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Weekend drinking thread [18-20 October 2019]



An homage to Alsace this evening, in the shape of Coq au Riesling paired with, well, Riesling:

A 2014 Hugel ‘Estate’, to be more specific, which we tasted at the domaine back in April and absolutely loved. This is a step up from their ‘Classic’ range, and I believe at least 50% of the grapes for this wine come from their Schoenenbourg site.

Pale lemon with a green tinge in the glass, there’s a definite touch of kerosene on the nose, as well as ripe apple, tangerine zest, peach, smoke and a gentle floral note in the background. On the palate it is surprisingly full with a waxy texture; the fruit feeling ripe and concentrated – there’s tangerine, Mirabelle, even some pineapple. But there’s also the unmistakable racy acidity (a cliché, but so true), as well as smokiness and citrus zest, which leaves a wonderful tingling impression long after it’s swallowed.

For 20 Euros, this is a real treat – and although could probably go on for a few more years, it feels to me at its prime now. Delicious! :+1::+1:


I am on the Riesling as well:


This was too tight when I opened the other night but two days in the eto have done wonders - citrus, slightly smoky nose, then bags of lemon, lime, mouth puckering but never harsh, long finish with redcurrant and an almost waxy edge. I’m sure this could do great things if cellared for a few years but my bottles might not get there. £13 IB


Have really enjoyed this fresh and still very fruity Gran Reserva Rioja with some leftovers. The colour in the glass is purple-red and there are some vanilla notes, but very little leather aromas just yet, just loads of lovely fruit. Tannins are subtle and integrated. Feels like it would easily go on for another decade and very good value at a shade under £15.

Also, following @robin63’s interesting article on Argentinian wines, I found this which just had to be tried. Interesting Pinotish nose, some fruit, but also subtle tertiary notes. It’s a little less sweet than a Tawny Port which I guess it resembles. Only had one small glass so far, so it’ll be interesting to see how it develops.


And not at it’s best for a decade or so yet :slight_smile: Recently finished my last 01


This afternoon, we went for a walk in the Osterberg Grand Cru, and found this vendanges tardives in-waiting

We have friends staying with us for a few days, and kicked off with choucroute and Dirler-Cadé riesling 2016.

The 2016 is a bit more restrained than some vintages, but still a great wine. Lime zest, a flinty minerality, lemons and bergamot, long and almost spicy on the finish. The Dirler-Cadé wines in the TWS offer are all excellent, but it was a bit of a shame not to see this - I really, really rate their riesling classique.

For pudding, our guests brought a tarte aux pommes, and we paired it with Ernest Burn Grand Cru Goldert Clos St-Imer pinot gris 2007.

A match made in heaven, really. So much complexity to the wine - amazing colour, apricot notes of botrytis, honey, toasted hazelnuts, ripe pears, cloves, cinnamon, Christmas spice in a glass… and all with a beautifully balanced acidity. One more bottle of the 2007 left…(but 2009 and 2010 to come :slight_smile:)


Which Riesling was unlucky enough to be poured into the pot - this bottle, or something else?


Hi, yes this was available at the vineyard but I did not taste it. Be really interesting to see what you think.


Ah! good question…! :smiley:

Certainly NOT this one - it really would have been a waste. It was a cheapo Clare Valley Riesling we got from Tesco, and this was definitely its destination. It did a good job, for sure! :wink:


Absolutely delighted with this wine as were my other guests on Sunday.
The cork turned out a little fragile and broke but after decanting to remove the sludge it presented as a pale rosehip colour with a feint spirit and floral nose.
There is still a delicate sweetness to the warming finish. All in all a pleasing, delightful 42 year-old. Cost me £96 fora case of 12 back in the day!


Lots of informal drinks over the weekend but Saturday night I was in a red burgundy mood so popped this.


Bought in a bin end sale on a recommendation this was a delight. Silky smooth with red fruits gliding over the palate in that seamless way that pinot noir in a great expression does. In a perfect place for me, plenty of fruit but some maturity. When red burgundy is in a good spot it is hard to beat (however at the price point increasingly hard to justify)