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Weekend Drinking Thread 16-18 October 2020

The price really hiked three or four years ago. I love this wine, and I’ve been buying three of these every year to turn into a vertical. They’re still within reach, but it’s getting more painful. I’ve had one of my 2014’s, and it seemed like a bigger year that was needing more time to come round than the 2013, so I’d certainly say to drink those first.


Thanks for the advice on the 2014’s. that’s good to know. A single bottle of the 2012 Geyserville is still in the cupboard, as storage conditions here aren’t ideal, I’ll drink that first before pulling the 2013’s.

Probably with braised ox cheek :wink:


Had a couple of friends over for supper last night. What was supposed to be a quiet meal and 2021 holiday planning got a bit excessive for a school night and three of us.

Txakoli aperitif very tasty, light, fresh, probably the best I’ve tried (I definitely can’t pour from a height though).

Trust your gut 2017 delicious and perfect with warm goats’ cheese and candied walnut salad

Trou Normand was where it started getting out of hand. Not had one before, but glugging brandy and sorbet in the middle of a meal is a dangerous habit I quite like. It definitely helped the digestion to prepare for cassoulet and a coupe of Rhones from 2009.

I preferred the Gigondas - bit rounder and more fruit, at least to start, but by the end of the cassoulet it had started to deaden. The Crozes was a little bit the reverse of this - started a bit sharp but got smoother as time went on (not sure what was going on there, could have been the calvados).

The Starboard (not port, see what they did there?) Batch 88 by Quady was nice but very sweet, accompanied by now totally unnecessary cheese. Not seen it before, but made in the tawny style from traditional port grapes (Tinta Roriz, Tinta Cao and Touriga Nacional).

After such an excess, we required another digestif aid, so guzzled another Trou Normand before Mrs B’s return home (the ladies were dining elsewhere to stick to the rule of 6).

7am train was a bit of a struggle this morning, but a good opportunity for a nap.




TWS original notes give drinking window until 2017, but they often seem quite conservative.

you missed a bottle out of the photo on the right :slight_smile: I bet it had legs


Last night it was Desperate Dan size sirloins on the barbeque with home grown sweetcorn (last of), salad and potato wedges.

Finished the Ch de la Lambertie from Fri night. It was tiring a bit, but got a gorgeous pure cassis note on the nose, tasted a bit more tannic maybe. Then had a glass of the Crozes Hermitage Maison Alexandrins…which went really well with steak last time. Perhaps a little tighter this time, I Coravined it, so clearly it took a bit of time to get some air. Fruit had a slightly sour cherry edge to it, though it rounded out in time.

Homemade chocolate sponge pudding with chocolate sauce nearly finished me off, and certainly no wine with that…


I haven’t seen the Starboard but I like the Quady Elysium Black Muscat a lot, on the rare occasion that I drink it. Sweet wines always seem nice but it’s always hard to find good times for them. Or I find it hard anyway.


Friday - with our son and his partner on our last night in Wales, and since we’d had our fish on Thursday to avoid the long queues at the chippie, we had our second takeaway from Dylan’s - and there was a 90 minute wait before collection because they were so busy. I had a hamburger because Mrs M had raved over it last time, this time she had grilled chicken breast burger which she said was even better. Grrr.

While we waited we had as aperitif
N.V. Co-op Cava (Spain, Cava)
Again I was impressed with the quality of this fizz which cost just £6.75
and with the food we had
2014 Château Tour St Bonnet (France,Médoc)
Lovely ripe caret
2019 False Bay Pinotage Bush Vine (South Africa, Coastal Region)
I bought two bottles of this in Pwllheli. It rings all the right bells: bush vine, wild ferment, cask aged. But I didn’t like it, it had a strange taste I couldn’t nail, one suggestion was violets. I’ll have to try the remaining bottle some time…

Saturday: less traffic on the road than usual but it’s still a long tiring drag home once you get on the motorway. At home I cooked our usual Saturday dish of chicken with home made baked beans and new potatoes, and to celebrate we had this as an aperitif
De Castelnau Champagne Brut Réserve (France, Champagne)
We emptied the bottle :slight_smile: - but it was only a split, saved from a generous steward on a flight.
With the food we had

2018 Kanonkop Pinotage The Society’s Exhibition (South Africa, Stellenbosch
Excellent 'tage from a master of the variety

Sunday Waitrose delivered our week’s food, including a decent beef joint which I roasted with potatoes and parsnip, paired with steamed cauliflower, carrots and broad beans.
For an aperitif we had TWS’s
2017 Antech Blanquette de Limoux Réserve Brut (France, Blanquette de Limoux)
and with the beef

2014 Château Croix Mouton (Jean-Philippe Janoueix) (France, Bordeaux Supérieur)
Decent claret from TWS.

After the excitement of coastal Wales, we start another week of Covid tedium. We were supposed to fly to Seattle on Wednesday, but that is yet another trip cancelled by Covid.
Us with our eldest. In the background Portmadog and the estuary, too small to see, but there’s a Ffestinniog Railway steam locomotive crossing the Cob on its way to Boston Lodge for the night


I haven’t tried the black muscat, but liked the Essensia Orange muscat when I tried it (many, many years ago).

I think I would have preferred a port, or something not quite so sweet, but must have enjoyed it, because the bottle was nearly finished!

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I’ve heard that sweet wines are much better in the evening than they seem in the morning!


You want to see the legs on that one when I’m in my van in the Chamonix winter. You can almost hold it upside down! :rofl:

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Thanks @robertd for giving me the solution to what wine to have tonight!

It’s out of my Eurocave and upright. I bought three of this vintage and will have one left tomorrow.

I’ve followed Ridge for some 40 years and the prices are now getting serious. I’ve twice been to their winery surrounded by ancient red-leafed Zinfandel bush vines and bought cellar door only wines, and once while working in the US found a shop with some ATP bottles (Advance Tasting Programme - usually only available to members of their ATP club).

Love their wines.


Happy to be of service :laughing: Hope you enjoy it as much as us.

Sounds like you had a good week last week. Given your evident frustrations with the restrictions that have been placed on life, and today’s announcement, you must be very glad to have made it to Wales when you did.


You bet, we were so lucky. Lucky too with the weather - bright and sunny most of the time (but cold).

My son is working from home but his hours have been drastically cut. His partner will have to stop working - I fear for their jobs. Their employers have shed staff and are just hanging on at the moment


I do fear that the economic consequences of this round of shutdowns are when it’s really going to be felt :frowning:


What is the 2017 Antech Blanquette de Limoux Réserve Brut like?

Had one of these 1989 Thalabert back in 2016. Ours was holding up well.



Ergh! Can’t do what I want to but if you search for blanquette de limoux you will find there have been a lot of comments on it in the Community and they are all pretty positive.

First came across this in a backstreet trattoria in Rome many moons ago, loved it and was pleased to find TWS stocked it! No longer; perhaps quality went down or price went up too much, either way I still love it, wonderful moreish wine but sadly my last bottle. I’ll have to source more. Evokes memories every time I have some, which is half the fun of wine to start with.