcoal. Mint and black currant leaves. Lovely long finish. Classic St Julien claret dominated by Cabernet Sauvignon.


Great food and very good wine pairing!


We had wild mushroom risotto, River Cafe recipe, extremely concentrated mushroom flavour but lifted by a little lemon juice and chopped parsley. We finished the Ximomavro Jeunes Vignes from last night, and very good it was too, and also finished a bottle of Barolo we had Coravined the last time we had this dish about a month or so ago.

It was disappointing. The colour looked fine, but almost all the rather elusive fruit had gone. The tannins hadn’t. One wonders whether Coravin isn’t infallible for more delicate wines like this? I know that Barolo isn’t delicate, but the fruit is. It wasn’t oxidised at all, just the bouquet had been sucked away…

May have a glass of a rather good Lustau Oloroso I got for Christmas with some nuts now.


What a treat! I’ve been looking to get a case but haven’t decided which vintage

I went big on this wine in 2008. Have another 3 cases in reserves but would part with one to fund the upcoming Burgundy EP!

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I’m intrigued by this. I decided a few years ago not to buy Jaspi Blanc again because I felt it had a slightly bitter edge, which I always associate, rightly or wrongly, with the Macabeo grape. I wonder if the acidity you find appealing is the same taste I experience as slightly bitter. This in turn has got me thinking about the difference between bitterness and acidity, which is not that easy to define well. I suppose it’s something like the juice of a ripe lemon I would consider acid, but the peel I would call bitter. Maybe!!