Weekend drinking thread 17 - 19th February

Suffering a little bit of a bruised ego after this week’s Barolo allocation - not least because of the dawning realisation of old Piedmont favourites slowly fading out of view is now made real - I reached out for some comfort on the ‘drink now’ rack…

…with Saudia Arabian lamb. Not - nor ever will be -Nebbiolo, but that needn’t be a a major criticism. It is in the sort of ‘savoury’ firmament that it’s Italian cousin sits in, but I’d say this is hitting tertiary territory, the nose being beetroot cooked in tomato paste and accompanied by olive tapenade and a touch of browning to the pale reddy-purple hue.

The palate is more pomegranate with beetroot, with fully resolved tannins and a very ‘relaxed’ feel to it.


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