Weekend drinking thread 19 - 21 Feb 21

Wow gone six PM and no thread.

To bring Leeds a bit of luck for tonight’s game.

Barbi Brunello Di montalcino 2014 later with lamb steaks


It’s been a stressful week. Gin & tonic down, looking forward to this with dinner:


Looks like we started 2 threads at same time (needs a merge!)

Made a lentil cottage pie so I thought I’d try an old favourite that I haven’t had for a while. From my slightly hazy memory this is as good as, possibly better than ever! Great ripe blackberry fruit with a fresh finish, reminds me a little of Loire Cab Franc and a little of Kékfrankos/Lemberger. A reviewer on the website mentioned Loire Malbec/Cot which is a good comparison too.
Looks like the 2018 is out but the 2019 is still the same price, will be back for more!


Gone to Oregon with our fish pie. Very high acidity but plenty of intense citrus elegance rounded off with long tight finish. Plenty of body and complexity.


We’re having risotto with wild boar meatballs and it’s fantastic

Two very different wines mind…




Opened this to celebrate Rhone EP allocation, plus having liver and bacon with mash. Lovely complex nose. Cranberries, raspberries, cola cubes, aniseed.
The palate doesn’t give quite as much complexity but damn nice nevertheless. Tannins on the low side. Happy weekend everyone


Earlier than usual dinner tonight, due to son’s Zoom quiz with his fellow furloughers from his part time job…

We had penne pasta with a tomato, spinach, basil and cheese sauce gratinated if that’s a word…

Finished the last half glass of the Maby Tavel Rose, which went really well this…definitely recommend anything with a tomato and herb base with this. Then some of this

A perennial favourite. Lovely sweet red fruit which threatens to become a bit confected until the tannic grip comes in. Definitely better cellar cool and probably getting towards the drinking up stage as it doesn’t maybe have the longevity of one or two previous vintages. Still fine though.


After the slight disappointment of the Rhone EP (1 from 3), I decided to open something that I did manage to secure via EP…

Drinking beautifully now, but will no doubt improve…


The Rhone EP extravaganza means we’re having a Cotes du Rhone with roasted vegetable pasta tonight.

From a mystery case and decanted for an hour first. Nice earthy nose with blackberry and spice. Palate is similar with smoke and something woody - cedar, pine?

Very agreeable.


Tonight I felt the urge to drink this Freixenet which I picked up in Tesco a few weeks ago. They were doing their best to give it away and I couldn’t resist, though I can’t remember the last time I had any. Very decent, good bubbles and mostly ripe green apples, lemon, and a hint of bitterness. An enjoyable drink and excellent value for whatever it cost. £7-8 I think.

In case anyone doesn’t know, if you mostly eat protein and vegetables, and avoid carbs, you can quite safely drink many more units of alcohol. I’m not sure if the research on this has been completed yet though!


This is delightful. Picked up half a dozen from The Whisky Exchange of all places. Slipped into my order for a 12 year old Yamazaki Single Malt by mistake Lady Brentw1!

A beautiful Assyrtiko from Santorini to remind me of Greece. This is likely to be the first year ever that I will not be able to go sailing in the sun.

Just optimistically booked a 40’ catamaran for September 2022 to take the whole family sailing in the Greek Isles. Son will fly over from the US with his girlfriend to join his sister and her partner. Also managed to talk Lady Brentw1 into coming as the Cat does not heel over like a yacht and has enough bathrooms for her to have her own! (OK I know, heads, and there are four would you believe!).

Probably a good idea that I’ve just passed my RYA Skippers qualification with the size of the damage deposit on what is basically a ruddy great floating apartment.

Not as pretty as a classic yacht but worth it to get the whole family together next year.


Anothe bottle of Talmard’s Macon tonight.

Medium green, gold. Medium plus nose. Lemon and wet stone. Hints of peach and apricot. Mineral. Medium palate. Fresh acidity. Creamy, lemon fruit. Green apple. Medium finish. Nice example of a Macon.


Now I’m jealous… which Islands though?

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Taking it out of a marina about 15km west of Athens so got several options. Will probably head towards Paros and Naxos with Kea, Kithnos and Serifos as destinations either out or back.

The other option would be to go south to Poros, hug the mainland and call into Idra. You can be pretty flexible with the Cats as they don’t need much draught, anchor nicely and you can use the tender to go into town for the evening. Saves a packet on harbour fees as well.

I wanted to sail out of Corfu and Paxos but couldn’t find a suitable boat available would you believe.


More exploration of the Ottolenghi cookbook this evening. I did change the fish though, from bream to brined cod. Cod with green tahini sauce and pomegranate seeds, served with aubergines marinaded in oregano, coriander and chilli. (I wanted hake, but the fishmonger didn’t have any in an appropriate form.) We drank Bruno Sorg Muscat Grand Cru Pfersigberg, 2015.

I have to say that the sauce wasn’t that green in colour, given its name. Very tasty, though. The wine is in its prime - a floral but relatively muted nose (perhaps some hints of jasmine), but great depth of flavour - grapey, a full mouthfeel, well balanced, and long and minty. Happy Weekend!


How did you find it dryness wise?

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Well here’s to the weekend and a glass full of Schist followed by a delightful Médoc, second wine of Ch. Potensac, 2015.

Served with smoked bacon wrapped pheasant breast, sautés and green edge.

The claret is absolutely á point, decanted for 90 minutes…silky smooth black currants…integrated tannins …perfection in a glass tonight as was the Schist.


Because it’s Friday night, we opened this in front of the TV:

The website says raspberries and strawberries - which I’d heartily agree with - but I’m not sure I’d go along with floral. Still, a very nice quaffable wine for £8.95, perfect I would say for summer evening drinking (it is very, though nicely, light bodied). I say buy again, the other half isn’t so sure… I’ll work on her :smiley: