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Weekend Drinking Thread [17 Mar]



This week it seems we got so thirsty we needed to vent mid-week as well with the: Wine Wednesday 14 March 2018

For those who have not already emptied your cellars, have you any plans for this weekend?

Of course, this is St. Patrick’s Day weekend, so there will be a lot of beer consumed - so feel free to leave us your beer suggestions too!


Not sure about which biggies we may open this coming weekend, but we’re gonna kick off with this in a little while, only because it’s been looking at me for weeks now, every time I go into the garage.


I’m filming something so had to open something to pour into the decanter …

So I’ve gone ahead and opened my bottle of this wine from the Off The Beaten Track mixed case … now to think of something to eat with it tonight


It’s very likely this will feature in my Friday evening…

Mixed reviews on the WS website, but I’ve seen it recommended here as well. Suspect it may benefit from an hour or so in a decanter first?


Ah, and by a happy coincidence, it says in the blurb that this Beaujolais goes well with roast chicken, exactly what I’m about to start prepping anyway!

Oh yes, and I nearly forgot, there’s a couple of inches of this left in the fridge - an anonymous Aldi bottling of some sort. That can be my chopping board wine.


Made a lasagne last night wiht a splash or two of this:

(I also tried it, it was nice, fruitier than the last bottle I had)

so will be finishing the bottle. No other weekend plas as yet, but we shall see where the wind takes me!


Yeah, I liked it and keep meaning to buy more.


Definitely wants at least an hour in the decanter. When I had this one before I thought it was pretty good, but definitely at the lighter end of the Bordeaux spectrum.

I’ve been well-behaved and relatively abstemious this week, and consequently I am craving a richly flavoured red this evening. Probably one of the following:


It’s 14oC and beautifully sunny here so I think a Contratto spritz is in order. Ain’t an English spring a delight?
I’ll make sure the fires on and the Jura Supersition hot toddies are prepared later when it’s -2oC and snowing! When will winter end?


Wish I knew…


Looks like you need the hot toddies too


Is it the weekend again?? Where does the time go?! Has Mr Hawkins took it with him…? In any case- no complaints about that!!
This weekend it’s looking like a move from a Chasselas (or Gutedel, in its German form, which is what we’ll be drinking) on the Saturday…

to a lovely Cru Borgeois from Majestic, which we like a lot:


There might be some Riesling eiswein too, to go with the cheese… all will be much appreciated following a dry Friady :sweat_smile:


I might actually make some now…


Looks cracking - nice bit of fruit cake with it


It will be a change from last weekend which was Apremont and Mondeuse…

Doing a charity tasting for a group of friends early evening, which will feature (among others):

Society Slovenian White
Vouvray Domaine de Pouvray
Guigal CdR (The bottle at the Glasgow tasting at end Jan was definitely off, I had the same vintage in a restaurant on the Grands Montets in Chamonix last week and it was superb. )
Graillot Tandem Syrah
Thymiopoulos Naoussa Vieilles Vignes

Thereafter I suspect it will be last night’s meatballs with pasta and the Society Sicilian Red.

I liked the lasagne made with Ch D’Angludet above…if that’s your cooking wine, what are you drinking! ?


Is this the 2014? I have been putting off ordering due to mixed reviews, will be interested how it shows.


28c degrees here at Singapore at 11pm. Just braggin’. Emirates served OKish minervois red and cotes de gasgogne SB in cattle class. When we arrive in Sydney on Sunday it’ll be Aussie, Aussie, Aussie all the way from then on. I’m hoping for seafood and a cold white wine. Maybe an unoaked Chardonnay or a Riesling…


My partner’s parents are visiting this weekend; her mother is tee-total (alcohol allergy, the poor soul), whereas her father only drinks lager.

I’ve got a bottle of 2008 Vieux Telegraphe out of the cellar looking at me. Do I drink it in their company? :thinking:


And possibly one of my mystery bottles, for which Robert was so good as to provide probable IDs:


No expertise here, to be clear, but the ullage levels look pretty decent on those wines, considering their age. I had a well-kept Beychevelle 1970 about ten years ago and the level was probably further down than that Tour de By. Certainly no higher, anyway.

Fingers crossed for you!