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Weekend drinking thread 17th to 19th June 2022

Thought I’d kick this one off early by thanking @lapin_rouge for the tip on the Billaud Chablis ‘Les Grands Terroirs’ 2017. Much more open and enjoyable than the bottle I opened a few months ago.

Tonight we have a few friends coming round for a birthday supper. After a glass or two of Nyetimber I’ll be putting out a selection of wines for what is not a wine geek crowd to try - what for most will be novelties. Still to decide exactly what, but it certainly gives me the chance to use/get rid of my remaining bottle of Blind Spot Pinot Meunier

“Here’s an interesting one you must try…”


I’m an early imbiber too this weekend. Thought I deserved some minor celebration having negotiated my umpteenth annual Appraisal today which all GPs irrespective of their part-timeliness, and in my case pretty negligible these days, have to endure in order to retain their licence. ( I think the coming year will be my last as I face the ultra-tediousness of Revalidation next year).

Motivated by the 30 degs in the shade back at the ranch and Encouraged by the back label saying it was perfect with - or without - food I have cracked open and dispensed an admittedly generous pour of this participant in the recent TWS mixed German case. It seems to go particularly well with today’s Times.

An uncomplicated Ruppertsberg 50/50 Sylvaner -Riesling trocken 12.5 % abv. If there’s a better summer evening quaff I’d be surprised. The Sylvaner adds a nice minerally pepperiness to the steely acidic citrous end result.

Cheers !



This stonkingly good Blaufränkisch, which will shortly accompany a mushroom strogannoff:

Heidi Schröck & Söhne ‘Wine Champion’ Blaufränkisch, Burgenland, Austria 2020

This is our second - and last - bottle, the first one we drank about 8 months ago. We cooled it a little this time round, and second time round we agree it remains a delightful example of the grape.

Medium ruby, with magenta hue on the rim, the nose is a mix of cherry yoghurt, plums, cedar, pencil shavings, clove and pepper. There’s a floral whiff of geranium there too. On the palate, the mouthfeel remains smooth throughout, with notes of sour cherries, blackcurrants and maybe plums too, with a herbaceous edge and a kick of baking spice. Acidity is just right, and the finish leaves a spicy aftertaste. Excellent value for money and I hope we get to see some more wines from Heidi on the list… :pray:

Hope everyone is enjoying the blissful weather! Chin chin :clinking_glasses: :grinning:


Very slightly over the hill, the last of a case of six bought when released in 2011 for my university college’s 500th anniversary. Lovely aromas of peach, long finish of peach/pear/honey. Beautifully rich. Celebrating my better half being offered a new job, which she is delighted about.


Paul Cluver Reisling 2020

South Africa stepping up to the plate!!!

Very moreish, orange peel, apple and stone fruits with honeysuckle counteracted nicely by just a touch of kerosene. Palate is fleshy with a mouth-coating texture and the natural sweetness plays nicely with the abundant acidity. Nice pithy chewy finish.

A winner in my eyes :+1:

** Apologies this is off topic but nobody better to ask, how do I clean a decanter. Tried lots of options but I can’t get the stains from the entirety of the inside. Don’t want to soak it in something to strong in case it spoils any future wines. Any suggestions welcome.


Being half man half seal, I’m melting !

Thankfully this is providing some relief right now…

…an Oenops Vidiano 2019. Although Oenops are based on the Greek mainland this is sourced from a 300m altitude vineyard near Heraklion on Crete. It’s equal parts, spontaneously, fermented in amphora. 600 litre barrels and stainless steel. The juice is then drawn off, matured for 6 months on its fine lees in amphora and then bottled without filtration. Er, hopefully the wonderful op art label hasn’t affected the notes to follow, mind !

Enough waffle, a bright straw yellow in the glass. Green apple, citrus, fresh flowers and a lees-y quality on the nose. Similar on tasting, lemon, apple skin and nectarine fruit with some creamy texture, intensity of flavour and a delicious saline bite thanks to the lees aging and its fresh acidity. A really impressive wine and just what the 30 degree temperature here demanded.

It was darn good with tonight’s dinner of crab linguine too…

…as always, not the prettiest plate of food but as an exercise in using up stuff in the fridge it tasted good and, perhaps more importantly on this sweltering evening, took about 10 minutes to cook and didn’t raise the temperature in the kitchen.

Have a great weekend everyone, cheers !


2015 Domaine du Pimont Saint-Aubin 1er Cru Blanc, 13.5%

Getting quite overcast with the threat of rain here in West Yorkshire.

Just opened this and it is a delight.
Butter, bruised apple, some oak spice, honey. Drinking now. Won’t improve.
An M&S reduced to clear bargain. Think it was £11 which may have been about half price. My final bottle of 3. Should have cleared the shelf.


A very interesting white wine. Moscatel vinified under flor. Dry, with hints of the base grape. Very complex on nose and palate. From Spanish Wines Direct.


Dragged a bottle out of the cellar that i thought would be a refreshing number on a hot day. Went for 2020 Château Labastide Gaillac Perle Esprit de Labastide, which I have no idea how I got hold of. Maybe a mystery case?

Anyway, this was dull as dishwater, and only slightly more tasty. The spritziness was the most notable thing about it, although this was somewhat more spritzy than a flat wine with a touch of CO2, and substantially less bubbly than a proper sparkler. Neither one thing nor the other. The bubbles were more a distraction than a pleasant feature. A slight lime flavour, dryness, and not much else.

Offensively dull. Wine for people who don’t like wine, but want something wet and alcoholic that doesn’t require thinking about.


What a lovely summer’s day, and I’m jealous of those who managed to spend time outside. I cooked fillet of pink bream, with avocado; burrata; wilted pea shoots; a grapefruit, hazelnut and mint pesto; and a sourdough tuile. We drank Domaine Weinbach, Les Vignes du Prêcheur, 2020.

This is a sort-of field blend from a recently acquired plot of vines near the Kaefferkopf Grand Cru, with riesling dominant at 40%, closed followed by 30% auxerrois. Not a true complantation as the varieties are planted in separate blocks and not intermingled, but they are harvested and vinified together. When we tasted it last year we thought that it would be perfect summer drinking, and so it proved - fresh, light and floral, with both citrus and peachy notes on the palate. A little zing on the finish too.

Happy Weekend!


Now arrived in Reims and had this magnificent pink fizz.

Glorious aromas and great complexity
But weather is so blindingly hot at 33 degs that I arrived back at the hotel only to find that my Sapphire cream brown shoe polish is drifting towards the consistency of semi skimmed milk.


Indeed a lovely summer evening. Taking inspiration from @robertd, I made a deconstructed chicken salad for the family.

The chicken was seasoned with Dijon mustard and sage, then gently grilled on a heavy cast-iron griddle. That same pan, was used to sear the baby gem lettuce wedges, so as to pick up the flavours of the chicken (using a bit of olive oil to help). The potato salad had a yogurt, mayo and chives dressing.

I served this with a white burgundy I bought en primeur many many years ago. Nice acidity, underlying beautiful fruit.




Very warm evening so it was chilled Portuguese sparkling rose for us yesterday. Amazing colour on the blend of baga and bical. Strawberry and mint and possibly a hint of smoke. Light and refreshing at 11.5%.

We’ve also enjoyed the Portuguese sparking from TWS in the past


Any other recommendations out there for PSW?


That salad looks and sounds good, @NW3Andre, and what a lovely setting for a meal. Does this make me an influencer :thinking: ? Blimey.


Post gym, pre gig pizza.

Came with a glass of wine. A classic Marche white blend of Pecorino, Passarina and Trebianno called Ciu Ciu. No idea what vintage, but I’d assume '21. Did exactly what was needed sat outside a pizzaria in Clapham. Crisp, acid and appley, citrusy nom. Nothing to think too much about but it was about 35c so I couldn’t really think anyway. Happily smashable and didn’t interact badly with a pizza with anchovy and capers on.


You’ve been an inspiration, which is an upgrade from an influencer!


This phrase will be appearing on the TikToks in 5…4…3…


My wine of the weekend! The stunning Saumur Champigny from Domaine des Roches Neuves 2019


No. Absolutely no.

Even the one with peanut butter on would have been better. :wink: