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Weekend drinking thread [18th - 20th Sept 2020]

Early entry today as we are out later on. Today is my birthday so this sparkling wine is lined up for later.

It was going to be a quiet night in but our neighbours have invited us round to share the biggest wild sea bass I have ever seen. We got a call from said neighbour, who was out shopping, to rescue the fish that was hanging on their door having been unexpectedly delivered earlier than planned. When she called round to collect it I was curious about its provenance and long story short we are invited to go over and help eat it. As they are only two adults and one child we are doing them a kindness to help them out😉 And five of us is legit in these difficult times. So our bottle of fizz will be taken over as the apero.

Earlier in the day as we were packing our bags at the checkout of our local Waitrose, a member of staff approached and asked if we would like a free plant. We were a bit confused but after a moment’s hesitation said yes please to the most beautiful orchid

The fish by the way is from someone who goes out locally and normally sells his fish to high end London restaurants. During lockdown he had to find alternatives and our neighbour got to hear about it. Happy days😊


Happy birthday @JayKay :champagne:

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Happy birthday and hope you enjoy the fizz! Look forward to reading about it

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Happy birthday, @JayKay! :clap::tada:
I envy you for that bottle of sparkling Vouvray! :heart_eyes:
Hope you have a fun celebration this evening.

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What a great birthday already. Hope the rest of your evening continues in the same vein.

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A beautiful Barolo la Serra 2004 tonight by Gianni Voerzio. Briefly £20 ib last week now double that.

Why did I only buy two bottles? Answer, same old diatribe about not having enough money etc.


First time on the weekend drinking thread, having watched it with interest for a while now.

First had the 2000 vintage of this - the 00a - as it was known. Since then we affectionately refer to it as ‘ooh aah’

Wine pairing - been a long week - let’s see what Charlie Bigham has planned for us.


Happy Birthday @JayKay sounds like a perfect mingle, almost word of the week😢. Enjoy the wine

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Happy Birthday @JayKay, sounds as if you have been doubly blessed. Enjoy

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Keeping the rest of the Barolo for tomorrow.

Just opened another cracker Vielle Julienne Clavin CdR 2010 Bought recently for just over £14 ib. Really opening up in the glass, smooth and rich.


Welcome to the weekend thread, nice to have you! And a nice bottle to introduce yourself with. And an interesting rock feature out the back too.

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Looks like your lucky day!

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Aperitif time


Alfresco in Bretignolles sur mer this was a perfect accompaniment for oyster followed by crab and shrimp salad. Martel may not be the greatest house in Epernay but this Cuvée Romance, Grand Cru 2000 was a beautiful brioche coated mouth of pure joy.Happy teddies!!!


After the over priced and over hyped Miraval pink this is a welcome favourite tonight with a vegetable casserole. Hard to find anything as interesting at this sort of price.

Then a Lidl 2018 Piesporter Goldtröpfchen Auslese. Brought round by a friend. Relatively dry for this level and lacking in the intensity of other wines from this vineyard. Have loved Kettern, Von Kesselstadt and others.

At the same sorta price the Ruppertsberger Kabinett is better, but perfectly nice for the money.



Open this bottle last night and finishing now. This is a proper treat! Wonderful brunello, so many different layers that you have to keep tasting as the wine evolves to have a sense of the serious quality in here. Worth the high score from the critics and worth seeking out this gem :wine_glass:


Ahhh - I’ve been enjoying a case of the 2010s. Il Poggione gets incredible reviews from Galloni et al given its price. Found the first bottle a bit dry - really needed some time to get going and open out.


Ooo, I have one more 2007 left. I feel a guerilla tasting coming on :smile:


Opened a bottle of this tonight, saving #006 for tomorrow night! All I can say is thanks @Taffy-on-Tour for the recommendation.


We started early today…finally managed to use a voucher from our anniversary last year to have a lovely lunch at https://www.brianmaule.com/restaurant/ in Glasgow before our dear leader shuts us all down again. It’s not cheap, but an excellent fine dining experience run by a guy who worked at Le Gavroche for a long time.

Their wine list was sadly COVID slimmed, but still well chosen. I originally went for a Macon Uchizy 2015 by Benjamin Talmard whose wines are well known to TWS members. It was well priced at £36 I thought. However, the last bottle had been sold half an hour before…I could see it on another table…

Bit of umming and aahing - they offered me another as yet unlisted Macon by Cordier, and much as I like his wines, this one was the wrong side of £50…so we went for something a bit more unusual.


It said Jacquere on the wine list, and indeed it does on Cellar Tracker…however, it was predominantly Roussanne, and very good too. Lots of tropical fruit, but not as overwhelming as some of the Rhone ones, probably because it does have Jacquere too, and it’s a bit cooler. Had that characteristic slightly bitter finish though, but in a pleasant way. Dry, quite rich, then a hint of sweetness and a pretty long finish. Went well with spiced crab and crevettes, then the pork platter (it was a bit overwhelmed by the gorgeous black pudding bon bon) with truffled polenta.

Unfortunately it too was just the wrong side of £50 but I think this retails for about 20 euros from the producer so not a ridiculous mark up.

Son and heir did the taxi service, and had the decency to go for the prix fixe lunch with his can of coke too!