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Weekend Drinking Thread [18th - 20th June 2021]

@Robin63 I’m really glad you enjoyed it.
It’s always a bonus when a wine like this is so satisfying right at the beginning of its life


Another attempt at Pinot Noir in general and Burgundy in particular:

At £28 three years ago probably a bit more expensive than my previous attempts and I guess it shows. With this one I begin to get some idea of what people get so excited about. It’s nicely aromatic but I wouldn’t say the mouth lives up to the nose. Grippy tannins but a touch short. It’s good, probably the best Burgundy that I’ve tried, but ultimately, just like Nebbiolo and Xinamavro, it somehow doesn’t move me like Bordeaux, Rhone, Rioja, Sangiovese etc. do.

I’ve not given up on pinot noir and similar grapes, but I still just don’t quite seem to get them!


A bit of a red letter day yesterday, as the lunchtime and afternoon marked our wine group’s first in-person meeting since March 2020. Fortunately the rain held off - who cares if you have to wrap up when you’re seeing people who you haven’t seen for 15 months? Food was brought to share, together with a wine costing between £14-16 (a couple of outliers sneaked in). We tasted the wines blind, not in any serious attempt to identify them, but to remove preconceptions. We had some cracking wines, nothing really duff, and lots left over for the host.

We brought a couple of wines that we hadn’t drunk before, but based on Community recommendations I was pretty certain would be good - the Valtuille, and the Wassmer.

This was the first Mencia I’ve tried, and it ticked all of the boxes that I’d hoped. Bags of cherry fruit, some bitter almonds, quite high acidity, and the tannin to hold it all together on the finish. (Another) one to add to re-buy list.

Instantly pickable as pinot noir, and noticeably pale on pouring. A touch of cabbage and farmyard on the nose as a background to the cherry fruit; again a fruity palate with a tinge of earthiness, and good length.

Of the two we both preferred the brightness of the Valtuille. Close thing, though, and there were others who rated the Wassmer as the best of the whole bunch.

The Kolonics Nagy-Somlói Juhfark 2018 was really interesting to try, and really hard to pin down - quite rich and dry, and apricots, barley sugar and barnyard all appear in my notes. It somewhat split the group, but we reckoned that it would be good with food such as a Middle Eastern chicken dish.

The Garzón Cabernet Franc - Tannat was a good mouthful of cassis and liquorice, if not at the same level as the Tannat Reserve that we drank the other week. I thought that it resembled a toned down cabernet sauvignon.

We’d had a previous vintage of the Valflaunès Esperance in a Mystery Case, and enjoyed it.

This vintage had a rather muted nose that I struggled to get a handle on - a mix of something floral and something almost citrus. But then it opened up wonderfully in the mouth - an intense attack of bright, red fruits, allied to good length and acidity. Elegant indeed.

For me the two least interesting were the Louis Latour Bourgogne Blanc 2019, and the Château D’Anglès La Clape, 2018. The Latour was a dead ringer for a solid but unremarkable Alsace Pinot Blanc - nothing wrong with it, but nothing to make you sit up and take notice. The Château D’Anglès is apparently made from syrah and mourvèdre, but I got neither the pepperiness of the former, nor the earthiness and grip of the latter. It was just all a bit muted - soft fruit, soft tannin, soft acidity, and no real bite. Again, OK, but nothing special.

A great relaxed afternoon, after all this time. Next week, the group is coming round to ours for the annual BBQ. Meat is ordered, weather is on the edge. Keeping fingers crossed :crossed_fingers:

Happy Sunday!


@MikeFranklin like you I don’t get much excitement with Burgundy and I don’t really get the following it has however a couple of weeks ago a bottle showed me the light.
It really surprised me how persistent the aromas were and how pure it was even in the second day. A tremendous example in my opinion and I wouldn’t hesitate in ordering again. Only downside is the price but definitely worth it!


Yes but that’s just too expensive for me. I will only go above around £40 if I know I’m almost certain to love it. I’m sure I wouldn’t hate it but if I was going to spend that much on a bottle it would have to be from somewhere I’d expect to love.


Going to start Father’s Day Sunday with this amazing value Madeira. I can’t recall how many cases I bought when it was available but it’s a cracker.
Also this year I received 2 cards for the 1st time :smiley:
Happy Father’s Day to all!


Looks and sounds like it was a good event

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As always, thanks for the beautiful photos. Couldn’t help but notice how competitively priced the Lyrarakis wines sold by TWS are. The Kedros Liatiko Rose seems to be considerably cheaper on these shores than at the cellar door ( if the prices shown are for a 750ml bottle ).

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Glad to hear that the surgery went well, and all the best for a rapid recovery, @AnaGramWords


We enjoyed this last night

The producer will be familiar to many, if not this wine, bought at Majestic. Lots of fruit, powerful but very smooth - some would say lacking a bit of edge.

With family for lunch today this is the lineup.

The rosé is the colour of old fashioned cherryade, a blend of PN and Rondo, bought untasted on a visit to the vineyard in the week.


yes they were the cellar door prices for a bottle. We’d be well after the post Brexit vote crash and the rate would have been a measly £1 for €1.10 at that time.

Remember when it was north of €1.55 ??? Halcyon Days…only a decade ago. How things change.


Glad to hear things went well @AnaGramWords hopefully a speedy recovery continues.

In Bristol at the in laws this weekend. Everything was fully booked. So I was offered up to do a “wine tasting”. Trip to Avery’s later we had a pile of wines from countries they wouldn’t consider.

The highlight was this Assyrtiko. Crisp, spicy, bruised apples and ginger. Slightly grapefruit with a lovely honeysuckle note on the end. Very nom.

Everything else was delicious too. I had a Croatian Grasevina, which I’d never had before. It was rich, peachy and tropical. A bit like a dessert wine only dry really. The royal tokaji dry reserve was an archetype dry Furmint. Apples and blossom and crisp.

Red wise we had a Romanian Feteasca Neagra/Shiraz blend. It was very red fruit with oak. Sort of if you oaked a Beaujolais. It’d be nice a little bit chilled. Least nice wine of the evening.

Finished off with a Moldovan pudding wine. Botritised Chardonnay. It was exactly as it sounds and very tasty. Tropical fruits, honey and marmalade.


The Burgundy lovely. Probably two years too old, and went from very dark fruit and minerally, to semi collapsed over lunch, but lovely aromas of dark cherry and schist. Almost Cru Beaujolais or N Rhonish in a way. Bit too dark for the chicken we enjoyed for lunch ; steak or duck or game might have been better - wish I could pass a glass to @Toby.Morrhall for his appraisal but don’t we all.

The Huet is heading to pox or there already. The White Tondonia lover’s dilemma : is it supposed to be like this? May redeem itself with cheese but I think is dead. Is Huet what it was? Or is it just because this is dry?


Huet dry wines have certainly had question marks raised about premature oxidation. I’m intending to withdraw the half cases I have of 2008 and 2009 soon - historically I’d have left them another decade. I think the Demi-sec and Moelleux wines are less vulnerable.


Had a half recently of the dry, and I should look up the date, but it was finished. I’d drink those ASAP.

Great to see the Cypres 2010.
Might I inquire how it was, as I have the 2015 in Reserves and bought the 2019 on spec!! :pray: :dragon:

Tonight’s line up, all Italian!

Society’s Sicilian white with prawn cocktail to start.

Red is going with porchetta, been marinading over night and slow roasting for 4 hours. The Langhe Nebbiolo has been decanting for an hour and is already tasting delicious and complex. Lovely flavours of cherry, tar, dried herbs and grippy tannins. Delicious.


I think you can look forward to those. 2010 is not quite as rich as 2009, if I remember correctly. Slight marmalade bitterness at the end, long finish. Tartrate crystals in this bottle (is that a good sign?).
On the basis of my limited experience this looks to be a reliable and good value wine.

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I like tartrate crystals!! :+1:
The Grand Vin made for the “long haul!”
The Cypres made with all the care of the lauded brother, just approachable earlier.
I keep an eye out for Neal Martin’s reviews on the Cypres from the annual Southwold tasting!! Neal had heart surgery and then with the Covid pandemic, this has conspired to interrupt his normal terrific reporting from this excellent tasting.
This is a bottle, given that it is a 2nd wine from a Sauternes (Barsac) property, it is not easy to track down reliable TN’S.
All the Climens Cypres ratings that I can find
Vinous/Parker 2010 92/100 2011 91/100 2012 84/100 2014 90/100 2015 91/100 2016 92/100 :dragon:

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Viva España! Great lineup of Spanish wines selected by a Spanish friend to complement a great meal centered around a paella recipe (telephoned-in from Sevilla).

The Albariños will always go well with seafood. We had some Bonito del Norte (ventresca), anchoas and, of course, paella.

The wine from Aragon was a perfect aperitif, and we had the reds with quesos.

The Amaretto was not really part of the show, but it was poured over the dessert (a type of cheesecake).

Oh, and I almost forgot. We had this at the very end: