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Weekend drinking thread [18th - 20th December 2020]

I am going to open some of the bottles I received on the back of @peterm Rothschild recommendations. The white Ch Clarke is already on the fridge, and I am inclined to try the Flecha de los Andes also.

Anyone else have tried those?



I’ve not had the Rupert & Rothschild wine - indeed I thought of them as a South African winery, I didn’t realise the company owns wineries in other countries.

The white Ch Clarke is enjoyable, complex but pricy…

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No, but I’ve got the 2011 in a dark hidey-hole so will be very interested to hear how yours is. Didn’t buy it from Waddesdon as the regular shop prices are extortionate


Nearly forgot to get this open and breathing in time, the horror!

Brunate 2006 for The Friday Before.


Waiting for mince pies…

Next minute…


That’s either a very small glass and giant mince pie,
or what wine experts call a decent pour. :sweat_smile:


I open door 18 and … wait … what is this beast coming into view?

A pink elephant?


Tiz worserer…


Well, that’s tonight nightmare sorted. So, what’s the story behind this royal gargoyle…?


That’s cleared that up, anyway.

What does it taste like…? With a back label like that, who cares??

Okay, we’ve got some very ripe dark berry fruits on the nose with a nice minty lift. The palate is soft, plush and a bit jammy. I think they’re trying to get in on the sweet-red-with-gothic-label thing, à la Apothic Red, although from what I understand of that range, I think our winged friend here doesn’t quite match it for sugar content. I wouldn’t quite call this wine balanced, but I wouldn’t call it an alcopop either; more a guilty pleasure.

It goes down very easily, and at this rate I’ll need something else for vegging out on the sofa after they’ve gone to bed.


My Friday night tipple. Bought in the support our small growers initiative.

Definitely a Beau jolly’s! Like a glass of fresh strawberry and pomegranate seeds. Yum!


Just a small glass. They were a wedding gift to my parents (m. 1978) which they didn’t have use for.
Set of 6 and the box said Made in Czechoslovakia.
A happy hand me down.


Interestingly (or not!) I got another two-month-free subscription to Vinous the other day, so decided to leaf through the Piedmont scores. Apart from him clearly liking a ‘bigger’ style - and not giving very generous scores to a host of decent producers, including Marcarini - I noted he gives very short drink dates to them. (Max 20 years ISTR).

I’d be interested to know how this is drinking - the 2008 we had 2 years ago was years off being ready, even after an afternoon in the decanter, and should drink for the next 20 years, never mind from vintage.


My Dad’s Drinks cupboard (we lost him and mum a couple of years ago).

Sober monks!

Pissed monks!


A very good BJL - you are in for a treat.

Scariest. Wine. Label. Ever.


Dry night for me, this apparently is full of toffee apple deliciousness. Have a great weekend everyone.


Yum…! On both counts! :+1:
Loved this Sherry (and the 1998 one too). I consumed mine mindfully - albeit greedily! - two Christmases ago. Enjoy :ok_hand:


What’s the goop on the pie (and why is it not brandy butter)?

Good call on the sherry however - I should dig out a bottle.

For tonight I have Caciorgna Thalia Etna Rosso 2011 (think I have one more after this). My last bottle was a bit tired, but this one is utterly delicious.

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The goop is Extra Thick Brandy Cream with Courvoisier VS Cognac.
I prefer this to the butter version


Heresy! But I think it calls for a taste test…

Cointreau cream is very good too.

Enter the Spanish Inquisition…

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Also have a bottle of this sherry open currently. I’ve bought at full price and thought it was value. Even better snagged at £13 and crazily at a bargain basement £5.25 when marks were clearing out lots of sherry and port (cavadinha at a tenner)

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