Weekend drinking thread [16 Feb]

Thought I’d start this off , a little later than usual. What has everyone got planned this weekend and what will you be drinking ? I’ll be cracking open this tomorrow . My twin brother just had a baby girl this evening. As they are in Oz I won’t even have to share with them while wetting her head :+1:

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Bin end, not WS, from a wine merchant whose name is synonymous with regal…

Manager offered me it when I was picking up wine delivered by one of their sister companies…

£5.99 - steal of the year, or any other year. Half price, what’s not to like? Like an Alsace PG at £15 or more. Wonderful with chicken liver parfait and duck with orange sauce (All M&S meal deal - not cooking tonight!).


It was the 2014 BTW, I think 2010 might have been a bit over the hill…

Well made Pinot Gris is my new favourite wine… I think it’s fantastic and is great buck for your money . This is my favourite at the moment taking Alsace out of the picture of course …

Enjoy NOT having to cook :+1:


…but you can’t take Alsace out of the picture really…

The not cooking bit was very much enjoyed thanks! Only reheating. Wife’s birthday…she didn’t want any hassle…

Out at Burns Supper tomorrow night so no cooking then either. Clearly there may be drinking though…

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I began my weekend trying a few of these whilst picking up supplies for Thursdays community tasting

And now onto this, which has developed some lovely savoury & slightly meaty notes since I last tried it.


I do not drink enough Portuguese wine !


The enomatics included this Hungarian white from Kolonics discussed elsewhere on here

Given the description I tasted alongside this, also in the enomatics

There is obviously a disparity in price here, and I would say the Meursault was clearly more buttery and with brighter, fresher acidity, but there was definite similarity and the Kolonics is certainly a lovely wine in its own right.


Thanks for posting this @Leah. I was out and about today and not posting and reading as normal.

I also spent 3 hours helping with a fantastic homework project of my daughter’s who was asked to produce a presentation about the Mughal Empire … so settled on food!

We spent those hours creating two dishes (a Pasanda and a Byriani, both hailing from that cookery school) which was lots of fun.

I enjoyed eating them and accompanied by a bottle of this, as recommended by Mr Simply Red himself (a Society member), Mick Hucknall - see below


A great partner … but finished too quickly so now exploring the delights of L’Orangerie!


Curry is my favourite food EVER! So I’m always interested to know what people pair with curries of different heat levels :hot_pepper::hot_pepper:…!
I am now going to have to do two things, add the Greco to my basket :wink:, AND follow Mick on twitter :woman_facepalming:t3:…!
This community is not doing great things for my bank balance :rofl:


We’re at our goddaughter’s wedding tomorrow, so it will be the hotel’s finest (or not!) - meanwhile, tonight’s tipple is this firm and fruity wine rack regular - young vines xinomavro from the master of the grape Apostolos Thymiopoulos, which is very versatile - spicy fish cakes, new potatoes & green beans this time around.


And I don’t drink enough Greek wine either … enjoy the wedding :+1:

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We’re having a Viré- Clessé tomorrow evening, and an Alicante Monastrell on Sunday, with some chicken and Chorizo rice dish. Neither TWS, but been waiting patiently on the rack for some time and this seems the right weekend for both! :grinning:


I started on this yesterday, as mentioned in the Rhone EP thread in response to @woodap

Very nice Syrah spice, liking this wine very much. Might I say it benefits enormously from an hour of breathing… or more. There is also plenty of life ahead. Delicious, but I am not going to change my Rhone order again.

Rest of the weekend will feature a lot of fish, so might be time to crack their Viognier open or the more unorthodox pairing of slightly chilled red Burgundy.


We are going with


Coq au vin with NZ Pinot Noir
I think we have older vintages for both.

Ooh, is that the El Seque? We like.

Tonight we having this 2015 Crozes Hermitage from Domaine Emmanuel Darnaud. Currently giving it a nice long decant:


Oh, no it’s a Tarima Monastrell from DO Alicante. I had other Monastrell before, but this one is new on me. Not TWS, unfortunately :confused: it’s got a gorgeous label, though


Good stuff. Please let us know how it is, I got some from the EP mixed case last year.

Thanks for the saint-estève review @szaki1974. Looks like it’s staying on my EP order.

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