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Weekend drinking thread [18-20 October 2019]



Currently drinking this and its delicious. Reminds me of black forest gateau.

Beena busy week, so cheers. What are you drinking?


So I’m back in the ‘mandala’ hippy van again for two months. And this weekend its the Raspail Ay I picked up from Stevenage yestetday and it’s just as fruity, spicy and rich as I remember it!


Is this the 2015, Mike? I’ve got a couple in the wine fridge, and was considering opening one during the xmas period, but wasn’t sure whether it’s a bit too young…?


Yes it’s the '15 (hard to see but is in that red stamp on the left)I think the window was 18-27, I have 3 in my cabinet at home and I was planning the first in '20 or '21. But as this was a spontaneous bin end purchase I thought I’d just go for it. I’d say it’s drinking just fine but will be better integrated in another couple of years. However it is remarkably easy drinking already even before I’ve got food on my plate (running a bit late tonight!)


Cheers to you too.

Dropping the kids off at my parents for a weekend sleepover while we visit Napoli. Mum offered to feed us so I brought a couple of bottles over to say thank you and leave them with pleasant memories, at least for this evening!

The Riesling was a delicious aperitif, the sweetness perfectly balanced by acidity. My other bottle is going away for a while as the drinking window goes to 2029.

The Barbaresco was nice, think it was £15 from Majestic. Powerful, full-bodied and slightly darker than any Barbaresco I’ve had before. My dad loves Nebbiolo so we saved him a glass for tomorrow - I think it will benefit from a bit of air.


Great, thanks! So maybe open the first, and leave the second for its beauty sleep! :+1::wine_glass:


If you only have a couple I might be inclined to be patient. I’m sure it will be even better given another year. But yes I’d still say very drinkable now.

I do have a half bottle of '15 as well which would probably have been best opened first… but it’s now nearly 700 miles away!


Alas! Patience is not one of my virtues… :grinning:

But seriously - the fact that I only have two doesn’t put me off. I never cling on to one wine, and if I really enjoyed it I’d be happy to purchase a couple more.


I was just checking my notes and I drank my first '15 almost exactly a year ago; last October! And I thought it was excellent then and it still is now though I’m sure it’s at least a little better now. Surely must have been a wee bit young then!


I was given this bottle earlier this year as a birthday present from a friend. I noticed it’s currently on offer at Waitrose at around £16.

Personally I’m not a fan of it. Initially very bitter cherries which settled to leave a hint of coffee and red berries. It’s a very “thin” wine.

Very generous of my friend to give it as a present, but I won’t be buying any.


Domaine Treloar Motus for me tonight. Drinking well but with a long life ahead of it I think!


Didn’t know what to drink tonight and spent a long time hovering on the edge of a bout of Herbster before eventually chancing on a surprise bottle of Liberator Trample Dance 2014, which seemed like a good idea.
Reading the label I thought perhaps the Liberator had taken the opportunity of using up a lot of left-over grapes. Pinotage, Touriga Nacional, Shiraz, Grenache, Mourvedre. Perhaps he did but he certainly knew what to do with them. Blackish red with hints of purple, and a rich dark fruity aroma. In the mouth it seems if you keep it there for long enough you get to taste just about everything, black fruits, red fruits, some spice, some bitterness, some sweetness. Each mouthful is a bit different and even the alcohol, 14%, seems to come and go.
Hope TWS will get some more of his wines again soon. I’m not so taken with the idea of the beer/wine blend.


I’ve just opened this after dealing with a four year olds EPIC meltdown at his sisters swim club :confounded:! “No darling no jellies at 9pm” shoot me now :gun::gun::gun:



Opened it on Wednesday, finished it a few hours ago! I’m sure it’s too, too young and all but it’s bloody lovely right now all the same: big and serious but with a wink at what is yet to come. My plan is to fail to buy more bottles before it sells out, then to kick myself for letting it get away and finally to keep an eye out for future vintages :+1:

We also FINALLY finished this:

Oh, and made a start on this:

Last bottle of six. It’s no vin de garde, so it felt the right time to finish them. Good for the price (~£9-10) and what I like about it is that it seems to me to have the generosity and warmth of the Rhône on the nose, but also the appetising dryness of claret on the palate. Not one to age; just to buy and to drink :wine_glass: :wine_glass:


Thanks for the views on the Raspail Ay ( I have a single bottle of the 2014 )

I enjoyed this with a fish curry yesterday…

…the 2018 Gewurz from Julg. Fresh, fragrant and floral with some spicy gingery clove notes too. Holds its 13.5% ABV easily, probably thanks to its unusually fresh balancing acidity. A great match for the food. I would happily drink this again.

Edit - the wine was a freebie as I received its sibling Weissburgunder in error on the initial delivery. Which I got to keep as well as receiving a credit note for this. Thank you TWS !


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We’re on a cheap and cheerful package holiday in Salou, this week. The grandfolks gave us a night to ourselves so we cheekily booked ourselves in to a Michelin star restaurant in Cambrils called Rincon de Diego. We went for the tasting menu, which was mainly and understandably sea food oriented. The food was phenomenal. The sommelier recommended a local Catalonian wine, Anima de Riamat Blanco 2017, from the Costers del Segre. This is a Chardonnay and Albariño blend. Pale yellow with a hint of green. Peach and pear on the nose. Fresh citrus taste and a little tropical depth. A great pairing for the wide variety of rich seafood. Yum!


This tonight with some delicious smoked salmon bought in the Lake District last week


I have some wine friends around for our annual vintage lunch on Sunday. This will be towards the end of the meal. Sadly only five more left.


Soalheiro again but the Primeiras Vinhas version. It’s good and should suit a slightly modified Spanakopita but from what I recall I think I prefer the standard bottling. Nice lime fruit and a slightly bitter/citrus peel note on the finish.


Good to hear it is approachable for drinking now. I have one bottle and really wanted to try it because of the all round great review. Thanks for sharing.