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Weekend drinking thread, 16 - 19 September

Happy to kick off this weekend’s thread. Today we had an excellent ramble around Brda and Collio regions and snapped up some gorgeous souvenirs. Possibly more to follow on that score

But back at the campsite in Brda near Gorizia it was ToH’s turn to cook, which was assisted by the chance purchase of some roadside mushrooms on the Slovenian border (still searching for their name…) to accompany some pan fried rabbit in mustard and red wine sauce.

Appetiser - a local Rebula brut (= ribolla gialla), and, with the meal an amber wine from a blend of rebula, malvasia and friulano.

And to finish - a bunch of scrumped pinot grigio (look how dark the skins are here) with scrumped walnuts from around San Floriano church and some local cheese.

Pedant’s corner… JRWG calls friulano (ex Tokai Friulano) by its recognised name, Sauvignonasse. Now, fair play, the nose of a simply vinified Friulano does indeed suggest a bit of sauvignon and the local folklore is that it is related, and that’s the story told to us by the winemakers here. But, according to JRWG, it is not remotely related to SB. Referring to JRWG on the matter has ruffled feathers here this week…


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