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Weekend Drinking Thread [16th - 18th August 2019]



Can’t believe no one is drinking this weekend so here goes. Finally got round to opening Bin#002 last night.

Really enjoyed it, very juicy with a hint of spice and tobacco for me. Can’t wait to see what #003 will be.

What’s everyone else drinking this weekend?


Last night we opened this

We had a glass with our meal and poured a good bit into our Afelia marinade for tonight’s meal. It wasn’t a crime against fine wine to use it for cooking. Perfectly OK but nothing special.

This evening we have friends round with whom we holidayed in Corbieres last year. So we are going to open one of our vineyard purchases

The Boutenac sub region requires at least 30% carignan in the blend. We enjoyed this in situ so will see how well it has travelled.


Horrible cold, wet evening in Lincolnshire yesterday. So that could only mean:-

Not your typical August selection…

Opened and decanted before we went out to dinner. I’m finding this bottle quite “spirity” compared to previous ones. Brandy really noticeable. I think this may well prove to be one of those ports that is best in its youth (c.15 -20 years) rather than making old bones. Several bottles left out of a case I bought for a pittance at auction so time will tell.


Last night I opened my second of a rather controversial wine (Ribera del Duero - Gran Reserva offer email):

I bought two a year ago opening one then and went against the flow in feeling that it was okay. Worth the price paid for it but not any kind of exceptional bargain. A year later and it hasn’t really changed much, I’d still say it was worth the £22 paid for it but no more, so still not an exceptional deal but just a good one.



My experience is similar. I opened one bottle at Christmas - interesting and savoury but tasted more mature than expected. I have one more bottle which I may leave for a while.


Saw that this had won a Platinum award at the Decanter annual awards last month.

Have to say, they are not wrong!

Lots of wine for your money here. Honeysuckle on the nose and white fruit to the for on the palate. Oak is present but very subtle. It has great length and a very balanced wine. Not flabby in any way.

Still in stock. Recommended.


Trying this from the local supermarket in Seville this evening

Straw yellow colour. Nose of pear drops and a whiff of sea spray. Pineapple dominates the citrus notes on the palate. Short but nice enough finish and reasonably balanced.

Decent find at €8


Sevilla in August… respect! :grinning:

Drunk my first bottle of the Rapsani 2016 over the last couple of days. This is a beautiful and subtle wine that does not reveal all of its (many) charms immediately - in fact it gets better over at least two days, despite seeming open for business from the first. In any case, it overshadowed a number of nice wines:
Volnay VV 2011, Joseph Voillot
Riverby Estate Pinot Noir Reserve 2013
Fedellos de Couto Cortezada 2015

The Riverby is a lovely wine too, and not all about the fruit for an NZ Pinot. Really think anyone looking for a Burgundy substitute could hardly do worse than NZ Pinot, though - it is almost the opposite, I think. Much better one of Europe’s many esoteric (often alpine) mountain reds.


Picked two of these up for a steal at auction. Expecting them to be past their best, which to be fair they probably are, but this one is still showing ok nonetheless. Much more savoury and farmy than fruity as you might expect. The cork came out in pieces, well the bits that actually came out that is. But worth a punt at £12.50 a bottle! Yeah I like this and it’s making me feel quite grown up :wink:


Just arrived in Alsace for the week, and tonight stopped off at the next door village festival for tarte flambée and beer from a local brewery.

Love the rotating tarte flambée oven. Beer was pretty decent, too. Happy Saturday!



Over the last couple of nights have drunk these three. The Feraton Syrah was a good entry level Northern Rhone. Good dark Syrah fruit, simple but nicely concentrated.

The Rhine Kabinett is good value, not spectacular, but a great wine for spicy food.

The Johner Rivaner shows that this grape if treated with care can be respectable. Nice soft white flowers, easy drinking wine perfect for the garden (if it was nicer).


Haha. Certainly is rather warm!


Another lovely evening out in Madrid; our friends took us to their local wine bar/beer place, and the owner - who is French- and myself ended up chatting about wines and WSET 3, which he’s just about to complete. We tried some really good wines by the glass, including a 2018 Txakoli, a 2015 Gaba de Xil Mencia (delicious, with deep balsamic notes), a 2015 Juan Gil 18 Meses (hedonistic! Monastrell at its darkest, Nosferatu-like… Just amazing!), and a rather mediocre Spanish Chardonnay, which I remember nothing about. But the jewel in the crown, without a doubt, was a Gonzalez Byass 12 años ‘Leonor’ Palo Cortado, which left me speechless (not aided by copious amount of wine, no doubt!). It was superb… Liquid rendition of walnuts, orange peel and a cosy old wardrobe… I will need to track one down when we’re back! :heart_eyes:

Happy weekend, all! :+1::wine_glass:


Tackled this brute this evening:

2nd bottle from an en primeur purchase. First one was opened a year ago and wasn’t much fun - typically chewy and tough young Gigondas. Another year has mellowed it a fair bit but it’s still quite aggressive, even with a rare steak.

Anyone else got more experience of this wine? It’s a highly rated Gigondas generally, I’ve no idea how long it’ll need to calm down.


I think we enjoyed some of that Albariño in Lanzarote last year, but there’s something a bit fishy about that label.


We had the 2009 at Christmas which had settled down quite nicely :slight_smile:


Some are top vineyards are experimenting with what they describe as ‘purity’ of the grape and terroir. I prefer the Colome auténtico to the Zuccardi Concreto. Sorry about the image taken from the internet but I had this in a local restaurant and forgot to snap an image.
My notes were: Clear and bright. Amazing colour. Intense purple/violet rim, opaque centre. Clean nose. Intense. Pure black fruit and mulberries. Clean palate. Good acidity. Powerful. Silky tannins. Very pure - no evidence of oak. Delicious, long finish. Really interesting to taste a wine of this intensity that has not been exposed to oak. Drank with a trio of beef cuts at the Casa Cavia.


I have had a few older vintages from that producer in the last couple of years. 2001 and 2003 in bottle and 2007 in a half. I would say all drinking well. No rush on the 2012!


Wouldn’t touch St Cosme before 10 years myself. One of the very best IMO (and indeed one of the few I like!)


The recycling bag revealed these…

…the two reds were partnered with pappardelle and a beef and bean ragu on both Friday and Saturday. The white was ‘cook’s perks’ !

The Morellino Di Scansano 2015 from Podere 414 was the pick of the two. Purple black in colour with a powerful nose of bramble berries, dark plums. peppery spice and herbs. Generously full flavoured with similar notes to the nose. Ripe tannins and fresh acidity provide the necessary structure to balance its softly ripe velvety texture with some integrated oak notes adding further depth and complexity. A lot of wine for the money ( £13.95 ).

The Brauneberger Juffer Riesling Kabinett 2017 from Schloss Lieser is a wonderful example of its type. Now losing the explosivity of youth and developing softer more complex, toffee-like, flavours it was much enjoyed whilst prepping food and cooking. Er, and didn’t quite make it to day three as intended.

The Society’s Exhibition Chianti Classico 2015 from Poggiopiano has seen some mixed reviews. Medium cherry red colour with a typical Sangiovese nose of red cherries and berries, herbs and a subtle earthiness. Soft and mellow on tasting with acidity providing some necessary lift. Ripe tannins dissipated through the course of drinking and its spicy red fruit finish had reasonable length of flavour. Not earth shatteringly good but a decent example of its type all the same.

Looking forward to reading more tomorrow, have a lovely day everyone.