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Weekend Drinking Thread [18th - 20th June 2021]

Incidentally it is, inevitably, filled with spoilers but as I gather you’ve already read all of them it shouldn’t be an issue.

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Yep - nothing to spoil but ta for the warning.

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Totally agree. Wasn’t expecting all that much from this from a slightly lesser northern vintage, but they’ve been excellent earlier drinking. Wish I’d bought 12 instead of 6!

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Early evening glass (or two) of Algeria Manzanilla - really good, full of lovely savoury, yeasty flavour and an absolute bargain as well, this is a constant in our house.

Pizza dough is proving, the Massolino Dolcetto will be accompanying later. This is a really good pizza wine and if you really want, you can pretend it’s something far fancier!


This thread is a bit of a rough read this weekend because try as I mightI cannot find wine on the John Radcliffe lunch or dinner menus.
Heart surgery went well, here’s hoping cab/save features on the discharge medication
Have good Sunday all


Glad to hear it, wishing you a swift recovery, and I’m sure the first glass will taste all the sweeter when the time comes!


wine and food pairings never cease to amaze / discombobulate me. So - a 9 hour shift at the 111 call centre (and annoying me that I missed Germany vs Portugal) requires a quick knock up supper in time to catch Spain vs Poland. I have pasta, home made jack by the hedge and basil pesto, fresh English garden peas bought en route to work. I had TWS Exhibition NZ chardy (= Kumeu river) pencilled in. But the combination was ghastly. Back au frigo.

What’s a desperate quaffer to do ? Well blow me down, this Burgundy works a treat. It’s the earthy match with the peas (fresh peas are earthy not sweet like frozen jobs) and the pesto I think, and the pepperiness is complemented too. Who’d have Xmas eve’d it.


Wishing you a speedy recovery @AnaGramWords


The weather’s been miserable here for the last couple of days but on the plus side, at least for my needs, it has provided the scope to pop the cork on something more complex than the mostly neckable wines broached of late

This yesterday with seafood linguine…

…a Soave Classico ‘Vigneti di Foscarino’ 2017 from Inama. 100% garganega from a hillside vineyard that gets some time in barrel. Fragrant and floral nose with ripe golden apple, pear and apricot fruit. A good deal more complex on tasting, deep, weighty but subtle flavours, similar fruit notes to the nose, a twist of green herbs with some honeyed richness nicely cut by balancing acidity and a notably spicy kick on the midpalate. The oak input provided no obvious aromas or flavours. One of those wines, at least for me yesterday, that needed a full-on slurp to bring its subtle depths to life though.

This tonight and the first of six ( bought a lifetime ago or so it seems now )…

…would it meet my high expectations ?

Lovely bright translucent colour with no signs of browning. The perfumed nose with notes of fresh and dried flowers, wet soil, cherry and red berry fruit, cinnamon and clove spice and a smoky woody note ticks all the boxes, so much so, it’s impossible to stop sniffing. Similar impressions on tasting, medium bodied red fruits, plenty of savoury complexity, silky texture with fresh acidity and light fine tannins to balance and structure. Grace, elegance, depth and subtly wielded power of flavour all combined to make a delicious whole. Phew !

It was very good with dinner too ( duck and lentils )…

…I might push the boat out tomorrow too as a large lump of Argentinian sirloin is on the menu !

Have a great weekend everyone.

Edit - all the very best for a full and speedy recovery @AnaGramWords


Best wishes for a quick recovery after such a major event. Hope wine drinking won’t be too far away.


that is a serious portion of duck by the way…


We moved on to Greek Mezze last night, with this…

…open knit, all dirty and sour red fruits, with a touch of the soil about it - could I call it ‘honest’? I’m glad we bought it, would I buy more though? Not sure, it sits at completely the opposite end of the Xinomavro spectrum to this…

…which we’ve just had with roast lamb, lemon potatoes and proper homemade Kalamata tapenade. My other half calls it the most ‘pinot-like’ Xinomavro we’ve had - I would qualify that as a richer, New World Pinot - much more polished as a wine. Again, probably too far the other end of Xinomavro, not quite enough in-yer-face acids and tannins for me. Both very well made wines though. Might be re-buys if I hadn’t just filled the cellar :smiley:

And then to finish this evening, this little gem…

Now then do 2 bottles of this quite make 1 Aidana? Probably not, but it’s damn close. Another fantastic Greek find.


It’s just an optical illusion caused by slicing :wink:

I could happily eat another one right now !


Should I post selfies at Lyrarakis or Kir-Yianni… is the Question…?


Both, please. :grin:

twist my arm why don’t you

Lyrararkis September 2018.

Kir-Yianni September 2019

Happy days hey.


Wishing you a swift recovery


@Rafa opened that bottle of the Produttori de Barbaresco 2016 tonight. Delicious. Opened it 4 hours in advance. Thank you for the recommendation. My only problem now is resisting opening my other 4 bottles.

Medium red centre. Amber rim. Medium minus nose. Dried fruit - fig and date. Strawberry and raspberry. Hints of orange peel. Notes of violet. Intense palate. Fresh acidity. Firm tannins. Ripe fruit. Lovely mouth feel - all the senses tingling at same time. Initially strawberry and raspberry. Cherry. Fig, dried orange peel and prune. Long, long finish. Delicious wine.


A “treat” dinner tonight - combination of being on call tomorrow and getting in at 0230 after a later than expected finish.

Needs a good couple of hours open and a decant. So much black (sour?) cherry and acidity to cut straight through the steak - a wonderful match. I see what Freddie means when he describes it in terms of an aged Rhone but it’s a different beast. Will probably pick up another three to see how it ages.

Edit - yes, I know, mash and bread. It works. Slow roasted tomatoes with a couple of very thin slices of baguette toasted in the steak pan, with a small potato mashed in olive oil and the liquid it was boiled in. It works.


Had this tonight with chilli con carne. Went surprisingly well, lovely fruit flavours of blackberry, blueberry, cherry and raspberry and a peppery finish. Nice acidity and soft tannin overall good value for money and definitely something I will be ordering again.