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Weekend drinking thread 17th-19th December

I am opening the batting tonight with this lovely Macon from Domaine Tripoz. Demeter certified, but fresh and vibrant with great complexity.
Let’s hope the bottle lasts longer than an England opening partnership…


I take it all back; God definitely hates lawyers.

Imagine opening your last bottle of this, feeling all smug, only to find it completely corked. A smell of foetid feet; taste of nothing.



I’d lodge an appeal if I were you.


I always thought Jesus did a good job at washing feet.


Tasty, intriguing aromas, 11.5, overpriced at £24.


I called in to Majestic yesterday, and picked up a few bottles that took my fancy. This was one

The back label claims “lime and peach” which struck me as an unusual combination, but do you know, I see what they mean - more lime than peach. A very refreshing drop.


Oh booo. Nightmare


Late supper after an over-run on a play date. Venison burgers and home made oven chips.

Down to my last 3 of these absolute winners from the ‘library’. Mrs H won’t be so happy, for some reason she’s not a fan of wine that smells of horse ass!


I mean, I don’t want to pour salt in the wound, but it could be the taste of actual foetid feet with Burlotto, couldn’t it?


Perhaps the grapes were taken from the taille. It could be that too many wines she has drunk have an element of Brett.

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Two early contenders for the tasting note of the weekend prize ! :laughing:

@Aspedini, fingers crossed yours came from TWS and that you can invoke the ‘promise’ though


Hah, yes, I’m a fan of bretty wines, she isn’t, but once again, I’m cooking, so I get to enforce my selection :smiley:

I expect she’ll force down a glass or two though!


Open this Saint Joseph tonight. I was encouraged by some tasting notes on this board a couple of weeks ago.

From a good Northern Rhône vintage. Full bodied with a generous nose of fruit. Needed a decant as there was a fair amount of sediment. Deep purple/ruby with black fruit. A bit of spice and smoke with a hint of oak from the 12 months in oak barrels.

Overall a very good fresh wine with some finesse. Very enjoyable.


I’ve opened one of these for the next few evenings - a 2017 Javi Revert ‘Simeta’. It’s a new grape to me called “Arco”.

This in a word is sensational. One of those wines where immediately you open it up, you just know it’s a good 'un - a lovely tight cork, beautiful purple staining on the cork, and an immediate enticing but restrained aroma of fruit & sunshine & earth. It was thick with sediment and vinous-goo, but easy enough to filter it out.

Voluminous and full in the mouth. Taste-wise, the fruit all’s there, but it’s dark, subtle and wrapped up with warm earth & sun-baked rocks; but it’s the integrated tannins and end-of-taste dryness that really tickle my fancy with this one. The tannins are just slightly sweet and beautifully cohered with the overall wine, a bit like a lovely mature Xinomavro though less acidic. If you swirl it round the mouth, it’s tooth-sticky & gum-dribbling stuff. I’m finding myself still licking my lips with a huge smile at the lingering deliciousness a long time after a mouthful.

Just delightful, and likely to be my wine of the year.


It’s been a tough week at work, and were it not for Covid we’d be on our way to Alsace for Christmas. Instead, we’re still in England. So I really needed a good bottle, and went for Domaine Weinbach Muscat 2020 to drink with scallops served with roasted Little Gem and radicchio, a saffron and Seville orange hollandaise, pomegranate seeds and pine nuts.

It’s not just a good bottle, it’s an outstanding bottle. Fragrant with grapes and orange water, then fine-boned yet great body and complexity in the mouth. Dry, fruity, minty, refined and very long. Muscat at the top of its game.

Have a good weekend, and stay safe in the lead up to Christmas.


No wine for me post booster - will see if tomorrow brings any side effects!


Probably shouldn’t, but mentioned I was feeling a little better yesterday and look what arrived on my doorstep.

As so often the case, I have no idea what’s in the bottle. I’d guess it’s from the southern half of Italy, but that’s more a stab in the dark than anything educated. There is some nice red fruit there, but it also tastes a little astringent to me.

No doubt my palate is a way off, so definitely pleading the COVID.

Edit: ooops, that should be in the weekend thread


Done :+1:


Happily it did (along with around 98% of my wine…) and I have done.

Unhappily, that was my second bottle so I know what it should/could have been like - pretty special.

I am consoling myself with this very enjoyable 2019 Rhone red. There has been an extra intensity to the wines I’ve had from that vintage so far, without heaviness or a loss of freshness. Makes me glad to have bought fairly heavily in the 2019 Rhone EP campaign.


This one from Julian Cecillon is a lovely wine IMO. I’m hoping the WS will stock some of his other ones too, I must say.