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Weekend Drinking Thread 19 - 21 Aug 2022

First time kicking off this thread, must have been a hard week.

So continuing my journey in the TWS under £10 wines this week I have a very simple but quite delicious Pinot.

Pinot Noir ‘Pure Vallée’ Vin de France, Famille Bougrier 2021

Fresh crunchy red fruit (cherry, raspberry, tangy strawberry) with sweet cola bottles and spices. Juicy zippy acidity with a nice grainy texture. Palate is all sweet confected red fruit, with a mouth-drying finish.

Very easy-drinking and hard to put down. One-dimensional in that it is all fruit but that’s not a complaint and at £7.50 this hits the mark. Simple but very enjoyable.

Have a good weekend all!


Wiston Estate Rosé 2014: A recent gift, we drank this as an apéritif and the with a ploughman’s supper. No longer rose in colour (see photo), but obviously a Pinot Noir-based sparkler with lots of fizz; notes of orange and honey; very good length.

(Duplicate topic deleted - we were both posting at the same time!)


Have to agree, that’s becoming a favourite. (The Bougrier, that is).

We tried the Wiston rosé at the vineyard last week, we thought it was OK but no more. The vintage rosé was so much better.
(I was foxed for a moment there, the vintage doesn’t show on your label, but on my bottle it’s on the main label).


The vintage is on the neck of my bottle.


Another Pinot, from the Alto Adige, savory, sweet/sour, good fruit, always classy wine from the Terlan co-op.



I’d been hoping that the reviewer here had had a duff bottle, but, while I don’t agree that it tastes of weak apple juice, I have to agree that it’s not up to much. Seems disjointed, slightly sour, nothing of any interest. A miss.


Having once more made it to Friday, I’m treating myself to this.

Bought having very much enjoyed a couple of bottles of the 2007 that I managed to sneak when they were released last year and, on tasting this, regretting: a) not buying more; and b) not buying some of the 2015 when it was briefly available a couple of weeks ago. I’m far from an aficionado of Chateauneuf, but this is full ripe burnt cherry and plum, with a good bit of damp leather. Perhaps not what you’d write if you were trying to sell it, but all things I like. :slightly_smiling_face:


A white burgundy and a Rioja with steak tonight. The Bourgogne Cote de Chalonnaise 2018 from Francois D’Allaines continues to impress while Muga’s Reserva 2015 remains very enjoyable.

Pale lemon, gold. Medium nose. Lemon, apple and peach. Some nice buttery notes. Some vanilla. Medium palate. Fresh acidity. Dry. Creamy, ripe fruit. Peach and apple. Citrus notes. Butter. Medium finish. A nice example of a basic Bourgogne white wine.

Deep red centre, red rim with hint of age. Medium plus nose. Black currant, blackberry and sweet vanilla. Dark chocolate. Tabacco. Rich palate. Firm but ripe tannins. Balanced acidity. Dry. Black plum. Black currant. Ripe strawberry. Oaky vanilla. Needed time to get over an initial dry finish. Long finish.


Good Waitrose 25% off staple.

Great nose, stewed fruits and leather. A touch of the Musar about it (or is that just me). The initial perceived sweetness is shortly followed by a fairly dry but long finish. Tannins would have been full on after initial release but at 15 years of age have softened

Have a great weekend all!


Pieropan ‘La Rocca’ 2018

Opened this with friends on holiday to go with a chicken, leek and ham pie.

I first tried Pieropan about 5 years ago and find it a consistently good food wine.

But the first bottle of this just over a year ago was a bit underwhelming. This seems to have moved on since then though. Maybe it was holiday spirits - sunshine and friends make everything taste better - but this seemed to have taken on a more lustrous gold colour, greater depth of flavour, and have really come together. Enjoyed by all, and went really well with the pie.

On the back of a Jancis Robinson article where they tried Pieropan aged for 10-15 years I’m looking forward to spreading out remaining bottles over the coming years to see how this develops. Still on the ‘up’ I would say, and I’m intrigued what this will be like at 10 years plus.


Friend came round last night and it was all about this:

Burned through a dozen limes as well. It’s been a long time since I’ve had a Pisco sour and I’ve never had one in South America so I’m not really sure what they’re supposed to taste like, but the ones I made last night certainly were tasty and the spirit does make a unique drink.

Unfortunately no photos as were all busy catching up after not seeing on another for too long, but it was a kind of Central / South America theme no doubt horribly bastardised by me. Salmon ceviche on tostadas with black beans, rice and salsa fresca. Outdoors at dusk with fairy lights and cocktails, kind of an idyllic Friday really.


A visit to High Clandon today, for a tour and tasting. Very small (1500 to 2500 bottles a year) but aiming for high quality with meticulous care in the vineyard and grape selection. Made at Bolney, I think. Entertaining and interesting tour conducted by the owners.

The sculpture behind the table is called ‘Too windy for my piglet.’



Bought this last year based on the multitude of very good reviews on this forum. And have to agree this is very good but boy is it a lot of oak.

Crystallum ‘The Agnes’ Chardonnay, Western Cape 2020

Very rich on the nose, lemon curd, baked apple, buttered toast, flint/smoke and coconut.
Med+ body with a succulent acidic bite that moves to a smooth oak dominated buttery palate.

Personally, not a style of wine I go for, but that is not a complaint as this comes across as a well-made wine, even if the oak does seem overdone. Bit of a monster now but maybe it will mellow given more time.


Yesterday & this evening as an ‘apero’:

From a ‘mystery fine wine’ TWS case Alvarinho Trocken, Künstler 2020. And very good indeed - a Portuguese grape, grown in Germany, vinified (as far as I can make out) in an Alasace style.

TWS say it’s bone dry - yet its richer and very aromatic - nose is bright and floral (evening primrose?) medium to full bodied. An absolute delight to drink on it’s own or with pre-supper nibbles. If it appears on TWS lists again I would definitely buy it.


Did they do the Champagne / Sabre thing?

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Sandhi Central Coast Chardonnay 2020

A case of these to reserves. Popcorn on the nose but great acidity and salinity on the palate. Not heavy like many Cali Chards.


They did indeed. It was the birthday of one of the visitors, so he got to have a try. Took quite a few goes but he managed it in the end.

Not been drinking a lot of wine at home recently, decided to treat myself and open this wonderful wine: Boekenhoutskloof Cabernet Sauvignon, Franschhoek 2015.
Mrs J is enjoying Canadian Ice wine purchased from Lidl last Christmas.


Needs time to develop in bottle when the oak fades and the fruit dominates. IMO it was opened much too soon. I say this from experience of earlier vintages.