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Weekend Drinking Thread [17th-19th May 2019]


I’m off out tonight for a quiet few gins…

I swear…:rofl:. I may have some friends over tomorrow evening and will probably cook something a bit spicy so I have these two lined up:

And of course a red for the white haters:

Of course if plans change… I’ll open something a bit “nicer” :grin:
What’s everyone’s plans this weekend??


Waiting for my other half to return late, so serving this with a chickpea tagine:

Not sure what to drink in from of the cup final. As a Watford supporter these days don’t come around very often, and as Man City are such a magnificent team I fear I will be just drowning my sorrows.

If miracles happen, I’m sure to crack out something from the better part of my wine cupboard.


I’m exhausted after day 3 of WSET 3… (c’mon! feel sorry for me :pleading_face:); to help me ‘chill out’ the husband opened a bottle of red for me to taste blind. Some chilling out!

Anyway, loooovely nose - perfumed, spicy and peppery, with a sweetness of tobacco and a touch of leather. The palate is a lovely mixture of stewed red fruit, some herbal notes (mint), ripe plum, and mulberry. Very smooth tannins, and a fresh, pleasant acidity on the finish. I thought it was a Rhone blend, which wasn’t too far from the truth (if very far from the Rhone!):

This is Badenhorst’s take on a Rhone blend (Syrah, Grenach and Cinsault), with a 1% Tinta Barroca. A delicious, ripe but well-balanced red, this should go well with some stuffed aubergines.

Early night tonight, methinks! :woozy_face:


Just finished stocking a lot of wine in my wine fridge, what a chore. Opened this as it was the only thing I had cool. Very enjoyable.

Have a great weekend everyone. :+1:


The decorators are in so we’re sorta camping. Hasn’t been easy, but today is Friday so there is wine. A nice carbonara with a nebbiolo. A good one it is, too; I’m sure it was a Community recommendation. Very ripe example of the grape, not exactly fruity but if there’s any involved, they’re black ones. Ripe, floral nose. Something leathery on the palate, mixing with the sweetness. Savoury edge to the finish. Not at all difficult to enjoy.


This was quite delicious! I think a particular bottling for the restaurant I drank it in - that’s the proprietor’s name under Niepoort. I don’t really know anything about duoro wine but if this was at all typical I need to learn more - textured, minerally, complex and gorgeous


With my wife finishing exams this week we decided on more of a treat than normal. I picked this up at M&S for a very good price about 4 years ago. I get strangely more attached to wines I’ve cellared myself (even though I appreciate in wine terms that’s not even very long)

Well- it was lovely

Quite a ‘farmy’ nose. Great complexity to taste. A definite woody tone which meant it was good with dinner and probably could have done with some nibbles after. Great length though. I forget how much I love Cote Rotie as we have it quite infrequently but I’ll keep an eye out for this one again


Another unusual wine, well where it came from makes it unusual, short story to this, it was sent in a mixed case from Australia that my oldest friend who lives in Adelaide sends each year.
I normally speak to him and suggest wines that if he can find he will put in the case, during our conversation we were talking about another mutual friend who lives in Kenya and I was telling the story of the time spent there and the place we stayed was the same area as in the film White Mischief.
Somehow the name White Mischief got stuck in his brain and when the case arrived, sadly for the last time, it contained two bottles of this wine which I would not have asked for, I did visit the winery when out there but did not see any Gruner Veltliner and to honest I would not have bothered anyway as I am not enamored with the grape, very much a take or leave it variety for me, despite it being currently top of the pops here.
Quite a decent nose of passion fruit and spicy pineapple, same in the mouth with a touch of citrus fruits crisp and fresh, quite good, not sure if it is available here but no doubt Winechief would know.


I do think Niepoort makes some of the most interesting, elegant- not to mention deicious- dry wines in the Douro, both reds and whites. But not only in the Douro! He’s got a project going in Bairrada and we recently had this 100% Baga by him (sadly no longer avaiable):

If you come across it, I highly recommend it. A tantalising alternative to Pinot Noir! I wish the Society stocked more of his various wines…


Don’t you mean ‘quite a few gins…’??!


Opened this on Thursday; finished it last night:

£12.50 from the list.

On first pouring, a rather disconcertingly green nose - a real blast of pyrazine. Thankfully, it scarpered after an hour or so in the glass, and developed into a fruitcake sweetness. Soft and rounded, very nice but not sure if it’s got much more of a future ahead of it.

Then we made a start on another Bordeaux blend, this time from elsewhere:

This was £16. More immediately appealing nose than the Sénéjac, but the sweetness is more liquorice allsorts than fruitcake. Bit more grip on the palate as well - I think it’s still got some good life ahead of it if the fruit can stick around a bit longer.


Opened this today, had forgotten just how good it is. :+1::+1::smile:


I really don’t know what you mean @VinoVeritas :rofl::rofl:


Looks like its sorrow drowning time…

Lovely young sappy red fruited Beaujolais. So different from the Burrier Julienas I had last weekend. Perfect picnic red I’d say.

Also have been drinking this over the last couple of days, Very good value aged Fino,:

Later may open some Lidl Malaga…


Really like that sweetness description @Herbster. I had the 2016 last week and was looking for a descriptor - liquorice is it


Bought this in May 2009 and forgot about it, now just waiting for it to thaw out:


Tonight, I made scallops with braised fennel, chorizo and a tomato purée.

We paired it with a Dirler-Cadé Riesling Grand Cru Saering 2012. Really lovely mineral nose and palate, without being that petrolic - flinty, long and vertical.


My first bottle of Coudoulet. May have left it a little long as the fruit was just starting to fade a bit, but it was delicious nevertheless. Will have to buy some more recent vintages. Part of a Rhône EP 2010 mixed case from TWS. 5 CdP’s still to go!


Had these so far this weekend.
The Chablis with this on Friday night

Which was a great match.
Had the Shiraz last night on the sofa in front of Eurovision. (Why did I bother!?)
Amazingly complex nose with still plenty of tannins and an incredibly long finish. One of the best I’ve had in a while.


That Kay Bros Shiraz is a rare beast, aren’t they one of the oldest wineries in the McLaren Vale ? sounds great.
I did drink a lesser cru when in Aus and that was good.