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Weekend Drinking Thread [18th - 20th June 2021]

No thread yet at 550pm?!?!

Well it’s rained all day today in Loughton, so decided to open something warming as summer must be over now.

A delicious Fitou to get in the mood for a football match later.

Happy weekend all


Kicking off our weekend away with this…

…which is absolutely delightful. If I may wax lyrical, it is clearly made by a very good winemaker, balancing power with great restraint and finesse. The first of several Greeks that will grace our glasses.

Happy weekend all, getting funny looks from the other half for being on my phone :smiley:


The weather turned a bit gloomy yesterday. I must admit to having a liking for a bit of gloom, as it offers a better environment in which to read gloomy books and drink gloom-appropriate wine.

With that in mind, I scoured the wine rack and after rejecting the sun-loving pinks, whites and Mediterranean reds, I settled on bottle 4/6 of this Crozes:

I’ve enjoyed this wine each time I opened one, with the cherry on top of remembering that I bought them for a song during the Support our Growers thingy last year. Dark, autumnal fruit with a slightly bitter, slatey quality to balance things. A bit more richness arrives with a few hours of air. It’s very drinkable and just the ticket for curling up in a dark corner with some Iain M Banks.

Sometimes 6 bottles prove to be a slog; other times they are gone all too quickly. This looks set to be an example of the latter.


For no other reason than it’s Friday. Came from a mystery case several months ago. Very yeasty with lots of green apple. Crisp and bracing.


Another bottle of Ogier’s La Rosine 2015 tonight to accompany Cottage Pie. Full of classical Syrah flavours.

Opaque centre, deep red rim. Medium nose. Black fruit - black currant and blackberry. Raspberry. White pepper, vanilla. Earthy notes. Rich palate. Firm tannins. Balanced acidity. Ripe fruit. Black plum and black currant. Earthy. Notes of dark chocolate. Hint of rosemary. Medium plus finish.


A great companion for a rainy Friday.
Last bottle of a case bought a few years ago.
Ageing signs like brick coloured hue, developed nose of forest floor, herbs, honey blossom (unusual), black pepper and in the background cherries.
More savoury than fruity, amazing value from one of the most consistent producers.
Porcini and spinach risotto to pair with later.


Good to hear, just took delivery of a bottle today.

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I arrived at the fishmongers this morning and had my eye on some lovely-looking razor clams, only for the guy in front of me to nab them :angry: Never mind, they also had some very nice red mullet. I cooked the fillets, and served with courgettes and radicchio, in a tomato and garlic sauce. We drank Dirler-Cadé Sylvaner Vielles Vignes, 2016.

The last of six of the 2016s, but we still have six 2018s to come. Rounded ripe apples and quince, a touch of bitter almond to finish, and good acidity running through it. Sylvaner can be a bit spare, but this strikes the perfect balance between ripeness and freshness, and is still going strong. It was excellent with the fish.

We have the first in-person meeting of our wine group since March 2020 in a garden tomorrow lunchtime, and are very much looking forward to it. Hoping the weather shows the promised improvement, though, or our wines might be a bit watered down :crossed_fingers:

Happy Weekend!


I said I had finished with my odds and ends from the back of the racks, I lied, this one is a wine given to me with others from the region by my cousin the ex vineyard manager and now consultant who lives in Devon.

I don’t have a photo other than a generic one, but the vineyard is known for its sparklers, as most English vineyards are and not its still wines.
I never queried this wine when given but then discovered it had no info as to what grapes were involved in the making, I guessed Bacchus as it constituted probably 80% 0f still white wines here and after investigation it was 60% Bacchus 20% Reichsteiner and 20% Chardonnay.
Sadly the other grapes made little difference and it still tasted like all the other Bacchus based wines in England, perfectly drinkable, would make a good partner with fish but we need to get away from Bacchus, however well English vineyards have done with the grape it doesn’t have enough to set it aside and as with all English still wines, with the odd exception they are far to expensive for what they offer, and this is not a bad wine at all, but the competition is enormous in this price bracket.


Back from a very busy working week away, so just time for pizza night, a cheap & cheerful PN from Romania and a family favourite CdR from TWS. Happy weekend folks :+1:


I’m curious as to which Iain M Banks you’re classing as gloomy; I’ve always found his non ‘M’ books have more of a tendency towards gloomy (Song of Stone anyone?). For his M books, Against a Dark Background maybe?


I enjoyed half of this one last night, while he had some beer. Very good value for money, would agree with the TWS note of plums and raspberries, but not overladened, medium on the finish. Have the other half for Sunday so will see what it is like then. I would buy this one again, it went well with food, I would also drink on it’s own too. Alas the football didn’t go quite so well with the wine, onwards to Tuesday night :soccer:


Time for some of my smug selfies ! This was April 2013


Hmm - perhaps gloomy wasn’t the right word. Dark? Melancholy? I think the whole of the Culture series is shot through with both, especially the Hydrogen Sonata which has such a powerful sense of pointlessness to it.

But they are such good books - with so much going on - that I’d happily read them in all weathers! Last night it was Consider Phlebas, as I’ve decided to read them all again.


Supporting a local cafe that is offering evening meals tonight. My contribution as follows, will have to wait and see what my friends bring.


One of my go - to wines.
I still have 34 bottles from the 2015 - 2017 vintages.
Snagged 18 bottles from the 2019 Rhone EP offer.
Marcel seems to be able to get sufficient stock for EP offers. :+1:
The Wine Society being a UK importer helps.
Price 2015 - £15 DP, 2019 - £17 DP which is great value. Vinous 2019 90 - 92 :dragon:


I’m part way through my second reading of them all; Matter is the next up. And you’re right, the more I think about it, pretty much all of his work has some pretty dark themes running through them, and Consider Phlebas is probably a little further down that particular line.

I read this critical introduction recently which has given me some new perspectives:


Agreed. I buy La Rosine most vintages. I find they drink beautifully from 3 to 6 years whilst I am waiting for other Rhône’s from the same vintage to come around.


I know some of you have suffered but the weather is holding here so far and we had this from a recent order.

It’s really balanced between fruit - full but “crunchy” cranberries and raspberries and a savoury undertone. And it’s proper Pinot Noir - if you like Pinot Noir you will love this, but Mrs JamesB had one sniff and sip and pronounced it unpalatable, so unfortunately I have had to fight my way through almost the whole bottle over a couple of days……

Happy weekend!


I am absolutely going to read that - thank you!

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