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Weekend Drinking Thread (16th - 18th July)

I actually opened this Wednesday evening and polished the last half of the bottle for lunch today to accompany roasted stuffed tomatoes. Refreshing rose, decent intensity and flavours.
Now off to mown the lawn
Happy Friday all!


My sister has just arrived for the weekend bearing gifts, in the form of a meal from the Harrow at Little Bedwyn(restaurant now closed but still offering these meals). This is the menu

She also brought wine, as recommended by the restaurant, where they know a thing or two about wine.

The question is, which wine when?



Very intriguing - not the matches that I would think of for the menu. I would drink the Gazpacho with the fois gras on the basis of the acidity would match the sweetness of the pc caramel. I would try the Rose with the salmon and the Chardonnay with the beef, hoping that it ripe richness would be full enough. I would then go for the Arras with the lobster and passion fruit, using up left overs of the other two for the cheese.

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Saturday evening, I am planning a Greek meal; shoulder of lamb roasted with rosemary and lemon with new potatoes in the pan for the last 45 minutes or so. I will open my bottle of the Xinomavro Jeune Vignes from the Greek mixed case. I’ll serve a simple salad with this and tzatziki. We’ll start with hummous, olives and pittas and drink the Psarades Dafni from the same case.

If I like these wines, they’ll go on my Wishlist.

Tonight will be a simple garlicky southern French chicken and tomato sauté with some plain rice and a green salad. A simple and uncomplicated wine choice here, a bottle of St. Chinian.


A lovely Anjou blanc from Thibaud Boudignon. 100% Chenin blanc. Puckering acidity but very complex fruit profile. Long penetrating finish. Rich but compact


Starting pizza night with a fizz.

Followed by a Gamay red. This TWS one’s a bit more full bodied (with more alcohol) from the Loire.

Hope everyone has a grand weekend. Cheers!


A mushroom stroganoff tonight and found this in amongst some red burgundy. This Chablis Premier Cru from 2014 was delicious when I first bought it but wondered whether it was past its best now. Not very Chablis like. Letting the remainder breath more having seen advice from Toby in the past that suggested decanting white burgundy.

Mid lemon, gold. Medium minus nose. Hint of peach and melon. Some brioche and candied lemon. Medium palate. Perhaps a little flat. Medium acidity. Some age. Complexity of flavour. Melon and lemon. Nutty - hints of hazelnut and dried apricot. Buttery. Medium finish but extending with opening time.


Red Burgundy to kick off the weekend. Entry level, but with a lot of substance. A more extracted style, feels like it has plenty of years to go. Youthful with bright acidity, chalky tannins and strawberry fruit.


Some Rosé that doesn’t need much introduction around here. (On our temporary outdoor table of MDF as our tiles got smashed)


Bottle four of six:

I think it’s starting to show a little bottle development now. Forest fruits, candied rhubarb, a bit of raspberry sherbet dib-dab, all gently intermingled with the oak, but there’s also some dirty mushroom and maybe even a bit of fresh basil. The red fruits are more prominent on the tangy palate, before a slightly leafy and shortish finish.

It’s never been a superstar but for what was around £16 after tax it’s very, very nice and this case has brought a lot of pleasure so far.


Birthday so I’ve claimed my right to drink lovely wines.

It began with a Provençal pink, yesterday.

If you like Provençal rosé, you’ll love this. A notch up and the difference is all about weight and texture in the mouth. Basically, imagine all the qualities of that style of rosé but with a slight heaviness or unctuous quality in the mouth so that the flavours roll around and linger. That’s what this is like and it works for me (and Mrs A). 2nd and last bottle as it had sold out by the time I tried bottle 1 a few weeks ago.

And then, this evening, the true birthday choice:

I can’t think of a wine I enjoy more than this and it seems to be really hitting its stride now. It has all the qualities I love in Nebbiolo: powerful floral nose, crisp and refreshing fruit in the mouth (quite appley to this evening’s palate) and long, with a comforting biscuit finish.

Only 8 bottles left now…

Edit: I should add, in fairness, that my description of the nose is a gross oversimplification. Like all good Nebbiolo, it shifts and changes, and there is all sorts going on but not all at once. Is that mushroom? Gone. A touch of mint? Moved on. Magic wine, really.


Looks like a very happy vinous birthday :slight_smile:


My sister gave us a load of beautiful fresh broad beans from her allotment, and there was some very nice wet garlic on the market this morning, both which I used in a kind of summery seafood stew, with pancetta. After last night’s Cambridge get-together I didn’t want to drink too much, but talk of Sylvaner on the weekday drinking thread (nice looking tarte flambée, @Embee) led me to a couple of glasses of Dirler-Cadé Sylvaner Vielles Vignes 2018.

Very 2018 - ripe apples, some peachy fruit, and a bit less acidity than other vintages. It all stays in balance, though, and there’s the typical bitter almond grip and length to the finish.

Happy Weekend!

Edit: Happy Birthday, @Aspedini ! Looks like you’re having a good time :slight_smile:


Broached one of these with some chalk stream trout, watercress sauce and braised courgette from the allotment. Lovely and fruity initially, with a good bit of minerality and a bit of lime cordial on the finish. Definitely enjoyable to drink now if you have this and can’t wait. I’ll have at least one more in the next few months then leave the rest for a few years to try the aged version.


Happy birthday, @Aspedini! :tada: :clinking_glasses:

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Happy Birthday @Aspedini sounds like a great evening

Over in north Dorset as summer is here bbq pork ribs and a tomato salad…,

With our last bottle of the 2016 ever reliable Ch Courac


Yesterday I spent all flamin’ day setting about collecting wild myrtilles here in the Pyrenees. It’s an annual ritual. Good places are jealously - guarded secrets, so as to get a decent amount not yet despoilt by semi-professionals. But I have my annual spot (yes it’s a secret) and it didn’t let me down. But getting there involves an hour’s cycle ride gaining 500m and then another hours’ yomp up another 800m. Then 5 hours picking the things, returning, and another hour sorting them out - taking away the insects, leaves, twigs and the 10% or so of spoilt / unripe ones. Still, the carbon footprint / food miles is zero.

Result is a net of 2.8 kg - need to be turned into jam today.

Anyway I felt sufficient justification for cracking open this travel souvenir to have with supper of goats cheese and bacon flan. It’s one of the top cuvées from Castra Rubra, Thracian Lowlands, where we visited in 2019 Butterfly’s rock | Castra Rubra


Happy weekend all!

Celebrated making it through a week of work after two weeks annual leave with some hawksmoor rump steaks via ocado on the bbq first time we’ve tried these and they are great.

Went with the much discussed (on the Rhone Rangers thread) Petite Chapelle 2013. I have a case from TWS but this was a single bottle from the vivino offer to get a taste of where things are

A good match to the steak and béarnaise. No detailed notes on the wine, but I agree with @wine.arbitrageur that this is open for business but definitely on the refined side of things. A slight lack of concentration or “depth of flavour” that TWS tasting notes convey. I decanted for two hours, and had a little taste from the bottle immediately. It definitely benefited from decanting as it was a lot more expressive on the nose and more developed flavours abounded. Just still lacking a little depth, although it might never have that and I have very little Hermitage experience. It may be that style of this particular wine and vintage, others will know more.

Edit: a couple of glasses left for tonight but second jab today so will all depend on how that goes!


Things got a little out of hand in the park yesterday. Came home with this lot


Opened this Godello last night. It’s from TWS and I’m sure it was recommended on this board. A lovely summer wine. Fresh and rounded with peach and a little citrus/acidic to keep it interesting. Pretty good and will reorder.