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Weekend drinking thread 18th to 20th November 2022

The bottle isn’t open yet but it’s time this thread got going


This bottle is open but only had a small sip “to check it’s OK”. Which it is.

The last of my Ogier La Rosine Syrah 2016s. 2018 and 2019 waiting in reserves IIRC.

Also a bottle of this local beer to start which is not very nice, unfortunately. Supposed to be ‘American style pale ale’ but it’s flat, slightly sour, cloudy and not obviously grapefruity. Possibly off?


Definitely, by the look of it.


I hear a certain Ivan Toney’s put a bet on that being off


Top quality GV


Dow 1985. Why not. Dull garnet/tawny. Opened this on Tuesday and still going strong. Cork in excellent condition as well. At first quite an undescribable stinky nose that took a little while to blow off - I’ve heard of this idea of “bottle stink” that happens with old port sometimes.
Anyway, a lot of dried/stewed fruits eg prunes, marzipan, herbs, menthol/medicinal, a little earthy and nutmeg on the nose, quite intense. Taste of those dried fruits again, with caramel, nutty, peppery spice, creamy and sugary texture, touch of heat. Tight acidity, modestly sweet which I believe is the Dow style. Very big - delicious, but rather serious, as if trying to be what it should be and hasn’t developed much that is unique or idiosyncratic, which might happen in time - there’s plenty of life left in this one.


I’ve had a few Barberas over the last few years but not that many and they’ve mostly left me rather unimpressed. However they’ve all been £16 or less and only 2 years old. So, following the recentish mild frenzy around G B Burlotto, I thought I’d give them another try: Barbera d’Alba Aves, GB Burlotto 2018

2 years older and a fair few more pennies at £22 this is a much more serious wine than my previous Barberas. A fair bit of complexity and really very good though I still wouldn’t say it’s knocking me out of my seat but a good solid enjoyable wine which I will likely buy again (if/when I get another opportunity).


Interested to hear your thoughts on the Donnhof @CCouzens as I’ve got some slumbering, as part of a mixed case, in reserves :smiley:

This here tonight as the corks on the last couple of bottles, also from a mixed case, were 75% saturated and becoming a cause for concern…

…a Vire-Clesse ‘le Coteau de l’Epinet’ 2012, Andre Bonhomme. From seriously old chardonnay vines planted in 1917, and matured in 400 litre oak, 25% new., for two years.

The pic doesn’t do the gorgeous, deep greenish gold, colour justice. Melon, citrus, ripe peach and oatmeal on the nose and palate. After 8 years in bottle the oak input provides no obvious aromas or flavours but, nevertheless, I’m sure it adds to the taste and texture of the wine. Acidity remains fresh and provides lovely balance to the complex, and now, deeply flavoured fruit. A truly beautiful wine.

It was spot-on with my guinea fowl and mushroom sauce dinner too…

…which, for once, I was happy with in every respect. Just as well really because I’ll be having the same again tomorrow.

I also made a stock, with some veg, from the portioned-out carcass and a casserole with the legs (for freezing). Needless to say, the ‘smart meter’ is already over budget today !

Think I’ll now kick back and listen to some newly arrived music, have a good weekend everyone.


The Society is well stocked with Oregon wines just now, and I’m really enjoying the Elk Cove Vineyards Willamette Valley Estate Pinot Blanc 2021.

One of those that holds your interest because it is hard to pigeon hole. Not a grape I drink all the time and the style rather splits the difference between new world generosity and old world restraint. Still available, I’d recommend. Have a lovely weekend everyone!


Well I had been a bit concerned that it might be early to start on a case of 6, and a bit austere. But concerns were not warranted.

Very enticing on the nose, citrus and plum, breadth of flavour, refreshing acidity, good length. Depending on what else is in your mixed case, I’d say you could quite happily tuck in.


High altitude Garnacha from slate soils in Málaga. 13.5% abv, perfect acidity, light tannin, incredible freshness. It’s probably the fruitiest wine I’ve had in my lifetime and I don’t know what to make of it! Super owerpowering nose of fresh berry juice: raspberries, redcurrants, blackcurrants. Very clean. I think I paid around 10e and it’s one I’d recommend anyone to try. People will ask if it’s like Beaujolais or something, but nowhere as muted. This is explosive. Scratching my head.


Thanks for expanding :+1:

Er, having just checked, it’s probably time I pulled the 2017’s (from the usual EP mixed supplied by TWS, 2x each, Tonsheifer, Hollenpfad, Kahlenberg) !


After an exhausting week at work - the first where I have felt well in over a month - I finally felt in the mood to open a bottle of something that isn’t Chablis (4 bottles of William Fevre were awaiting me when I arrived home).

I had my mind on opening the Marsanny that I had purchased a few weeks ago. Perhaps I felt inspired by Beaujolais Nouveau just around the corner because the Marsanny was more akin to a good Beaujolais Cru.

Pale ruby in colour; light intensity notes of cherry, strawberry with some raspberry on the nose, with a little barnyard funk in the background.

The wine really came alive on the palate with fresh acidity giving the wine lift, with cherry, strawberry, and slight, ever so slight candied sweets notes. Fine tannins, with a little chewiness, and some rustic earthy notes. Nothing terribly complex; but like Beaujolais [Cru], enjoyable drinking.

Unsure if I enjoyed the Marsanny enough for £23.50, but this is Burgundy entry fee. That said, a well-made wine eaten with a mushroom tagliatelle [pappardelle].

Update: had another cheeky glass with some crackers and mature cheese. Brings out the wine beautifully. Am looking forward to drinking tomorrow evening with a mini charcuterie. Will pop out tomorrow to buy olives and more cheese.


Opened this tonight without a great deal of attention, to drink with some sockeye salmon. I really thought I was drinking a chenin blanc - tasted like a mixture of various apples, cooked in a dry cider, with a splash of apple brandy to finish. Perhaps a tiny clue to the sauvignon in the very gently bitter finish.


Nice wine and a very good match with the salmon but I’m struggling to place it with most of the other (non European) SBs that I drink.


That seems to match with when I had their Cuvée Albert Denis Côt/Malbec a few months back. Fresh and uncomplicated. Good to know- thanks!

Kicking off the weekend with something that didn’t require a lot of cooking as such - more a case of preparation. I made a tuna and oyster tartare, and served it with an avocado salsa, clementine gel and a lightly poached oyster. We drank Kientzler Muscat, Grand Cru Kirchberg de Ribeauvillé, 2015.

As ever, this is a fantastically light-boned and lifted muscat, though with more weight in the ripe 2015 than in some other vintages. Fragrant, long and dry, and not showing any signs of dropping off, though this is my last bottle before hitting the 2016s.

Happy Weekend!


More fruit driven Garnacha! Now from Somontano. Very good, but less surprisingly full on than what you get from Alpujarra Malagueña or Ronda.


Pulled this out tonight as some CT comments indicated the end was nigh.

After a good 90 minutes this really opened up and I think CT commentary is a combination of taste and short decants. It’s delicious, softish tannins and cassis, very smooth with just a hint of richness from sunnier climates. Very enjoyable and good through 23 is my estimate.

Enjoyed with Duck Confit.


I’ve been enjoying this for tonight - a 2020 Tasca d’Almerita Regaleali Bianco.

No great complexity or wow moments etc, but a whole lot of simple sunny no-questions-asked joie de vivre pleasure for a Friday start-the-weekend night.

This is the last of a case and it’s probably going slightly past its best already if truth be told, as it’s all about its freshness and vivacity for this one, really.

But I’ll always love this wine :~}


This one to start. Impeccable.