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Weekend Drinking Thread [17 to 19 April 2020]

'Tis my 46th birthday today. Quite different to last birthday, in which I stuffed my face with Alsatian delights in a Winstub in Strasbourg… But no complaints! I’m with my two favourite people in the world (myself excluded), and who needs more than that at the moment?

We started the celebration with Jules Camuset NV Champagne to go with home-made Gougères:

We drink very little Champagne, preferring to find fizz bargains elsewhere, but this one is super delicious. We first tried it at a Society dinner in Stevenage last summer, and it’s as good as I remember it! It’s light, with orchard fruit, quince and delicate hedgerow notes, and the Pinot Meunier gives it a lovely earthy flavour too. A delightful glass! :+1:

For the main event, the husband is making a favourite of mine - piri piri pork belly, which will be accompanied by this stunning 2013 Gewurtz from Muré:

I absolutely loved this wine when I tasted it on French wine scholar, and immediately knew this will be my birthday drink. It’s a complex, beguiling and rewarding wine - the sort that reminds me why I love Alsatian wines so much. There is fruit (apricot, stewed apples) spicy notes (cinnamon), Turkish delight, rose water and smokiness… there is ripeness and sweetness but there is enough acidity to hold it all together too. All in balance and so well-crafted, with a finish that just goes on and on… a wonderful treat for this middle-aged woman! :heart_eyes:

There’s a heart-shaped chocolate and raspberries tart made by the other half and the girl for dessert, for which I might open a Maury - but we’ll see if there’s room…

Happy Friday, one and all! :clinking_glasses: :grinning:


Happy Birthday! Those tarts look great.


Happy birthday Inbar! The chocolate and raspberry tarts look delicious, as do the gougeres, and the champagne, and the wine! In fact it looks almost impossible not to have a happy birthday!


Thanks both! this is the FIRST cake ever made for me by his highness and the girl - and they did a good job (I think!)… Can’t wait to tuck in, if the pork leaves any spare stomachs… :smiley:


Happy Birthday! Those tarts look amazing and what lovely wine to have today!


Felicitations @Inbar , both on the birthday and on the royal treatment.

Weather has been a bit iffy all day in St Albans, but looks as though it will be a Gloria’s (sic) evening:


Hello, discriminating wine lovers. Tonight’s TV dinner for one…

…my sommelier has more talent than the chef. The food was decent but the wine was great. It’s an Iphofner Kronsberg Silvaner Alte Reben 2015 from Wirsching. Spatlese Trocken in style ( as per the 2009 ).

For once, I’m not going to waffle as to its attributes. The best Silvaner I have ever drank will have to suffice. Cheap examples, both from Germany and Alsace. have a tendency for coarseness. This is the opposite, fine, elegant, intense, lots of depth, it’s simply superb.

Can’t wait to see what you’ll be trying too. Best wishes everyone.


Well, this is just lovely tonight


Many happy returns. I’d wish you all the best but you seem to have it already !


A very happy birthday to you Inbar. What a lovely looking spread you have there. Enjoy. It’s also my mam’s birthday today. She is 6 hours up the road in the Lakes :cry: but my brother is with her so she is not on her own for her birthday. They are having a delivered meal from the hotel and restaurant in the village.


Happy birthday!

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And also this :+1:t2: So happy birthday!!


Very many Happy Returns.

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Hoping to hear how it tastes as I have some which is, as yet, unbroached.


Happy Birthday Inbar, those tarts look delicious​:yum::champagne:

Opened this American Pinot that I bought from Roberson Wine in their recent sale. I know TWS stocked wine from the same producer last year, but not sure which pinot they sold.

Blueberry, cherries, mild tannins and a reasonable depth. This is very good value at the sale price of £26.


Happy birthday Inbar! A decent evenings drinking there. I’ve also been baking with our girl this afternoon, although our banana loaf is looking a little more like a house brick…

Anyway, opened this from a recent reserves delivery (yay, ‘free’ wine!)

And it’s a bit of beast actually. Dark, rich and powerful, despite a decant a hour+ ago it may need a bit of time yet to open up fully. Slightly overpowered the remains of the shepherds pie made out of last weekends roast, but it’s right up my street and has years in it yet.

From a mixed 6 of Pannell wines. this was a new one to me and as the most ‘basic’, I’m excited about the remaining 5!


Butternut squash risotto tonight so opened the first of a mixed case of white burgundy 2014s bought EP.

Initial impressions very good - rich but taut, proper burgundy.


If you have the Smart Clarendon Grenache in that case, @MattH , it’s sensational.

Happy Birthday @Inbar! All would appear to be in order there…

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With a tortilla Espagnole and broccoli on the side came this - delicious :smiley: !


Happy Birthday @inbar, looks like you’re off to a great start this evening ! Those cakes look amazing ! I’m so jealous and look forward to the day a child of mine can create something like that :+1:!
Instead today my children found a packet of chewing gum in a drawer whilst I was on my turbo trainer, chewed it and stuck my laptop together. Then they poured 2 different shades of nail varnish over two carpets … one of which is cream and the varnish blue :tired_face::tired_face::tired_face:!!
I opened this tonight , a lovely atypical Rias Biaxas, salinity and freshness with the taste of the summer overlooking the beach ! Bliss