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Weekend Drinking Thread [18th May 2018]


Can’t believe its nearly 10.30am and this hasn’t been started yet… however maybe we need to merge this weekend with the Meghan and Harry thread?I have a couple friends around later so will be kicking off the weekend with this beauty


Oooh! my vote is to keep the threads seperate…
I know, I’m the killjoy Republican in the corner…:flushed:


Ooooo is it wrong that it’s this time of the day and i really need a drink? #dryweekproblems

I’m having this tonight on i think a recommendation from @Inbar

Then a bbq tomorrow with this exploratory bottle…

Possibly may add this first…

Another exploration into italy!


Steak on the BBQ tonight with Mediterranean veggies. Have been waiting to open this one for while and I think tonight’s the night :wine_glass: :sunglasses:

Most likely preceded by a glass of this…


This manzanilla really intrigues me, so might get it going today for the weekend.

Thanks for the recommendation @Juan


We’ve got a dry night tonight, especially after drinking last night, which wasn’t part of the master plan.
Tomorrow, we shall finally open the Sancerre Rouge (Andre Dezat 2016)

…which we’re planning to have with the wild duck that’s been waiting in the freezer since end of February… Hope it’s still edible!
Not so sure about Sunday yet, but I’m keen to try the Roter Veltliner I bought a while ago:

Might make some Moules to go with it… :wine_glass::grin:


I absolutely loved this white, @Nowt_in_my_glass! What cemented my purchase was @Leah’s review of it in the last press tasting she attended. It will not disappoint! :grin:
Although it’s a fabulous food wine, for me it could easily be a vino de meditazione - it’s so layered and complex, it needs one of those quiet moments on the sofa…


I’m tucking in to this tonight

Really intertested to try as I’ve never had a St Peray and think it should be drinking pretty nicely about now. Just have to see what fish Mrs W brings home.
For the rest of the weekend, I’m unsure but will keep you updated. Thinking this may make an appearance, particularly if barbecued meat is on the menu. (Which it almost certainly will be… I’m an Aussie after all!)

And possibly a rose if the weather is as nice as predicted.


I had 3 of these delivered the other week on the same @inbar recommendation.
Think it’s right up my street. Haven’t had one yet but the anticipation is killing me!!


@winechief , as @Inbar has already said … it will most certainly not disappoint , @robert_mcintosh is also a BIG fan :+1:


Enjoy it! What food are you planning to have with it?


Part of me wants it as a wine to contemplate with… so maybe just savoury snacks. What do you suggest?


I had this 2015 Pierre Gonon Saint-Joseph white Les Oliviers last night. It was a real treat, great with some burrata and fresh greens.


It certainly is a good wine to contemplate with! I would say some salty almonds, olives and a hard cheese. And definetly not too cold, it has some big shoulders for a manzanilla :wink:


Is there room in the corner for another? :clinking_glasses:

So, it’s back to last night’s Hochar and the plot thickens: the nose has become duller but the palate has become much more bearable. I’m actually quite pleased with the way it’s evened out.

Anyway, didn’t want to inflict it on the other half, so opened a Society’s French Syrah for her, knowing that I’ll get some later too…!


We’ve broken into

It’s the second bottle I’ve had of it, but I’m fairly sure it’s the only wine I’ve ever had from the Custoza DOC. A really lovely blend of Garganega and loads of other things. Melon, a bit of saffron, and that lovely Garganega texture. It was going to accompany some seabass, but we’ve basically finished the bottle, so will probably move on to a Godello instead.



Going to a bring your own curry house with a few cans of this


A glass or two while making an asparagus risotto. No 59 Manzanilla Pasada from Equipo Navazos. Intense and very long.


Plenty of room, as far as I can see! :wink:

I need to try that Society French Syrah! People keep mentioning it enthusiastically. It’ll have to wait till June’s order - but it’s definitely going in the basket! :+1:


I love the Domaine Cauhapé - It’s a delicious alternative to the usual standards, notably SB, being more full bodied and less sharp. I’m sure it used to be cheaper though…