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Weekend drinking thread (17-19 Jan 2020)


I think I’ve done this correctly to kick off the weekend thread. Am I even allowed to do this!?

We are in Vienna and trying some of Austria’s fantastic wines. I never realised Austrians loved wine so much.

This Austrian Pinot was £10 (From the Spar shop…)and it’s better than Pinots double the price I’ve had.

Weekend Drinking Thread 17 - 19 January

Absolutely! :+1::+1::+1:


We are making a moussaka and most of my searches on a good wine match came up with a Tempranillo (we have no Greek wines in the house. So we will be serving this old favourite. Our guests are not big drinkers but they really liked the wines we took round to their house before Christmas so hopefully they will enjoy.


Some weekends have a Friday lunchtime start, which is nice, especially if you like licking cream off an oak plank with Bobotie and salad.
Baked eggs with Emmental and mushrooms will finish it off.
Decent savings on a case if this is up your street.


This is up my street, however I still have 7 bottles left from the last offer @£12pb so will pass this time. Nice wine though.


Starting the evening with this old favourite

Have decanted this for later


First time trying a 2017 season Dog Point SB. Haven’t tried 2018 but I’m surprised by the 3.3 stars, unless it’s really gone downhill in a year. I’d certainly give it 4+.

Lots of grass, lemon, and grapefruit aromas. Similar tastes but very fresh, delicate and elegant. Quite dry. A very refined NZ SB. About to put together a seafood stew/broth to go with it and hope to do it justice.

Fwiw, as far as I’m concerned it’s very fine!


Simple pleasures.


Last week I had a wisdom tooth and the adjacent molar removed :syringe::cry:. Today is the first time I have drunk alcohol in nearly two weeks. Chose this to go with Spaghetti Bolognase - my last half bottle from a local merchant.

It’s ok - I didn’t have any other Italian wine at home - but to be fair I was so desperate for a drink it could have been Chateau Plonk for all I care !!


Opened a bottle of Bu Lu Lu garnacha. Getting quite addicted to these high altitude, mineraly, new wave garnachas… this one even specifies the altitude! (1007 metres)


Oooh… I’m off for a long weekend in Vienna in two weeks time (daughter’s birthday
coinciding with leaving the EU… and don’t fancy the ‘celebration’), so as well as Kaffee und Kuchen, I have been looking forward to trying some Austrian wines in situ, as it were. Particularly after enjoying this:

So, @Rich29, any suggestions for good food and wine would be welcome.


Treating ourselves tonight. Sole à la meunière, and my bottle of Pazo Señorans Albariño Selección de Añada 2009.

Every bit as good as I remembered it. Peaches, ripe grapefruit, tropical fruit, and a beautiful structure and complexity. An unctuousness that’s offset by the intense acidity. Long, long finish, too. Just perfect with the fish.


After a faulty (2nd fermentation- slightly fizzy) bottle of the normally decent Young and Wild Melnik, thought we’d open this. Every bit as impressed with this as Pataille’s other wines. Very good for sub £20 white Burgundy, quite firm and will probably benefit from a couple more years in bottle.


Hoping for a few more fireworks on day 2 of this. Day 1 is a fairly straightforward, full-bodied Syrah with some feral notes on the nose and a blackberry palate leading towards the jammy.


The Fine Wine List’s 2010 blurb got me rummaging around the racks and on Wednesday I opened my final bottle of this:

Nose was a little disjointed at first, veering from savoury dark fruits to stock pot to wood, but after a little while it came together into something fragrant and classic. The tannins were still palpable but had definitely softened in the last couple of years. I finished it this evening but to be honest it lost its mojo after the first day. I’m glad I held this bottle back but I think this is as good as it was ever going to be.

And I made a start on this one:

Came in a pre-mixed 2010 Rhône case a couple of years ago. Mildly funky, stinky-sweet nose - in a good way - but faded somewhat in the glass. Still some structure on the palate, and the 15% alcohol is barely noticeable. Not convinced though. I’ll see what it’s like tomorrow :wine_glass:


Last night we went to a cellar wine museum come wine shop and bar called Villon selling only Austrian wine. They have 40 Austrian wines ready to go in Enomatic machines. Such a brilliant way to try pretty much all Austrian grapes as well as their take on the international variatels. I want to try more Gruner Veitliner and St Laurent after trying them here. My wife liked the Furmint.


I always visit https://www.weinco.at/filiale/wien-stephansplatz-9311
when in Vienna and do my tastings.

For food go to https://www.zum-huth.at/ they also have some nice wines. Other favourites include http://www.restaurant-ofenloch.at/de/
and https://www.schimanszky.com/restaurant-wien and https://www.salmbraeu.com/home/ (who make their own beer and whisky). For beef dishes, go to https://www.plachutta.at/ and a more expensive place is http://www.weisser-rauchfangkehrer.at/de/ who have a great winelist and also a truly fantastic range of eau-de-vies.

My favourite coffeehaus is http://www.cafe-englaender.com/



I was pleased to come across this in the showroom as I thought it might give some insight into the 2016 I bought EP, which is now stored in reserves…

…not the best pic but it’s a Cotes du Rhone ‘la Reserve’ 2013 from Clos du Caillou. The story of why this is labelled Cotes du Rhone and not Chateauneuf du Pape is well known ( get off my land ! ) but it more than bears comparison with wines from the latter, more prestigious, appellation.

A 75:25 blend of Grenache and Mourvedre, it had a wonderfully complex nose of dark fruits, bay, thyme, liquorice and spice with an underlying savoury quality. Real depth of flavour on tasting, savoury and complex with dark plum and berry fruit, spice and liquorice and a subtle creamy note. Supple in texture with fresh acidity and soft tannins providing elegant structure and great balance. A long and expansive finish completed a wonderful drinking experience. Its drinking window, until 2025, is by no means unrealistic.

I can’t remember drinking a better Cotes du Rhone. It was £18, a CdP of this quality would probably cost double.


Interesting! How does it compare with coudoulet, if you are familiar by any chance?


I should confess that I haven’t drank Coudoulet since the 90’s but believe it’s still made in a similar feral Mourvedre dominant style that simply wasn’t to my taste. I had the same problem with Beaucastel too. I know I’m in the minority regarding those wines so my comments should be taken with a pinch of salt by fans of them.

The notable difference between the two for me was that the Mourvedre content in the Clos du Caillou, although noticeable, acts more as a seasoning that provided freshness, lift and a savoury quality instead of the dominating feral characteristics that I remember Coudoulet having.

Edit - pricewise the Clos du Caillou is more expensive, EP in 2013, it was £80 per six as opposed to £65 for Coudoulet.