Weekend drinking thread 18th-20th August 2023


Nothing grand to start the thread but this is very acceptable, if not the best Loureiro TWS has offered. No spritz (as described in the notes) but very fresh with a touch of lemon, shortish and dry finish.


Georgia - good, red fruits, clay and earth, spicy notes. Lowish tannin and medium acidity. Incredibly easy to drink.

Hartenberg Tenacity 2017. Probably the best Monastrell (Mourvedre) I’ve had. Deep, fruity, stout, rich, elegant. Medium tannin and acidity, fresh and beautifully balanced. Fruits (redcurrant , blueberry) just roll of the tongue. Touches of wood, spices, garrigue, but really gentle. Delicious. Edition of 850 bottles.


Thanks for kicking things off this weekend Clive.:+1:

This is going down all too easily here.

An Alsace GC ‘Pfersigberg’ Muscat 2017, Bruno Sorg.

Jasmine, confit lemon, grapes, wet stones and a hint of mint on the fragrant nose and freshly balanced, delicate but persistently flavoured palate. Doesn’t veer into Eau de Cologne territory, as can be the case with muscat, which is very much in its favour too.

Unfortunately, TWS haven’t listed this wine, or others from this domaine previously tried, in recent years as they’ve all been excellent VFM for the quality in the bottle. ( In this instance £19 ).

Have a good weekend everyone.


A couple of special bottles here tonight…

Muga Prado Enea Gran Reserva 2014 - started last night, very powerful- not with tannins, but instead driven by red fruit / blackberries / pepper.

Vina Tondonia Reserva 2010 lined up for later. More powerful aroma, waiting on the food to go with it.


I don’t think I am the first person to say this but hey, this G&L rosé is good for the money.

Strawberry, balsamic, but way less sweet than that sounds, quite stylish even. And less than nine quid. Knock it back and pretend it’s sunny.

Have a lovely weekend all.


Looks fabulous. And looks like a great place to drink it - where are you?

We need to hang out more


I think that the vintage needs an edit :slight_smile:


Asturias, about 10km from Ribadesella- a wonderful place.


May I enquire as to the view in the background? It feels familiar, but I suppose could be many, many places on earth! :grinning:

Edit - I see already answered.

Thank you. Enjoy!

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Earlier in the week we went to the Fête de Klevener at Heilligenstein. Of the wines that we tried, those from Domaine Heywang were our favourites, so we dropped in yesterday and tasted our way through their range of Kleveners. With 3 Ha of the total of 60 Ha of the grape, Klevener makes up half of their production, and despite lacking a real vocabulary for the grape, we were impressed with the quality. Basically a Savagnin Rose and related to gewurztraminer, but less fragrant and more on the side of ripe peaches and nectarines than gewurz’s lychees and mango. Still some spice on the finish, though. Heywang make some dry versions in addition to the more usual demi-sec, and we very much liked these, with good spice and grip making for very gastronomic wines.

Then this evening, after a great day with @Leah in Eguisheim, we have friends visiting, and cooked brochettes of rabbit and prune, and chicken and paprika. Also more lard mariné, grilled aubergines and courgettes, and grilled potatoes. We drank a couple of wines - Bruno Sorg Pinot Noir Rosé 2022, and Achillée Pinot Blanc, 2020/2021.

Both good with the food. The Sorg was very pale pink, with strawberry fruit, and slightly off-dry. For sure, a wine for drinking in hot weather, but with enough substance to cope with the food as well as an aperitif - there’s sufficient acidity to hold its own against the meat. The Achillée is made with some skin contact, and that comes through with more tannins than the pinot noir of the Sorg. Drier than a lot of pinot blanc, and also with good acidity - the blend of the two years works well in offering 2020’s fruit and 2021’s freshness.

Hope everyone has a good weekend!


So this was another of my auction punts in my external hunt for the value in Bordeaux. My in laws aren’t big wine afficionados so (even as they age) quantity over quality tends to rule the roost and so I needed some relatively simple Christmas wine.

I saw this, up for auction, and having done some research (someone bought a load of this as an investment apparently, stored it since landing in bond, and then sold it at auction for a song last year - they may have been misguided in their choice of investment broker!), felt it was worth a go. It’s now one of my wife’s favorite wines. To the extent that when I offered here choice from the cellar tonight, she immediately went for this! I’m beginning to run out!

Plenty of maturing fruit on the nose, the beginnings of the tertiary cedar and leather notes you’d expect, but nice acid and tannin. A great Friday night glass of 2015 Margaux for less then £10 a bottle. Sometimes risks/gambles pay off!!


Never had this wine before so I was very excited. Had with a home made beef ragu. The wine was delicious (and so was the food, if I may say so). Very Bordeaux in terms of fruit and tertiary flavours but it had a herbal, almost medicinal, smell and flavour that was definitely not Bordeaux but was delicious. Went great with the food.


I normally try and post sensible stuff on a Friday night, including an interesting photo…but alas tonight it is no good…about 3 bottles of PYCM Chassagne Montrachet…2 bottles Savigny…and some sauternes…bit of a skinful…no chance of a sensible informative note.
I just hope you all have a great weekend…@inbar has a great retirement. …wrong thread…@leah gets back from Germany in one piece…and our football girls win the cup…


Just had a bottle of this Champagne Jeaunaux-Robin from a Growers’ Champagne case bought last year.

Pretty impressive - certainly had more weight that my usual Blanc de blancs preference but very well done. Surprised by the amount of Pinot Meunier in the blend (60%). Would recommend, especially those who like a slightly drier aperitif style



Now able to hold camera steady…there were 4 of us…


The Doisy-Vedrines is really good in my opinion, I drink the 2007 regulary as I got a case of 24 halfs, shared with my neighbour friend, and we frequently have those after dinners.


Just a routine boozing weekend then…

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Barbecue at my brother’s in Hungary. I bought two magnums of the same wine with 10 years vintage difference. Furmint does have longevity. The 2020 is pretty good, but the 2010 is a revelation.