Weekend drinking thread [16-18 Nov 2018]

University friends annual Christmas reunion weekend this week. Other than a couple of whites that escaped before the photo this is the line up

Be interesting to compare notes on the Madiran @MYCHONG

The crozes added early doors given the praise from @Taffy-on-Tour I should add


Those will pair nicely with the corn flakes :wink:


I opened this last night.
If there was a widget that advised when the next delivery into TWS had hit their doorstep, I would mark this wine.
It is so aromatic, mouthfilling and with a lovely long finish. Hints of apricots for me within it.
I will be watching out for more.


Very envious of all this vino chat sitting in Saudi​:saudi_arabia::cry::cry::cry:but the good news is home for Sunday lunch tomorrow…inshallah :pray::yum::smile:


Oeuf en cocotte and a sparkler for breakfast. Happy weekend everyone.


What a great way to start your weekend- enjoy!


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Is the Undurraga the Cab Franc one? If so, would be really interested to know what you thought of it… Got one recently for the other half, who loves the grape, but only based the purchase on a Decanter review.
Great line up! :+1::+1:

We’re going out tonight - to our favourite Thai, which is a BYOB. Will probably be taking this lovely SA Viognier:

Fragrant and fruity, it should work well with the food. My other option is this Grauburgunder from the Pfaltz:


But I think Bunny Chow will win the day.

Happy weekend, one and all! :clinking_glasses::grinning:


I love a Bunny Chow, not speaking about the wine variety, yet to taste that.

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I had that on Thursday. I thought differently. It’s clearly high alcohol but the deep intense fruit and the long finish balanced it all out IMO.

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Yes. How did you find it? I thought the nose reminded a lot about Chateau Musar. Something funky and earthy. Thoroughly enjoyable. The palate was full bodied with a spicy finish. Great great QPR in my opinion.

Was out at a friends house last night and was treated to an evening of Armenian Wine. a new experience.

03 54 03 04

We started with some fizz:-

Was pleasant to drink but had no real distinct flavours maybe a bit minerally [if that’s a wine description]

Next a decent white:-

Deep yellow in colour, very smooth, bit soft, lots of fruit, peach, melon, grapefruit , mango

Next:- A delicious red

Smoky on the nose, silky tannins, stoned fruits, beautifully coated the mouth. This was the best one in my view.

And the final Armenian red:-

Light in colour, a bit tannic, plenty of dark fruit, but need times.

A good evening was had by all. I will certainly be buying some of the Kataro the 3rd one in the photos.



Sounds fascinating! Do they use indigenous varieties? If so, do you know what they are?

Hi Inbar

From my understanding all indigenous varieties

In the same order as the photos:

1 60% Khatun Kharji, 40% Voskehat

2 100% vozkehad

3 100% from Khndoghny

4 50% Areni & 50% Sireni grapes



Thank you!
I hope that the tasting went well, you certainly assembled a terrific line-up!!:yum::wink:

Referencing the Kataro Sireni, a bit of bumpf from the web “….the Kataro winery is located on a picturesque hillside in a lush region of Hadrut in the Republic of Artsakh. Named after an ancient church located in the village of Togh, Kataro is produced from Khnodgny (also known as Sireni) an indigenous grape variety grown on the slopes of Togh at an elevation of 600-700 metres. The result is modern wines from a truly ancient wine-growing region”.

From WineFolly “….The name Khndoghni is derived from the Armenian word “khind”, which means laughter. This is a native red wine variety from the controversial Nagorno-Karabakh area, which – depending on the source – is considered a region of Armenia, a separate nation, or a part of Azerbaijan. This grape has high tannins and offers interesting characteristics of black and blue fruits, cotton candy, and earth. Wines made from this grape have grippy tannins, precise structure, and exhibit aging potential. Khndoghni is usually aged in Caucasian oak barrels that are sourced from the same area”.

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Hi @Inbar. The Undurraga we have is Carignan

Thanks, @woodap! I knew there were a few of the ‘TH’ brand.
Guess we’ll just have to open it and see! :wink:

Can you also share how you found the Dow’s Crusted Port? Thanks :slight_smile:

Will have a glass of this while I watch the rugby. Better than working I think.

Whatever your tipple today please enjoy.